Charlie has an unexpected love interest stumble into his life, literally. James takes Chris into his confidence. Glitch is an Australia series that has managed to reinvent the zombie genre. Kirstie & Charlie get on a bus out of Yoorana. [8], James Hayes (Patrick Brammall) is a small town policeman in Yoorana, Victoria. This sees many of them leaving Yoorana. While the Risen hunker down for protection, a new threat arises from within. John learns about his criminal past, Kate bonds with a mysterious stranger, and James digs for the truth about Elishia and her research. Kirstie and Charlie embark on their Melbourne adventure. He later attempts suicide due to his inability to remember anything about his past. Paddy's lawyer comes to Beau's house with an offer of 2 million dollars and a certain heirloom to release the Fitzgerald estate from any future claims. Paddy learns the truth about his death, Elishia spills a secret, Sarah gives James an ultimatum, and Vic tries to persuade John to help his crusade.

Careers. Elishia tries to help William understand how they are connected. They then go to Kate and James' house, and Kate is devastated to learn that James has a new wife, her old friend Sarah. They discover the boundary is contracting even further. She tries to persuade James to tell Chris everything. James finds out from Beau that Phil is in town and suspects him of Elishia's murder. An archivist hired to restore a collection of tapes finds himself reconstructing the work of a filmmaker and her investigation into a dangerous cult. Kirstie and Charlie set off to uncover more information on their own histories, both determined to help each other discover the truth of them. Paddy's persistence to get his estate returned causes him to encounter some issues. Phil settles in to life back in Yoorana, but he’s clearly changed. The two return to Belle's family home; it's been 15 years. Phil comes to Sarah's house to clean up from his injury and he leaves his bloody clothes at her house. William (Rodger Corser) will go on his own adventure in Season 3 of Glitch that will see him discovering more answers about himself and the Risen. She vows to fix the boundary. Kristy is obviously grappling with the potential that she may be pregnant as Charlie (Sean Keenan) does his best to support her during this time. Kirstie discovers something disastrous about herself that she plans on fixing. Phil stops him and explains that he wants to make everything right. After Dr. Heysen leaves, Phil chases Elishia down and stabs her in the neck, leaving her in the river where James and William find her dead. Paddy remembers his wife and realises he is kin to Beau and his family. James still does not trust Heysen. Glitch: Season 2 (Trailer) Episodes Glitch ... James deduces a vital clue to the phenomenon and Kate faces a heartbreaking new reality.

Chris contacts Kirstie and Charlie, but when the phone connection drops out with Kirstie, and Charlie hangs up on Chris, Chris heads to Melbourne. James gets a tip on Paddy and finds him in the woods and takes him to the others.

Kate and James spend the night together.

Later, while running errands, Phil sees Kate back in town and chases her down. Meanwhile, Elisha and the rest of the Risen realize that there is an invisible boundary around the town. Kate and Owen suffer a punctured tyre on their road trip requiring them to seek help at a nearby pub, where Owen’s true intentions with Kate are revealed. Kate thinks she asked Sarah to help her die and asks Sarah for the truth. However, with the invisible boundary shattered, all the rules have now changed.

Phil enters the house where the Risen are sleeping and absorbs info from them without waking them. James is shocked to discover Owen and Kate in bed. The following article is entirely the opinion of Rachel Tsoumbakos and does not reflect the views of the Inquisitr. He takes him back to town and places him in a holding cell. GLITCH SEASON 3 to air in 2019. Kirstie goes to Noregard. The new season opens with the discovery that the boundary has not only been restored but destroyed, and the Risen are now free to travel wherever they like. Chris arrests James for Vic’s murder and locks him up. Beau (Aaron L. McGrath) also has to deal with the fact that his new friend, Paddy (Ned Dennehy), is dead as the conflict with his father, Phil (Rob Collins), continues.

He asks her if she knows why she is here and if she knows what she needs to do, and she says she does now. Sarah struggles to come to terms with Kate being alive. Chris checks and Pete has no pulse, but miraculously opens his eyes and walks away. Glitch for Teams. The Risen try to work out who they are and why they have returned. Community. William sees the future where he believes Elishia is still alive and his vision leads him to the Melbourne Star. Build fast, full-stack web apps in your browser for free. Sarah tells Phil that James knows who he is. Please proceed with caution if you have not yet viewed all of Seasons 1 and 2 and wish to avoid spoilers. Press. The series also won Most Outstanding Drama Series at the 2016 Logie Awards. Chi is befriended by Trevor Yang, who owns Yoorana's Chinese restaurant and helps him. Learn more about our use of cookies and information. He enlists Beau to help him get his house and wealth back. Vic convinces Maria that Elishia is not really trying to help them, but that she is trying to use them for her own professional gain. Belle helps Chi seek an answer to his hungry ghost theory. [19], Australian paranormal drama television series, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Glitch Season 3: Australian Original Has Been Renewed – 2019 Release – What's on Netflix",, "Ashes delivers a whopping 14.2% share to GEM", "Humiliating Ashes draws bumper crowd to GEM", "The Risen return for the final season of Glitch", AACTA Award for Best Television Drama Series, Logie Award for Most Outstanding Drama Series,, Australian Broadcasting Corporation original programming, English-language Netflix original programming, Australian science fiction television series, Use Australian English from September 2011, All Wikipedia articles written in Australian English, Pages using infobox television with editor parameter, Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention from January 2018, All Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. A summer fling born under the Sicilian sun quickly develops into a heartbreaking love story that forces a boy and girl to grow up too quickly.

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