series of various different ethnicities and races.

In this page they are classed by their race and listed alphabetically. So we cast him and then added some of the most-loved and wonderful comedy actors in the country.

Whilst his parents Linda and Mike spend every weekend ballroom dancing 11 year old Ben goes to stay with his granny, whom he initially finds boring. After Mr Parker fails to thwart the heist by tipping off a policeman (Steve Speirs), Ben and Granny are escorted by the police to the Tower. Granny reveals herself to have been an international jewel thief, known as the "Black Cat", involved in many high-profile heists during her youth, but she tells Ben that she was never able to steal the Crown Je… Draw a picture which shows what granny's box of diamonds and jewellery looks like. Ben hears Granny approaching and quickly puts the tin back and sits back down at the table completely shocked! To his surprise, the tin feels much heavier than usual. The full-colour gift edition of Gangsta Granny makes the perfect present for Walliams fans old and new, but is only available for a limited time!

We’re celebrating ten wonderful Walliams years with a spectacularly special gift edition of GANGSTA GRANNY, one of David Walliams’ best-loved and critically acclaimed books.. GANGSTA GRANNY has gone FULL COLOUR in a brand-new gift book in celebration of David Walliams' 10th anniversary as a bestselling children's author. Publication date: 27 October 2011.

Ben and Granny are later met by the police, but they get off the hook after Granny points out that they do not have the Crown Jewels with them. Could you create a similar diagram for another character in the book, or from another story? WATCH: Enjoy the second of three little Gangsta Granny clips in celebration of the brand-new anniversary edition of the book, out now! Then one day he finds a huge collection of jewels in a biscuit tin and discovers she was once a notorious burglar, the Black Cat, though she was never caught as she never tried to sell her spoils.

On the day of the heist, he forgets the competition and, not having practised once with Florence, who condemns him to dance alone at the last minute, Ben embarrasses himself on the dance floor.

The Birmingham Stage Company is delighted to present the world premiere of David Walliams' GANGSTA GRANNY!

[2][3] David Walliams said: "I am thrilled that we have such a stellar cast of comedy legends for Gangsta Granny. While some bits were a little predictable, this turned out to be one of the more heartwarming stories in the series, not least because of the bond between Ben and his granny.

This prompts Ben, who has a passion for plumbing, to devise a plan to raid the Tower. Ben reads at his local newsagent's that a jewellery box worth millions had been anonymously left at a charity shop.

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