fifre were undoubtedly derived from the Ger. 9.V.F.9.X.

If you get an instrument in D, keep in mind that the F and C are sharp in that scale. I think a fife would be good training for the piccolo. It costs about $80 but you can use it to play real music for a lot of years. It's the smallest member of the transverse concert flute family and is player interchangeable just as is the d'amore, alto, and bass. That is because thats what most trad music is in. 3. would a fife be good training for the piccolo?

Add more: you might also enjoying considering these instruments as their own instrument with value in their own right as opposed to a lessor flute. tome xiii.

O__________________________________________o;;; Uhhhhhh, what the Hell just happened here?! Tin whistles (not the fife) are really cheap. Here’s a quick lesson of German for ye: = No, we have no eggs You should try clarinet or any low brass instrument if you don't have musical talent. Low brass has easy "support" type-music. The fife and whistle are diatonic so they are made in all sorts of keys because they aren't as easily used to play chromatics - it can be done, it just sounds bad. Or a fife transverse mouthpiece which doesn’t require a flute embouchure, but you blow just like a whistle? Tony Dixon has interchangeable flute/whistle heads for his Irish flutes and whistles. = have you any eggs? In England the adoption of the fife as a military instrument was due to the initiative of Henry VIII, who sent to Vienna for ten good drums and as many fifers. Oregon Fife & Drum Corps, Actually guys, it’s German for 5.

Lots of people cannot get a sound when they first try. Would you start practicing drums at age 30+?

Gonna order a few for beginner students! Tin whistles (not the fife) are really cheap. Hmmm, this makes me want to get those High Whistle/Piccolo, Low Whistle/Flute things hehe…. A fife doesn’t have a fipple. Live, original coverage of the 2020 presidential election, Election Day appears free of widespread voting chaos, Stern commends Swift for taking a political stance, Ex-NBA star Eddie Johnson dies at 65 in prison, Trump signals he won't try to declare victory prematurely, WH coronavirus adviser warns of new 'deadly phase', Clothing items that may get you turned away from the polls, Expert: A Biden win could lead to mask mandate, testing, Jerry Jones: DiNucci's 1st NFL start was 'a lot for him', 'Hamilton' star changes lyrics of song for voters, LeBron James endorses Biden after Trump attack. In the middle of the 18th century the fife was reintroduced into the British army band by the duke of Cumberland n in the Guards in 1745, commemorated by William Hogarths pictui, of the March of the Guards towards Scotland in 1745, in which are seen a drummer and lifer; and by Colonel Bedford into the royal regiment of artillery in 1748, at the end of the war, when a Ianoverian fifer, John Ulrich, was brought over from Flanders as instructor.11 In 1747 the 19th regiment, known as Green Howards, also had the advantage of a Ianoverian fifer as teacher, a youth presented by his colonel to LieutenantColonel Williams commanding the regiment at Bois-le-Duc. This is tricky for many people. For learning piccolo fingerings, a soprano recorder is the closest but not as close to concert flute. Then, you have your two thumbs and your lower hand pinky. The fife, which, he states, differed from the German flute only in having a louder and more brilliant tone and a shorter and narrower bore, was the instrument used by the Swiss with the drum.

Speaking of which, how are those? Either way you’d still have to learn to form an embouchure, and that is by far the most time consuming aspect of it - and your playing style will change anyway.

In Ireland you can get a good one for less than 10 euro! I forgot to mention that a couple of things make the fife a bit more difficult to play. Is it possible to use a fife mouthpiece on a tin whistle to create a fife sound? Hammy Hamilton might be the man to talk to, as it’s one of his interests. I knew I could put a transverse fipple on a tin whistle body but the problem for me is that I don’t want to change the way I play, I just want to change the way it sounds so that I could sound like a Fife. Setting the finger patterns of a different instrument into your subconscious memory could effect your playing of other instruments though. The words fife and the Fr. ::points to second question:: Don’t worry, it was really interesting! pennywhistle, recorder, fife, Native American flute, shakuhachi, ney, etc... are all wonderful tools for making music. And get the Liz Goodwin Fife Book , too. - in your technique, then you can think about switching to picc - and we will talk again. Looks like Mad Baloney beat me to the reply… so much for my long winded response. I amn't sure though.

I knew I could put a transverse fipple on a tin whistle body but the problem for me is that I don’t want to change the way I play, I just want to change the way it sounds so that I could sound like a Fife. I think a fife would be good training for the piccolo. The difference is that whistles don't get their parts transposed. With a whistle, you’re holding one end between your lips.

You'll likely find that the one more people consider the "real flute" is the easiest to learn to play well and that the "toys" like a penny whistle or recorder are exceptionally difficult when you approach them seriously. In Ireland you can get a good one for less than 10 euro! Membership is free, and it only takes a moment to sign up. Re: Fife and tin whistle Thanks for your comment. The modern fife has, in addition to the six finger-holes, 4, 5 or 6 keys. xxx:xoo is F# and all open is is C# on a D whistle or fife. The Old English spelling was phffe, phiphe orffyffe. I am Irish so I play trad irish music on the tin whistle. = have you any ham? ::Falls in a daze:: Nothing that doesn’t seem to happen elsewhere here… on occasion. Joe. Ralph Smith gives rules for drummers and fifers who, in addition to the duty of giving signals in peace and war to the company, were expected to be brave, secret and ingenious, and masters of several languages, for they were oft sent to parley with the enemy and were entrusted with honourable but dangerous missions. A pennywhistle is an end blown flute. Is this what you mean? Each fingering chart is split up by acoustic octaves, whose ranges are notated and clickable. Study the flute first - and when you are really secure - REALLY secure! = No, we have no ham or eggs. Using a different search engine, I found this website which has some fifes with interchangeable fife or tin whistle embouchure mouthpieces. You said exactly what I was going to say!! Pfeiff, the fife being called by Praetoriusi Schweizerpfeiff and Feldpfeiff, while Martin Agricola, writing a century earlier (1529), mentions the transverse flute by the names of Querchpfeiff or Schweizerpfeiff, which Sebastian Virdung writes Zwerchpfeiff. Very reasonable prices: The tin whistle is rather easy to learn. Thanks for your comment. If you really want a fife to work with, look at the Hameln. In 1585 the drum and fife formed part of the furniture for war among the companies of the city of London Queen Elizabeth (according to Michaud, Biogr. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. The fife, like the flute, is an open pipe, for although the upper end is stopped by means of a cork, an outlet is provided by the embouchure which is never entirely closed by the lips. 0 0. High D Whistle Blackwood $325.00 High D whistle/fife trio Rosewood $310.00 High D whistle/fife trio Blackwood $395.00 C Whistles in Solid Wood New model C whistle of solid blackwood and rosewood with two brass rings, to reinforce the socket and foot end. This thread has been very educational, though, and boy that emboucher series has been just what I needed, 2 weeks into flute learning…, still none of which has anything to add to fife question.

The tin whistle "normal" key is in D major. If you aren’t a member of The Session yet, you can sign up now.….hmmm…… cough………………………anyone there? It's not anything else. Any transverse flute with a bell tone ranging from A to C is pretty much a fife. Because fifes don’t use a fipple, they are a bit easier to construct. Here you can see (and hear) a fife equipped with a transverse mouthpiece. On a D whistle you have xxx:xxx = D but on a C whistle that same fingering = C. On an F whistle, that fingering is an F. Since there's no pinky holes on a whistle, the D is closest to what you play on concert flute. Added - the fife STILL is not going to train you for the piccolo - good embouchure work on the flute will do this. The second thing that makes fifes a bit more difficult is that your support points are slightly more awkward.

The sackbut, or serpent, was used as its bass, for, as Mersenne explains, the bass instrument could not be made long enough, nor could the. c or d (wheater d flat or just d) and i found one on amazon, would $24.76 be too much for an american silver plated metal fife? Spikerchic28. 9.v.f.9.m.r.x. A fife is a small, high-pitched, transverse flute used primarily to accompany drums in a military or marching band. Get your answers by asking now. for a guy, what is the difference between a fantastic chick and just average?

They were very popular in the British and American militaries (Army & Navy) and spread to local populations when the soldiers returned home. Since the style is totally different & most fifes are in Bb they don’t usually jive with Irish music - but if the fifer knows & respects ITM some decent music can be made. A fife is very similar to a piccolo which would make it a good introduction to the piccolo. what is the "normal" key they are supposed to be in? p. 60) had a peculiar taste for noisy music, and during meals had a concert of twelve trumpets, two kettledrums, with fifes and drums. The six finger-holes of the primitive flute, with the open end of the tube for a key-note, gave the diatonic scale of the fundamental octave; the second octave was produced by overblowing the notes of the fundamental scale an octave higher; part of a third octave was obtained by means of the higher harmonics produced by using certain of the finger-holes as vent-holes. At the battle of St Quentin (1557) the list of the English army employed states that one trumpet was allowed to each cavalry troop of 100 men, and a drum and fife to each hundred of foot.

If you aren’t a member of The Session yet, you can sign up now. here's the list of q's if i lost you... 1. whats the "normal" key a fife/tin whistle supposed to be in? coach t, i think i mentiond (sorry if i didnt) that i already play flue so i nkow fingerings. This was the nucleus of the modern military band, and may be regarded as the first step in its formation.

BUT, it's awesomely great for the pic solo in Stars and Stripes Forever compared to a C piccolo, if you can find one anymore. I don't think that is a bad price for a fife. This takes a bit more work, so players often play with a slight head tilt to one side so that they don’t have to hold the fife perfectly parallel to the ground. for my 4 a.m. (post-short-sleep, not post-all-nighter) contribution, which was inspired solely by jim troy’s 1s and 2s.

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