card classic compact. When she is sitting alone in her room and she looks and sees her brother is staring at her.

Eugenia tells her mom someone called her Skeleton Queen and she asks her mom what she thinks. Her mom silently films her.

Also, her parents will often come into her room without knocking. A subreddit dedicated to allowing an open discussion about Eugenia Cooney. Join. Most things you learn in school don't apply to real life. Years later her mom knows Eugenia is telling the truth. It's Eugenia's birthday and her dad comes in while she's streaming and says she looks good and doesn't look a day over 14. "My mom buys my halloween costume" - 10/27/17, "Dressing my mom up for halloween" - 10/29/17, "My dog tries on halloween costumes" - 10/31/17. No saying Eugenia should die or insulting her. Required fields are marked *, Eugenia Cooney’s Bio: Death, Weight, Died, Now, Brother, Family, Boyfriend. It's so hard to make sense of because no one knows, I don't think even Jaclyn fully does. Mark pictures as NSFW that could be triggering to people with EDs. imo it did seem pre-planned). well...maybe not me, but you could....i could go as the boogeyman though", "Text pranking my mom with Justin Beiber's 'sorry' lyrics" - Her mom thinks she's suicidal or drunk from the texts or thinks something happened to buzz. Not in an incesty way !" With that being said and feeling like an amateur reddit detective, I will probably comb through the videos again to find what anything missed. Posts rules r/discord FAQ. Her mom and her were very close and not in an incest way. "Shopping in boston" - 1/8/19 - While she tries on clothes in the dressing room you can see right before she cuts it that her mom is handing her more clothes to try on in between each outfit. Like I hope I'm not gonna be abducted. Like the only 2 times we ever see him?

The things she opens are; 3 clear plastic drawers, an oil diffuser, an incense burner and incense (she is confused about all of these and is concerned about the incense because it requires fire to start it). It seems like no one in general is really paying attention to that household, especially anyone with the authority to intervene, and no one is allowed inside without the situation and environment being highly controlled.

It's interesting that her mom has been totally absent in all her videos since she returned to Youtube last summer. "Talking about random things" - 11/3/14 - She is in florida on vacation at disney.

When she's on her phone and people are looking over her shoulder and seeing what she's doing. Her grandma also calls the police and fire department and asks them pointless questions like what the weather forecast is or the directions to get somewhere. Some are; when her mom wants to go to playlist (I think this is the first time we see the mom).

There has been a lot of speculation and a lot of theories about everything for a long time and while I don't think this list will completely piece things together, hopefully it will prove to anyone who has any doubt that something very wrong is happening in that household.

Her grandma's front door lock is broken and has been for years so she just puts a chair infront of the door. Her mom is buying flowers because she loves flowers. Wiki: Boyfriend, Net Worth, Sister, Husband. "I'm a crazy person" - 5/5/14 - She went to the hospital for a pain in her side. "How to be annoying" (now deleted) - 7/5/13 - Eugenia's brother is shown dancing outside, on a public sidewalk, twice during the video.

Additionally, with the majority of comments on her movies her mother is concerned in, many lovers of this YouTube star accuse her of not doing enough to assist her sick daughter.

She had a dream where her parents got into a fight and she took her moms side and her mom warned her that her dad has anger issues and to be careful, and then her dad pushed her off the eiffel tower and killed her. Processor is the younger brother of Eugenia . The brother is swaying back and forth. "I ruined my mom's birthday"- 5/28/16 - She goes to the store with her mom on her mom's birthday. Most of us are not just talking about her just to be mean or call her pathetic, we are talking about her as a result of the sheer volume of information she has put online that amounts to tons of red flags. Then at the very end of the video Eugenia says she's gonna try and get an uber back, giving the impression her mom left her there. Her mom freaks out a lot and screams when she thinks she lost a credit card or receipt, even though it's always in her purse.

If you are wondering why I am doing this(aside from the fact that I have the time to do this while I'm working), it is because I believe Jaclyn Glenn, Eva Demuro, Frank Gioia, Jessie paege, and David Micheal Frank. When she got there they tried to do an ultrasound and couldn't find her uterus or ovaries.

- 1/13/19 - Eugenia's mom appears. When someone sends police to her house her dad tells her there's 4 cops downstairs that want to talk to her right now.

I hope OP or someone can post links to these moments because I want to be able to judge the tone and such for myself (I mean we'll be fair people can jump to conclusions when a situation is already weird) but yeah...A lot of her dreams aren't a mystery if he's done what I think he has.

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