When you find a picture of one you like, click on the "Request a Price Estimate" to get information about Many times the stone was laid in the floor of the cathedral or church to mark the burial spot of an important person.

Browse example inscriptions.Read Example Epitaphs, We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and want you to be 100% satisfied with the your family's monument, grave marker or memorial.Read Our Guarantee, Do you want to see how your family's monument will be crafted? These are delivered and set in cemeteries. Read "Have the Talk of a Lifetime".Download the Brochure, Save $50 on your monument or memorial purchase. Terms &

See our Family & Estate Monument Portfolio for high-end ledger examples. Ledger can simple and flush in the ground or taller with multiple tiers, delicate molding, and sculptural detail.

The larger size gives you more space for custom designs--etchings and engravings created by the skilled stonecutters at Rome Monuments. An inscription was usually chiseled into the top, which was adorned with intricate designs or a family coat of arms. Email: [email protected], Appointments Are Required For Showroom Visits, Call Or, Talk With a Funeral Home Selection Advisor, CAD Drawings Provided for Customer Approval, Donatelli Granite Co. Showroom, Pittsburgh, PA, Melrose Cemetery Showroom, Bridgeville, PA, Choose a Pittsburgh Area Showroom Near You, Browse Designs By The Type of Cemetery Memorial, Matthews Bronze Companion Flat Headstone Sunrise Rose with Vase Lawn Crypt. Full ledger grave marker in size 36x72x4 on absolute black granite. Talk with a designer at Rome Monument to learn about your design artwork options for a memorial for a family member.

Houston Main Office 6859 Lawndale Houston, Texas 77023, telephone (713) 926-1785 toll free (800) 460-1159 facsimile (713) 926-1787, La Marque Sales Office 2501 Main La Marque, Texas 77568, telephone (409) 938-7454 facsimile (409) 938-3048. See more ideas about Grave marker, Headstones, Gravestone.

A ledger is a larger stone that typically covers the majority of a grave. Or we can create something totally unique that will make people stop and admire its creativity and artistry. Kornick & Berliner Monument Monument Company designs granite and bronze ledgers, grave covers, full and half ledger grave markers, grave ledger stones and bronze grave ledgers for Jewish families in the Chicago area.

We can create something equally as unique for your loved one. Memorials.com Ledger grave markers are available for most Pittsburgh area cemeteries and memorial parks in Allegheny County and Western Pennsylvania.

The larger size gives you more space for custom designs--etchings and engravings created by the skilled stonecutters at Rome Monuments. Browse Ledger Grave Marker Designs By Clicking On The Images Below. Phone (724) 770-0100 Thanks for reaching out. Take note of the different styles, materials, finishes, and designs that appeal to you.

I cannot say enough about my experience with Memorials.com We offer our products and services direct to the public at reasonable prices. The City Monument Company designs granite ledgers, grave covers, full and half ledger grave markers and bronze grave ledgers for families in Miami, South Florida, Miami-Dade County and the Caribbean Islands. Nationally certified and winner of many prestigious awards, Personalized and attentive customer service is our trademark. A ledger marker or memorial covers the entire length and width of a grave. We don’t show these one-of-a-kind memorials to copy, but rather to inspire a personalized flat grave marker design.

This will help guide the design process. Ledger Grave Markers A Ledger Grave Marker is a thick slab of stone, usually 8 inches thick, covering the entire grave. COVID-19 Update: Our industry is currently experiencing a higher demand for our services, and as a result our response & production times are slower than normal.

We design and manufacture ledgers in our production facility in Miami, Florida. These beautiful markers can be personalized with basic information, such as the name and dates of an individual, but also offer additional room to add an inscription, emblems, or even ceramic or bronze portraits of the beloved, if desired.

The reasons may vary as to why families often opted to not personalize the marker, or lid of the coffin, in this case, but as mentioned before, it is not uncommon. Aug 23, 2018 - Browse Ledger Grave Marker Designs By Clicking On The Images Below A ledger marker or memorial covers the entire length and width of a grave. We can produce nearly anything you may require, so talk to one of our representatives about the Ledger & Slab monument you’re looking for. This style of monument can even be adorned with a full-length bronze plaque, which, when placed over the granite, creates an elegantly classic appearance. It is generally made of granite.

You may want a simple headstone or gravestone–something to mark the place with a name and dates inscribed on it. Either way, we’ll work with you till you are happy with the result. Ledger Grave Markers may be engraved and used as the headstone itself, or may also include a monument or headstone at the head of the grave. Browse the gallery by clicking on the photos below. A memorial consultant will be in touch soon. These are delivered and set in cemeteries.

Memorials.com has created a 5 Star Customer Service Rating Program for you to feel comfortable when purchasing from us. Conditions | Ledger stones have been used for centuries to mark graves. 2423 David McLeod Blvd - Florence, SC, USA, Next to Verizon Wireless and Red Bowl Asian Bistro, Call 843.662.6378 to schedule an appointment. Search our Website. Learn About the Costs of Cemetery Monuments in the U.S. The larger size gives you more space for custom designs--etchings and engravings created by the skilled stonecutters at Rome Monuments. Toll-Free: 1.800.511.5199 We will be happy to mail a color brochure to your residence at your request.Request a Brochure, Find out how much a grave marker or monument will cost. It is generally made of granite. Join us on Facebook. Sincerely, Emily Whitmire", Bronze Cross Ledger Individual Grave Marker, Bronze Cross Ledger Companion Grave Marker, 15605 S Padre Island Dr, Corpus Christi, Texas 78418. Greenwood Ledger w Angel. …

Memorial Products Upright Monument Headstones Flat Grave Markers Slant Monuments Pillow Markers Granite Memorial Benches Monubenches Columbarium and Mausoleum Pet Memorials Boulder Polishing & Engraving Granite Monument Signs Memorial Cleaning Kits . © 2002-2020 - Memorials.com - All Rights Reserved, "The product is beautiful. Sep 7, 2016 - Explore Mary McCreery's board "grave ledgers" on Pinterest. Let us help you with a memorial that is appropriate, personal and affordable. It’s up to you. These monuments can help create a beautiful and traditional appearance, and help ensure the person interred remain undisturbed for all eternity. We use only the best granites to design and build the finest memorials.

Get an understanding of the personalization, customization and ordering processes. A ledgers size is great for listing large amounts of information relevant to the decedent’s life. Both styles can be enhanced with the addition of a complimenting, cast-bronze flower vase as well, which can recess into the memorial when it is not in use. Please contact us for more information about ledger grave markers. Bailey Monument Company offers a complete range of Ledger & Slab monuments to suit everyone’s requirements, as you will see from just the small selection below. | Just click the images below—then learn more about any monument by requesting a price estimate or list, scheduling a showroom visit, asking a question, or contacting a designer. Custom design, drafts and unlimited design alterations before final draft; Personalized front and back monument engraving; Free delivery (within 50 miles of the local office), installation, and cement work ; Every Design is Customizable.

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