This example from Australia was modified to a right-hand drive model. The Fairlane and LTD competed in the marketplace with the Holden Brougham (1968–1971), the Statesman (1971–1984), and later with the Holden Statesman and Caprice (1990–2007). Lee lacocca, named general manager of Ford Division in 1960, had some bold ideas in mind for the company's future, but they weren't yet under way in 1962. Therefore, officially they were EA26s, but colloquially, Ford aficionados prefer a two-letter code. Engines were largely the same as the year before. [12] It was introduced in April 1964, distinguished by a lack of tail fins[10] and a new grille with seven vertical bars. The Fairlane name continued to be used in Venezuela through 1978 on corresponding Ford Torino and LTD II models. The wheelbase remained at 116 in (2,946 mm), but it grew in other dimensions.

The XL, GT, and GTA packages were introduced, as well as a convertible to join the existing range of sedans, hardtops, and station wagons. [25] This model had an even more flamboyant grille with four round headlamps, apeing Rolls-Royces and other luxury models.

The GT/GTA 390 CID engine developed 335 bhp (250 kW) with higher compression, and had a four-barrel carburetor. The Falcon Ranchero and Falcon station wagon were, between 1966 and 1970, identical under the skin to the Fairlane versions of the same model. In October, recognising the fuel crisis, Ford introduced a Fairlane with a 4.1-litre (250 cu in) inline-six from the Falcon. Although this car was designed and built exclusively in Australia, its styling is reminiscent of the US-market Mercury Montego. Fairlanes were primarily sold as base level trim models for fleet use (taxi, police). [22] Air conditioning was offered as an option for the first time. This series included a two-door sedan which was not available in the higher trim lines. The NC also introduced a higher-spec Fairlane, called the Fairlane Ghia, and the V8 was available in this model.

The revised ZL series of 1985 (launched October 1984) kept the two six-cylinder engine options; only at the end of 1986 was the carburettor version of the Fairlane deleted. The two options were a 221 CID 6-cylinder with 132 hp (98 kW), and the old 292 phase I (1969–1971) CID "Y-block" V8 which had been last used in the 1964 F-Series truck; it was rated at 185 hp (138 kW), in 1971 the Ford Motor Company Argentina decided to make an improvement on the 292, was started by the covers mainly the problem of spark plugs was solved by giving an inclination towards the front of the engine that allowed an easier extraction in the car, changed the opening order and exhaust cam, valves larger intake (of the 292 heavy duty American) were placed, fuel lines making them more direct was improved with a new admission very similar to that of the small block 289, 302 pistons maximum compression with lomo brand Buxton were used, raising the compression at 8 to 1, allowing the engine erogue 185 HP at 4500 rpm, another improvement were leaks with individual manifold runners, eliminating the original American system of a manifold connected to another in series, used in trucks, in cars they were always individual. Wheel track varied from 53.5 in (1355 mm) to 56 in (1422 m… Here's what to look out for and buy smart, Get to know the personalities behind the team every week, The most interesting hints of what's to come. They had Lincoln Town Car styling cues, especially around the C-pillar. The LTD was also used with a few being V8 models.

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