and a high gain in the second stage (β=110-130 approx. But not all the Fuzz Faces sound the same, in the old days, players sorted through dozens of pedals at a time to find the best sounding fuzz of the store. While the original Fuzz Face is a very simple circuit, many modifications have been made in the nearly 50 years since it was first introduced. This follows the stock NPN silicon version with BC108 transistors. Use a small screwdriver to adjust them. Been using an audio probe to debug, and no sound gets past the 100k resistor or the base of q1. AC128 PSpice simulation model, check the last part of this article,, Electrical Engineering Thesis by William E. Overton, Discussion Paper About Fuzz FAce Batteries. 3.1 Input Impedance. I built this project with the same values components. The circuit is a simple 2 stage amplifier with a feedback network path. Trimpots are similar to the potentiometers. All the other features (true bypass, LED, quality components, polarity protection, turrets, power supply capacitor, etc) will not change the sound of it and enhance the quality and performance of the pedal. 6 = 3dB) all frequencies below 14Hz will suffer an attenuation 6dB/oct. In 1993 Dunlop took over the production selling the fuzz face in different flavors. It also incorporates an optional charge pump, allowing you to use a standard 9v center-negative power supply while still using PNP germanium transistors. The FF circuit is rather simple: 4 resistors, 3 caps, and 2 transistors. Germanium transistors tend to have high leakage current and an inconsistent gain value (Hfe).
As soon as I flipped the pcb around and got some separation all of the excess noise stopped. Reduce the noise: minimizing the contribution to the output of unwanted electrical signals. The last block (the Feedback Network) will affect the rest of the analysis because it will influence the most important parameters: voltage gain, input impedance, output impedance and frequency response. The polarity is marked for the positive pin.
The second amplifier stage can make the clipping harder, with sharper squared corners under the fuzz potentiometer action. It is not the ideal input stage for signal integrity but the best for simplicity and fast high gain. When I put this baby in the loop effect in my amp it works, but when I want to connect this the old fashioned way (guitar -> pedal -> amp) you can hear a big nothing :C Do you have any idea why is it like that ? Having trouble scaling a PCB transfer image? The circuit follows the original Fuzz Face (. You should be able to, yes. Germanium transistors tend to have high leakage current and an inconsistent gain value. All the pots and jack are soldered to one of the sides of the board. With this PCB you can build the original or many other variants using either Germanium or Silicon transistors. Bill of Materials is the same as the “Late 60’s Bill of Materials above. built this with BC108 and B1K for fuzz, No Sounds coming ! 6 = 3dB) all frequencies below 14Hz will suffer an attenuation 6dB/oct. Fuzz Faces naturally tend to bias with only about half a volt on the collector of the first transistor, so there is a lot of room upwards. i have the same issue. Controlling the volume from the guitar can make the final tone from subtle crunch (10% guitar vol knob) to overload fuzz, On the left image, the most important bias points are VC1=-0.5 to -0.7v and VC2=-4.5V, these values, Instead of using the perfect and difficult-to-find transistors to get the circuit biased right, we can use almost any high-gain germanium PNP transistor (Hfe>50) and with the help of 2 trimmer resistors get the circuit perfect biased (right image). The graph also shows a general roll off of the bass harmonics under 14Hz, this is due to the high pass filter created by C2 and Zin (input impedance of the pedal). Alpha potentiometers: Using reverse audio for the Fuzz control that gives extra control to the user.

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