You can order five for $22, and you’ll find yourself with bright pickled cauliflowers and onions; labneh tinged with hyssop; a spicy Turkish ezme spread of tomatoes and peppers. Chicago is lucky to have Galit to welcome us in. While I was on vacation in Israel sometime between Y2K and 9/11, my travel companion tried to coax a marriage proposal out of me. Summer 2019 Advertising - Sir Kensington's. © Chicago magazine / A Chicago Tribune Media Group website, Virtual Restaurants Will Only Get More Popular, Promptly Add This Curry Fried Fish to Your Takeout Rotation. The zinc bar spilled over with people, as did the counter wrapping around the open kitchen. I wasn’t ready.

Top Chef, James Beard Winner, Chef, Monteverde Restaurant & Pastificio, Chicago.

Dude was right about the crowds. So it’s possible that Engel knows a thing or two about modern middle eastern food. Galit isn’t all basics; a version of an Iraqi dish, kubbe halab, is made with a crust of saffron rice, stuffed with lamb and harissa, and then fried and topped with a sauce made from almonds and golden raisins.

“The entire process has been absolutely insane for a dinner-only, 100 seat restaurant that serves chickpea puree, basically,” Engel says. Shakshuka. Sunday, Tuesday - Thursday 5pm - 10pmnFriday - Saturday 5pm - 10:30pm, Largest Room, Reception Capacity (Standing), Avg Meal Price/Person (appetizer, entrée, dessert), 9 new restaurants to try during Chicago Restaurant Week. She was probably thinking: Oh Lord, he can’t commit. Instead of paying a handful of shekels for the privilege of eating my falafel al fresco, I paid $12 for this version, which was made by a James Beard Award–winning chef who is part of a growing national community of cooks exploring Israeli cuisine. But there’s also a straight-up tahini hummus with, to quote the menu, “way too much olive oil.”. ★★ Very Good Chef & Healthy Lifestyle Crusader. Regarding his shakshuka, made with coal-roasted sweet potatoes: “You might think you’ve had good shakshuka, but this is meant to be the best you’ve ever had. I was reminded of this night a few weeks back while having dinner at Galit, a sleek new Israeli restaurant in Lincoln Park. When first developing it, Engel felt the potatoes’ chicken fat flavor wasn’t coming through to his satisfaction, so his kitchen smothered the spuds in a full-on schmaltz hollandaise.

Galit finds itself at the crest of this wave.

The menu focuses on a seasonal and localized approach to dishes of the Middle East and Israel’s immigrant cuisines, alongside a unique and forward-thinking beverage program. The overall vibe was more frenzied than warm or inviting. Galit - Chicago.

He’s not kidding about his ambition to have the best of the basics. He admits that it’s a little bit cheeky (“I have to make sure I’m not generating an eye roll”) but it’s also a little bit adorable, with a tehina described as having “way too much olive oil”, shakshuka with “so many fresh herbs” and a Sonoma Zinfandel labeled “if your post-workout berry smoothie was wine.” He’s particularly dedicated to making the wine list approachable and fun. Sunday, Tuesday - Thursday 5pm - 10pmnFriday - Saturday 5pm - 10:30pm, Largest Room, Reception Capacity (Standing) 100, Largest Room, Banquet Capacity (Seated) 90, Max Capacity, Reception Style (Standing) 140, Avg Meal Price/Person (appetizer, entrée, dessert) $$$ = $25 - $34, © 2020 Choose Chicago. The only uninhabited space may have been the inside of the eight-foot-wide charcoal hearth. Chicago is just his latest stop (though he admits that he first enjoyed the city during the summer). Most of the dishes are cooked over a custom-built 8-foot charcoal hearth, and because of that cooking method, dishes like carrots with hazelnut dukka are rapidly becoming the most popular on the menu. Alinea, Chicago - Hemispheres. Here it’s a satisfying dill-flecked entrée with coal-roasted sweet potatoes, all meant to be scooped up with thick, soft laffa. Now people are learning the joys of spicy Yemeni carrots, Moroccan matbucha salads, and Romanian minced beef kebabs.

All rights reserved.Privacy policy | Terms of use | Sitemap, Closed Monday. Nourishing Notes - Engel is particularly proud of his butternut bazhe, a walnut based sauce that’s usually made with cream, butter and more cream. Galit, Chicago - Hemispheres. Israeli cooking seems to have matured alongside me, growing into something that even an American who can’t tell the Red Sea from the Dead Sea will find a home in. Engel has the pedigree to make such an ambitious goal a reality: He’s already wowed New Orleans audiences as the chef at Shaya, earning a Beard Award as a rising star chef, and he started his culinary career at the legendary Zahav.

... Chicago Magazine. I was thinking about the oily falafel dripping tahini down my arm. Puffy and leopard-spotted, it’s got more craters than an English muffin. Galit is a Middle Eastern Restaurant in the Lincoln Park neighborhood in Chicago, owned and operated by Andrés Clavero and James Beard Award-winning chef Zachary Engel. Hummus.

That did the trick. Galit seats about a hundred or so diners at […] CHICAGO — Chef Zach Engel won a James Beard Foundation award for his work at Shaya, an Israeli restaurant in New Orleans. Chef Zach Engel’s goal at Galit is to take these fairly common Middle Eastern dishes to the next level. And Galit’s steak offering, in which juicy nubs of charcoal-seared sirloin are served alongside schmaltz-fried potato wedges, has become one of my favorite guilty pleasures. Galit’s salatim fill you with that same sense of warmth and welcoming. After a meal at Galit, there’s a good chance you won’t want to stop talking about it. Hours of Operation Closed Monday. Israel is a young country, an amalgam of multiple immigrant communities, and its cooking reflects that.

We review them in an effort to remove foul language, commercial messages, abuse, and irrelevancies. The menu covers tons of ground — Iraqi kubba halab, Yemeni pickles, a foie gras au torchon with sour cherry to spread on challah. Fried Fish with Tunisian Curry, Avocado Labneh, and Tehina. Trying to land a reservation before 9 p.m. is sheer folly. Comments are moderated.

Sarah Grueneberg.

There are, across the country, several Middle Eastern restaurants and chefs that have garnered a James Beard award; now Chicago has one, too, with Galit, headed up by GM Andres Clavero (formerly of Nico Osteria) and James Beard award-winning Chef Zachary Engel. We’re waking up to the fact that Israel’s fresh cuisine integrates multiple cultures, continents, and centuries — as well as shawarma at a bus station.

Rocco DiSpirito. There’s a large bar that’s clearly designed for eating, a communal table for walk-ins, and a long chef’s counter where you can watch people cook food you’ll be thinking about for weeks after eating here. So I guess it makes a certain amount of sense that Engel opted to put a dish made with decidedly non–Middle Eastern catfish on the menu. However, Galit’s not all about plants: “I have foie on the menu because I think it’s fun to sit around and spread foie gras on challah, drink some wine, and have a good time.”. Wood-roasted asparagus gets an acid jolt from barberries and a mellow crunch from pecans; cumin-glazed carrots hold their own under clouds of feta and a sprinkle of hazelnut dukka.

But then we got to the food. Pita.

Falafel. James Beard Winner and Chef, Galit, Chicago. The country’s food traditions have spread to mainstream America with cookbooks such as Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi’s Jerusalem in 2011 and through beloved restaurants like Shaya in New Orleans and Zahav in Philadelphia. On our visit, the shiny space — all mosaic glass doors and pendant lighting — was more stuffed than a Balkan cabbage.

Citrine, Oak Park - Chicago Magazine. Everything is small and shareable. Orecchiette with Italian Sausage & Peppers. “This opening menu right now is meant to introduce Chicago to the things that they’ve had before but never done this well,” says Engel. The result, however, is a menu that makes me want to get up from my desk and run to the restaurant right now, with plenty of those basics Engel wants to show off, as well as what he describes as “more cheffy” dishes. Engel came to town on his days off from his previous job and got himself connected with all the necessary restaurant insiders (like contractors, attorneys and investors), as well as his partner, Andres Clavero (formerly of One Off Hospitality).

The falafel here is crispy and perfect, served with Persian pickled turnips and funky fermented mango.

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