With Lakeland’s large in-stock and on site inventory, our team can expedite the shipping process, so sit back and relax as we deliver directly to your lot. We’d love to help you find the fence line feed bunks your farm needs. • SEO and Website by E-Impact Marketing • Privacy Policy. Fence Line Feeders. Recipient's E-Mail Address. Dimensions for different bunk lengths, heights and widths of effective fence-line feeders, according to the stage of cow production.

In barns, sheds, fence lines or corners. Why Fence-line Feeders? 3 Calves not normally on full feed.

HAY SAVER: allows numerous cattle to eat safely while preventing hay loss.

Got some old belting and put in the bottom of the trough to stop animals mouths freezing to the steel when below minus 20C! In many cases, this may mean TMR ration equipment and fence-line feeders but may also include a “poor-man’s” or quasi-TMR (Figure 5) and alternate day feeding as bridging solutions along the way. The newer type of TMR mixers provide a great opportunity, especially for the full-time or professional cow operator.

The tombstone feeder panels provide improved access for horned animals such as cattle or bison, and are preferred for feeding horses because there is no top horizontal bar for the horses to wear their manes on. At Farmco, we build every fence line feed bunk to hold up in the real world. Panels are available in several lengths. QUICK PIN HOOKUP: great for constructing your own square bale feeders of various sizes. Website designed by Cassin Media & Marketing. This Factsheet was authored by Christoph Wand, Livestock Sustainability Specialist, Elora, OMAFRA.

This technology comes with both capital and operating (tractor, fuel, labour) costs. Without the input cost assessment available, the author estimates that shredding baleage in the mixer is less efficient than chopping it at harvest, from the perspective of fuel/energy, time and other costs of including haylage in a TMR. Made of 2" round high-tensile strength steel tubing and features our durable, corrosion-resistant powder coat finish. TOUGH & DURABLE: 2” steel tubing, and a corrosive resistant finish means it will handle the rowdiest of crowds at mealtime. The feed mill blends, grinds and pellets feeds. The newer type of mixers allows the maximum flexibility of commodities, forage types and storage method. Replaces CPS Plan 1480 (Wood Bunks) and 1633 (Pipe Frame). A cow-calf operator using round bales can take advantage of the TMR approach with a vertical auger mixer. After a full day's work we sometimes even have limited daylight left to get everything completed!

For more information: Your Name. The TMR mixer becomes the perfect tool to use wet or pre-processed commodities (distillers, screenings, pellets) in primarily forage rations, as well as for poor-quality feeds such as straws, stovers and overly mature hay with fermented feeds such as corn silage. Weight: 57 lbs.Color: Green, addtoquote10'Fence Line Feeder Panels with Hay SaverMSRP: $363.99Item #: 2FSWG10Length: 10′5 Feed OpeningsApprox.

Your email address will not be published. 1.800.733.4283Send us an e-mail.Improving Life on Your Land Since 1945. Search for the CPS 1000 Series for Beef Cattle, Plan 1633. Systems that risk animals being in contact with machinery during feed delivery pose animal safety risks and are less time efficient.

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