Merriam-Webster makes these distinctions for folk or folks (both of which it lists as plural forms of folk): the masses of people in a homogeneous social group as contrasted with Suddenly, the presidential race is coming down to just four states. Monday through Saturday. Alessandra Mondolfi during “A Day Without A Woman” demonstrations on March 8, 2017 in Miami. The first circle-womyn gathered under some pine trees to share our names and our needs for these five days.”, “Womyn” is only the most famous alternative spelling. On 9/13/2018 at 10:15 PM, ReyGraves said: Ambisextrous (credit to my beloved Tallulah Bankhead). And this is one of many reasons why I seek out so many books by marginalized folx btw. Whereas people is a standard word that may be used in any context, folks is a colloquialism with definite connotations. This explanation has drawn criticism, as skeptics correctly point out that "folks" is already gender neutral.

It gives the connotation that only the black community would use this word, and it's not an attempt to add to 'real english'. Really? The unpronounceable boldness of “womxn” is part of its appeal. Oh yeah, both of those make a lot sense and kinda along the lines I've been thinking.

However, it’s also used to refer to all people while being inclusive of people in marginalized communities. / How many folx wanna bet this is a bunch of arson copycats? LGBTQ communities of color have embraced the term "folx", thats non-black speak for "its ebonics, babey!". I’ve seen “folx” around in some tumblr posts when a person is referring to lgbtq+ people. Hours of Operation. Old thread but yeah, folx I’ve never heard of but it’s pretty close to Fox for me. Which is the point.

Biden and Trump tight as night wears on; Race looks likely to come down to the ‘blue wall’. What Trans Folx’s Lives Actually Looks Like VS What Cis-Folx Wonder About Trans People – An A-Z Guide Posted by NOFILTERSASSY Posted on Sep 2 2020 2 comments What amuses me is that a post advocating for trans people’s admittance in gender-segregated spaces for cis people immediately triggered a question on ‘competitive sports’. DS-160 (Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application) asks about travel to other countries/regions.

Can the review of a tenure track application start before the reference letters arrive? like @Liz62says language changes it evolves with every new person who speaks it if it didn't we all be talking like a badly translated shakespeare play, get off your high horse and let people speak and write the way they want of else you start sounding like a particular group of germans, get off your high horse and let people speak and write the way they want of else you start sounding like a particular group of germans. Use your best judgement! Does it make any scientific sense that a comet coming to crush Earth would appear "sideways" from a telescope and on the sky (from Earth)? To the best of my knowledge, folx isn’t used as a gender neutral term for folks. There's nothing wrong with that. Thank you @Roidgy. Do native English speakers use the word “touristic”? This is not meant to be a formal definition of folx like most terms we define on, but is Show that three numbers form an arithmetic progression, Algorithm for Apple IIe and Apple IIgs boot/start beep. That “x” retains the traditional pronunciation but opens the tent wider. I thought that "Latinx" was created just because the person in question could be a Latino, or Latina, or maybe a non-binary person... "Folks" is already gender-neutral. As a British native English speaker I have only ever used the word "folk" as an adjective in phrases such as "folk music" or "folk tales". Download Folx. Should I be upset because people don't speak my pidgin dialect and don't understand the nuance historical impact it carries?

The search results for folk/folks on the Guardian website show no clear usage pattern that reflects this distinction. I've heard racist comments like that, where I live, and it's upsetting because the people who say them are basing their racist "jokes" on negative stereotypes of black people that aren't true among all POC.

I found a website, which I assumed I would finally be accepted at, most people still don't believe aces exist, and instead found a reason to never visit the website again. There is nothing inherently exclusive about the word "folks".

I know it doesn't seem very welcoming for a new member to come across something like this. "Folks" is referring to … "Folx" is an easy way of going "I see you, this is a safe space" without needing to write anything extra. Should I prefer “my” or “our” when the object (a kid, a house) is “co-owned” by two people both present?, — Tamara Moon-Graves (@TamaraMGraves) December 16, 2018.

And if you can, support @INeedDivGms' important work! As someone who's grown up mostly attending schools and living in neighborhoods with a high percentage of people of color, I wasn't happy about the responses in this thread, either. While those are two different explanations, both seem reasonable to me. There are also threads where members discuss books with ace characters that they've read, such as "Let's Talk About Love" (featuring an ace, black female). The term Latinx (vs. the masculine Latino or feminine Latina) works similarly.   Your previous content has been restored. It's always been one of my favorite gender-neutral terms for a group, and to me has the added connotation of folk music and folk singing, which I'm very fond of.

Let's try and remember to be kind as we all try to move forward together. (please accept this dinosaur in lieu of a grey heart). To immediately assume a racist reason suggests that @Liz62 thinks we all have the same education and background as they do (which is of course, not true), and also making as many assumptions about us as they think we are of them. The spelling has been adopted by some communities because it can be used to indicate inclusion of marginalized groups. Recommended Posts. Folx … In 1938, it turned up in the book “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.” “ ‘Didn’t I tell you?’ sniffed Grumpy. In addition, they often willfully ignore the needs of women of color. African American Vernacular English (the academically correct label. Just because it was coined by black LGBTQ+ activists online doesn't mean it was intended as a word for African American Vernacular. Upload or insert images from URL. ReyGraves, September 13, 2018 in Gender Discussion. The x in folks not only represents the sound of the word’s plural, but it also uses the symbolism of letter X to represent “variable” or “other,” here the diverse and nonbinary identities in the LGBTQ community. By ReyGraves, September 13, 2018 in Gender Discussion. Fucking hell.

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