And these aren't just any snakes. They are famous for their extremely toxic venom and are nature’s perfected killing machines. [5], These snakes may be either terrestrial or arboreal, even though it does not have a true prehensile tail. This snake is often regarded to be a potential danger to human lives in Africa because of its extremely deadly venom. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Bothrops insularis, commonly known as the golden lancehead, is a highly venomous pit viper species endemic to Ilha da Queimada Grande, off the coast of São Paulo state, in Brazil. Snakes on this Brazilian island are so venomous, they can melt human flesh, This snake-man got himself bitten over 200 times to become immune to venom, The lancehead can grow to be over 1 1/2 feet long and it's estimated that there are 2,000 to 4,000 snakes on the island, Ilha de Queimada Grande is the only place in the world where the golden lancehead viper is found, Snake Island is uninhabited, but people used to live there for a short period up to until the late 1920s, when, according to locals, the local lighthouse keeper and his family were killed by vipers that slithered in through the windows, Today, the navy periodically visits the lighthouse for upkeep and makes sure no adventurers are wandering too close to the island, The island is also an important laboratory for.

Copyright © 2020 HuffPost India Pvt. Rattlesnakes: Habitats, Behavior, and Diet, Reptiles: Species and Common Characteristics, Venomous Sea Snake Facts (Hydrophiinae and Laticaudinae), Black Mamba Snake Facts: Separating Myth From Reality, Banded Sea Krait Facts (Laticauda colubrina). There weren't many ground-level prey animals either.

Vipers belong to the snake family. Because the island on which the species is found is so small, it can only support a small population, which means that the range between number of snakes required for the population to survive and maximum number of snakes the island can support may be small, making the species especially sensitive to any other problems. No subspecies of Bothrops insularis are currently recognized. They trap the snakes and sell them illegally. But rising sea levels separated the island from the coast around 11,000 years ago. The mamba is such a pretty/ergonomic mouse... Too bad it's buggy/full of defects. [3] According to Wuster et al. This shape accommodates the venom glands at the back of the jaw. Queimada Grande is the only known home of the golden lancehead (Bothrops insularis), one of the most venomous vipers in the world. You’ll be bitten and not even know it before the Death Adder strikes you again. Associate Editor, Huffington Post Weird News, "more packed with snakes than the Spanish midfield is with talent,", 90 percent of all snakebite-related deaths in Brazil, rising sea levels separated the island from the coast, Akshay Kumar's 'Laxmii’ Puts The Life and Identity of Transgender People In Danger, FIR Against Sushant's Sisters As Info From Rhea Chakraborty Disclosed Offence: Mumbai Police To HC, US Elections: Prayers For Kamala Harris In Tamil Nadu; For Trump In Delhi, Delhi Riots: Accused In Conspiracy Case Plead For Warm Clothes, Medicines As Coronavirus Cases Rise In Jails, US Election 2020: All The Latest Updates, The First US Election Day Results Are Already In, Thanks To A Quirky Old Law, Netflix’s Horror Film ‘Kaali Khuhi’ Is Illogical Even By Ghost Story Standards, How Does The US's Electoral College Work? However, the list of animal species provided by Duarte et al. [6] However, they have been reported to eat lizards, and even resort to cannibalism.

The Mamba’s venom causes its prey to go into shock and before its gets back to normal, the prey usually finds itself quite dead. save hide report. Defects?? Scared?

Proteases consist of enzymes that break down proteins. Even causing a disturbance just a few yards away from them can ignite their lightning fast striking ability.

Because of this, they are considered critically endangered even though they may not seem so having cultivated their own tropical island. Snake island is home to over 2000 deadly golden lancehead vipers and is the only place in the world that this species exists. For other deadly snakes located around the word, this list can serve as a veritable death dictionary if you find yourself standing before any of these snakes. Because of this snake’s deadly strike and venom, the Australian Taipan is ranked at number 10 in our list of the 10 most deadliest snakes.

Not nearly as comfortable, but performs a lot better. A Death Adder can go from strike position to striking and back again within 0.13 of a second. This is … Because of this, strikes can be particularly precise and hit the target more often than not. The venom is primarily neurotoxic. When the snake bites down, muscles that encase the venom glands contract, squeezing venom out through ducts in the fangs and into their prey. Lancehead doesn't look that nice imo.

The Tiger snake is ranked at number 5 in our list of 10 most deadliest snakes.

... of course, depends on which lancehead snake it is. which is lightning fast. The fangs of vipers are long and hollow and enable the snake to inject venom into animals that it bites. They won’t give a second thought before striking anyone that comes too close to their comfort zone.

The population of snakes on the Ilha da Queimada Grande has reduced by nearly 50 per cent in the last 15 years. Laura Klappenbach, M.S., is a science writer specializing in ecology, biology, and wildlife.

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