Bees, like all insects that spin cocoons or weave webs, serve as symbols of the miraculous interconnectedness of life.

All these wonderful properties are echoed in historical rituals and mythologies. You are now signed up to the Melissa – “bee” was the title given to Aphrodite’s high priestess at the honeycomb-shrine of Mount Eryx, where the Goddess’s fetish was a golden honeycomb. – Bees symbolize love and also fidelity and virginity; Artemis was and is to be known as one of the most powerful mistresses of magic.

When she was a young girl, her father, Zeus, asked her what was her dream? Bee Goddess The navel cord connects the foetus with outer and inner worlds, and is the source of nourishment until it is time for birth. Rhea plays a similar role in the universe as the mother of the Olympians with ancient roots in Minoan and Mycenaean traditions. A tiara, τιάρα in Greek, tiara in Latin, is a jeweled, ornamental crown, traditionally worn by women. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. ABOUT BEE GODDESS; BEE HIVE. AS SEEN IN. Greek goddess of chaos, strife and discord and connected to the war-goddess Enyo. In Sumer and Egypt, Sirius was explicitly the Star of the Goddess (Innana in Sumer, and Isis in Egypt). Throughout history, the Bee has been venerated as nothing short of a God whose life affirming attributes have been adopted by religions, institutions and governments alike. – Bees were believed to have knowledge of the future and secret matters. Your email address will not be published. The Greeks call amber electron, and associated it with the Sun God Elector, who was known as the Awakener.

Bee Coin – Sicily, Italy, 700 BC. These sacred bee-maidens with their gift of prophecy, were to be Apollo’s gift to Hermes, the God who alone could lead the souls of the dead out of life and sometimes back again. In the past few years, billions of honeybees simply vanished for reasons still obscure. In Her temple at Eryx, the priestesses were melissae, “bees” and the Goddess herself was entitled Melissa, the Queen Bee. The Greek word for ‘fate’, ‘death’ and ‘Goddess of death’ is e ker (feminine); the word for ‘heart’ and ‘breast’ is to ker (neuter); while the word for ‘honeycomb’ is to kerion (neuter). Gaia is the ancient Greek mother goddess, responsible for birthing the gods and various aspects of the cosmos with Uranus. They taught divination far off from me, the art I used to practise round my cattle while still a boy. This is the origin of the beehive shaped Mitre of the Cohen priests. The Greek word for this state of transfigured consciousness is enthusiasmos meaning ‘within is a god’ – the root of the word enthusiasm. Born on the Greek Island of Delos, Artemis was sister of Apollo and daughter to Zeus and Leto. broadened horizons and a spirit of adventure. Similarly, Aphrodite’s temple was the place where initiates were nourished and birthed into higher planes of consciousness. This festival for the rising of Sirius that initiated the New Year was thereby raised to the level of a myth of ‘zoe’ (indestructible life): the awakening of bees from a dead animal. Symbolically, the omphalos brought together a number of important spiritual concepts. Omphalos – Delphi, Greece. Depending on the world region, 50% to 90% of all local bees have disappeared, and this epidemic is still spreading from beehive to beehive – all over the planet.

If the bees keep dying, it will have drastic effects for humans as well: more than one third of our food production depends on pollination by honeybees and their life and death are linked to ours. Known as the great mother of all and often referred to as “Mother Earth”. The common root ker links the ideas to the honeycomb, Goddess, death, fate and the human heart, a nexus of meanings that is illumined if we know that the Goddess was once imagined as a Bee. (estimated to 10,000 BC).

Consequently, she wasn’t very nice when some of them weren’t so careful. Artemis was very protective of her and her priestesses’ innocence. The bee was also the symbol of the Minoan-Mycenaean goddess Potnia, meaning “mistress”, who was also referred to as “The Pure Mother Bee”. THE LIFE CYCLE OF BEES – PART 1 – FROM EGG TO WORKING BEE. The Bible mentions a ruler and prophetess of ancient Israel called Deborah, the “Queen Bee”. (estimated to have been carved between 24,000 – 22,000 BC). Hebe . And Demeter is the mother goddess among the Olympians who is directly responsible for the changing of the seasons and thus the fertility … The Bee Goddess worship in Crete.

Pythagoreans perceived the hexagon as an expression of the spirit of Aphrodite whose sacred number was six. The bee also played a central role in Minoan and Mycenaean daily life; beekeping was a Minoan craft, which produced the fermented honey drink mead, older even than wine. SHINE, SO THE WHOLE UNIVERSE SHINES BRIGHTER…, WHEN YOU FIND YOUR LIGHT WITHIN, IT WILL ALWAYS KEEP YOU WARM INSIDE AND GUIDE YOU OUTSIDE, Copyright © 2020 Bee Goddess, All Rights Reserved. The bee, following the impulsion of its nature to pollinate flowers and gather their pollen and nectar to be transformed into honey, bee pollen, ambrosia (a.k.a. The Bee is considered extremely auspicious to civilizations of all ages, and have played an important part in symbolism since Ancient times.

Nowadays, the Bees are dying and are vanishing from hives due to the use of pesticides and insecticides, especially neonicotinoids, the world’s most widely used class of insecticide. Because their time memory is so advanced, they can be trained to appear at certain times of the day for feeding. ENLIGHTENED LUXURY. Goddess of eternal youth. I can only hope that the current “civilized world”, will stop killing these wonderful entities and learn to live in harmony with the Bee.

The rising of Sirius ended a 40-day ritual during which honey was gathered from the hives of the bees in the darkness of the caves and the woods.

This intense drama of epiphany suggests that the humming of the bee was actually heard as the Voice of the Goddess, interpreted as the Sound of Creation, known as the Vibration of invisible life being manifested into visible life. – Bees have been considered to be messengers carrying news to the spirit world in many cultures; Dancing Bee Goddesses, from The Goddesses and Gods of Old Europe © Marija Gimbutas. Priestesses at Cybele’s temples in Asia Minor, Greece, and Rome were called Melissai or Melissæ, the Greek and Latin words for Bees. symbolizing “streams of honey” and abundance. The Bee is the only insect that communicates through dance, yet this largely forgotten trait is one of the reasons why Bee imagery from antiquity is often lost on the untrained eye.

JEWEL BUZZ; BEE NEWS; LOGIN; REGISTER; Previous Next. The Queen Bee, whom all others serve, symbolizes, since times immemorial, an epiphany of the Goddess herself. The heart-seat of the great Earth Mother was the very centre of the navel of the world. The Goddess’ tiara announces her status as a Queen Bee and suggests that she streams with honey, a much-revered substance in ancient times, and now. She worshipped bees as her sacred creatures because they understood how to create perfect hexagons in their honeycomb. – Bees represent wisdom and immortality; Goddess Artemis is one of the oldest and most popular aspects of the Divine Feminine. According to Greek mythology, Melissa was a nymph who discovered and taught the use of honey and from whom bees were believed to have received their name. _The tombs at Mycenae were shaped as beehives, as was the omphalos at Delphi in Classical Greece, where Apollo ruled with his chief oracular Priestess, the Pythia, who was called the Delphic Bee. Melissa, the Goddess as Queen Bee, taught mortals how to ferment honey into mead. Everywhere, the same scenario is repeated: billions of bees leave their hives, never to return. In the Homeric Hymn to Hermes, the Melissai feed on honey and are inspired “to speak the truth”. SHINE, SO THE WHOLE UNIVERSE SHINES BRIGHTER… WHEN YOU FIND YOUR LIGHT WITHIN, IT WILL ALWAYS KEEP YOU WARM INSIDE AND GUIDE YOU OUTSIDE. Honey, which resembles amber, was also known as an awakener, a regenerative substance that was revered across the ancient world. The omphalos also refers to the sacred stone found in temples or shrines. magical world of Bee Goddess. In her authoritative and often quoted book, The Goddesses and Gods of Old Europe, Marija Gimbutas examines imagery on artefacts from Old Europe, circa 8000 BC, and concludes that they portray the Bee as a manifestation of the Mother Goddess, as depicted below: Mother Goddess In Egypt, Bees symbolized a stable and obedient society, mantras that later were adopted by Freemasonry. All these rites are present in the classical Greek myths of Dionysos, himself originating in Crete and called the Bull God. Minoan culture, of the Neolithic period around Crete, depicted some of it’s many goddess images with bee-like stripes, wings and antennae.

Just like our ancestors did, we should revere the Bee, too! In the Greek Homeric Hymn to Hermes written down in the eighth century BC, the God Apollo speaks of three female seers as three bees or bee-maidens, who like himself, practiced divination: There are some Fates sisters born, maidens three of them, adorned with swift wings. Anatolian Mother Goddess wearing a beehive-shaped tiara, In the ancient world, dancing Bees appear to have been special – the Queen Bee in particular, for she was the Mother Goddess – leader and ruler of the hive, and was often portrayed in the presence of adorning Bee Goddesses and Bee Priestesses. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Be the first to know Of all the insects represented in the ancient world, bees are foremost in ritual and symbolic meaning. Apiculture was a prominent part of the Minoan culture, and beehives and other bee images feature prominently in it’s engraved imagery. An individual bee within the hive an communicate the location and richness of a newly discovered food source by dancing and drumming with its wings. Euterpe. As well, Minoan temples in Crete were orientated to Sirius Star. The Bee was worship throughout the world. Bees have an acute sense of time. One of the Muses, the muse of music and lyric poetry. Harmonia.

Minoan Golden Bee. The Mother Goddess is arguably the oldest deity in the archaeological record and her manifestations are numerous, including likenesses of butterflies, toads, hedgehogs – and dancing Bees. A bull was sacrificed with the rising of the Sirius, and the bees were seen as the resurrected form of the dead bull and also as the souls of the dead. These Priestesses were often prophets or oracles who entered an ecstatic trance induced by preparations that included ingesting honey.

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