, HTML Large Image Quote Embed: Alvin York's Son, Washington Believed God Provided for America, Build Upon the Rock: John Quincy Adams' Letters on the Bible and Its Teachings, Thomas Jefferson Calls Virginia to Prayer and Thanksgiving, President Trump's Bible—A Heritage of Revival, Christianity and the First Presidential Thanksgiving Proclamation. [url=http://www.quotehd.com/quotes/francis-hopkinson-quote-the-queens-sister-is-a-dramatic-gift-a-witty-and-irreverent-royal][img=http://www.quotehd.com/imagequotes/authors11/tmb/francis-hopkinson-quote-the-queens-sister-is-a-dramatic-gift-a-witty.jpg[/img][/url], Please login in order to submit reports. Popularity: “It's quite affectionate. Francis Hopkinson Quotes - The Queen's Sister is a dramatic gift - a witty and irreverent royal romp. [4] He resumed private practice in Bordentown from 1773 to 1774. Stephen Flick heads Christian Heritage Fellowship, an organization dedicated to reclaiming America’s Christian Heritage and celebrating the life-changing influence of the Gospel around the world. Wisdom not only gets, but once got, retains. [4] He was Judge of the Admiralty Court of Pennsylvania from 1779 to 1789. Hopkinson was born on October 2, 1737 in Philadelphia. In 1774, he moved to Bordentown, New Jersey. A colorful, story-telling overview of the American Revolutionary War. In 1766, he took a year and a half long trip to England, where he hoped to get a job. A committee investigated Hopkinson's charges that his payment was being delayed for arbitrary reasons. Francis Hopkinson (September 21, 1737 – May 9, 1791), an American author, was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence as a delegate from New Jersey. Dr. Flick is a writer and speaker and has authored numerous articles and books on America’s Christian heritage. In the 1780s, Hopkinson modified a glass harmonica to be played with a keyboard and invented the Bellarmonic, an instrument that utilized the tones of metal balls. If you accept your limitations you go beyond them. In 1761, Francis Hopkinson was appointed his first public role as Secretary of the Pennsylvania Provincial Council. Once there, he became a member of the New Jersey Provincial Council. Hopkinson is recognized as the designer of the Flag of the United States, and the journals of the Continental Congress support this. Our goal is to help you by delivering amazing quotes to bring inspiration, personal growth, love and happiness to your everyday life. Posted by Dr. Stephen Flick | Apr 30, 2020 | American Christianity, Christian Calendar, Christian History, May Articles, Signers of Declaration of Independence | 0 |. He later served as a federal judge in Pennsylvania. She is our heroine and it wasn't intended as an exposé. He was the first graduate in 1757, and went on te receive his master’s degree in 1760. Francis Hopkinson Quotes - It's quite affectionate. The reverse of the seal, designed by William Barton, contains an unfinished pyramid below a radiant eye. In this second letter, Hopkinson did not mention designing the flag of the United States. [37] The rough sketch of his second Great Seal proposal has 7 white stripes and 6 red stripes. When his duties had  been completed there, he went to serve on the Navy Board of Philadelphia. [4] His service terminated on May 9, 1791, due to his death in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,[4] of a sudden apoplectic seizure. His principal writings are A Pretty Story . [4] He was the first native American composer of a secular song in 1759. Later in 1790, he would get his doctorate in law. Instead, the first item listed was "the great Naval Flag of the United States" along with the other contributions. Francis Hopkinson (September 21,[Note 1] 1737 – May 9, 1791) was an author and composer. [14] Before he worked as a consultant to a committee working on the design of the Great Seal.
He wrote a letter to Congress requesting a quarter cask of wine as payment for this service at first. The circle of stars attributed to Betsy Ross likely first appeared after the war ended and after Hopkinson’s original design. They were married September 1, 1768, and together had 5 children. During this time, most of the New Jersey delegates were extremely hesitant to make this kind of change, and were looking to vote against it.

This site is dedicated to the sharing of information on the founding fathers.

The constellation comprising 13 smaller stars symbolizes the national motto, "E pluribus unum." American Christianity | Signers of Declaration of Independence, On October 20, 1779, the Continental Congress asked the states to set “apart the second Thursday in December next, as a day of geRead more…, American Christianity | Christian Calendar | Christian History | Christian Living | October Articles, The first presidential thanksgiving proclamation under the United States Constitution was the result of a long list of Christian Read more…, Devotional | Products | Social Theology, The nineteenth century witnessed enormous social concern on the part of Christians throughout America. , HTML Text Quote Embed with
: [27] One was his Board of Admiralty seal, which contained a shield of seven red and six white stripes on a blue field.

Custom and user added quotes with pictures. Francis Hopkinson, signer of the Declaration of IndependencePublic domain image. Ask the gliding waters, If a tear of mine Increased their stream, And ask the breathing gales If ever I lent a sigh to them, If I lent a sigh to them. The Treasury Board turned down the request in an October 27, 1780, report to Congress. [10], At his alma mater, University of Pennsylvania, one of the buildings in the Fisher-Hassenfeld College House is named after him.
At Congress in 1776, the delegates were pushing for a vote of Independence, but it was important that all of the colonies vote unanimously for independence. Do not wish to be anything except what you are. The Miscellaneous essays and occasional writings of Francis Hopkinson, Esq by Hopkinson, Francis, 1737-1791; Pennsylvania. Francis Hopkinson has 26 books on Goodreads with 2340 ratings. Others included the Treasury Board seal, "7 devices for the Continental Currency," and "the Flag of the United States of America. [4] He was confirmed by the United States Senate on September 26, 1789, and received his commission the same day.

Hopkinson began to play the harpsichord at age seventeen and, during the 1750s, hand-copied arias, songs, and instrumental pieces by many European composers. He was also one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence in July 1776, as a delegate from New Jersey.
Francis Hopkinson
, BB Forums Medium Image Quote Embed with : [6] He was a merchant in Philadelphia, Province of Pennsylvania, who sold varieties of fabric and port wine, starting in 1768. [4] He was a member of the Executive Council of New Jersey from January 13, 1775, to November 15, 1775. Princess Margaret's life was so vibrant and conflicted that this was a story dying to be told.

[5] He was a delegate to the Second Continental Congress (Continental Congress) from June 22, 1776, to November 30, 1776. [30] A parallel flag for the national flag was most likely intended by Hopkinson with white outer stripes[30] as on the Great Seal of the United States and on the Bennington flag, which commemorated 50th anniversary of the founding of the United States (1826). [5], Hopkinson wrote popular airs and political satires (jeux d'esprit) in the form of poems and pamphlets. Quotes, Biographies and works.If you would like to add to the project, found any errors, or just want to send us a note, please use the form below: Help Us Spread the word! While the request for the wine might seem comical in today's world, in the Revolutionary War period, the quarter cask of wine would not be subject to inflation. [26] On May 25, 1780, Hopkinson wrote a letter to the Continental Board of Admiralty mentioning several patriotic designs he had completed during the previous three years. [5] He was Secretary of a Commission of the Provincial Council of Pennsylvania which made a treaty between the Province and certain Indian tribes in 1761. He later became the first federal judge of the Eastern District Court of Pennsylvania on September 30, 1789. , HTML Text Quote Embed with
: HTML Medium Image Quote Embed: Court of admiralty. [5], Hopkinson was the son of Thomas Hopkinson[6]:30 and Mary Johnson Hopkinson. [29] This flag with its red outer stripes was designed to show up well on ships at sea. , HTML Large Image Quote Embed: Hi, this may be interesting you: Francis Hopkinson! At the time of the flag's adoption, he was the Chairman of the Navy Board, which was under the Marine Committee. There is nothing more dangerous than security. Francis Hopkinson (Founding Father of the United States) Quotes, Biography, Information and Discussion. [1][2] He was also one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence in July 1776, as a delegate from New Jersey. He was the first graduate in 1757, and went on te receive his master’s degree in 1760. [6]:133 Although unsuccessful, he spent time with the future Prime Minister Lord North, Hopkinson's cousin James Johnson and the painter Benjamin West. (1774), a satire about King George, The Prophecy (1776), and The Political Catechism (1777).[9]. Hopkinson submitted another bill on June 24 for his "drawings and devices."

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