From a size perspective, for anyone that feels this unit is a bit too large for them, I would HIGHLY recommend the ELECOM M-DT2URBK Deft (wired or wireless). Easily fixed by simply programming both buttons to be right click. Just a preference. If you’re looking for a suitable replacement for that aging Microsoft Trackball Explorer, it’s definitely worth the gamble. could you help me get another one.

The DEFT finger-operated trackball have the ball on the top of the device and it needs to be controlled by the forefingers (middle finger and index finger). Cable length (wired version): 1.5 m (5ft), Radio wave reaching distance: about 10m (30ft) for non-magnetic material (wood desk etc.

This trackball is the best thumb trackball that I have used in a long time. └───────── M=Mouse. Looks like a serious replacement though! I don't find this mouse nearly as comfortable as the M570 but I'm curious to see how it holds up in comparison. A newer brand out of Japan, Elecom is making a hard push to displace Logitech in the trackball business. Upside is it runs on windows 10, but with lack of support to remap the Fn keys i’ll probably send it back, unless i can find a work-around. I have experience with the Kensington Expert Mouse. Then it worked. I have no idea how long I've been waiting for someone to actually upgrade the thumb trackball.

First 5 hours of ownership, I had to dismantle to fix the shoddy scroll wheel clicking! I've had this mouse for about a week now and it seems alright.

It’s much, much bigger than the DEFT model, and the shape is quite different. The long button right next to the large ball is the right-click. You don’t actually explain the difference between XT1, XT2 and XT3. The Logitech has a well known and consistent problem with the button switches over time they start to bounce or not receive input. I recommend this for a replacement of your worn-out M570 but swap in the blue trackball from the M570. The Logitech software has such an option but takes it only into account for the logitech device (which seems to be a good choice, given the possibility that the other device is a real mouse). Thanks in advance

2. Elecom, you should address this. The DPI button is perfect: one can easily change between 500, 1000 and 1500 DPI, making the movements of your cursor faster or slower. However, having used it for a few minutes, I'm not feeling any discomfort nor do I require extra effort to use compared to the m570. Included are two AA batteries (for Wireless model only), a USB 2.4Ghz receiver and instruction booklets (Japanese language).

Works fine in Japan, but shipping costs and economy’s being what they are, the idea gets a little lost by the time they’re posted to Amazon for sale in the US.”.

: Elecom offers several very good trackball devices: the EX-G thumb-operated models and the DEFT finger-operated models, both available as 2.4GHz wireless and USB wired variations.

While the initial learning curve was steep, I could never, ever go back to a conventional mouse now. The ball is now red and according to Elecom the new design and color make the ball and sensitivity much more precise. Even Linus Tech Tips is paying attention. I wonder from what you’ve written if this trackball is larger than what you’d otherwise like, thus creating some of the disappointment?

Appreciate the detailed guide; there’s scant information elsewhere.

On the HUGE the support could stand to be just a bit higher at the peak and maybe .50″ further aft on the unit. It wins in ergonomics department, it has the best button placement, scrolling wheel and shape out of everything else.

Dare I even say you could game with this. I love trackball, they are the best against tendinitis. All (two wired; two wireless) see regular usage.) THIS trackball actually feels like an upgrade over all of my previous trackballs. Caveat: the included button-mapping software isn’t easy to use if you’re an English speaker, and it doesn’t yet function perfectly with all games. the long-running Kensington Expert series, After trying everything to alleviate wrist pain and hand numbness, Azeron’s Gaming Keypad is Growing Faster Than Anyone Expected, Four Best LED Under-Cabinet Lighting Kits: Reviews, Playdate: A handheld gaming console, and yes that’s a crank, Reviewed: BenQ ScreenBar Lite Brightens Up your Laptop.

It’s awesome. Did somebody know where I can get Elecom driver in English? No other trackball has that many options. Yes.. Works pretty well.. thought you can not re-assign the buttons without modifying the C++ driver.

It’s a comfortable thumb trackball (even for big hands) and while it’s not quite as ergonomically pleasing as the MX Ergo, it has saved me from a life of chronic wrist pain. DT1 is OMRON 500 million times endurance, and DT2 is OMRON 1,000 million times endurance.

The vertically placed scrollwheel scrolls, but can also be clicked and tilted up or down (which ‘scrolls’ left and right). I tried a Kensington Expert Mouse with scroll ring (ughhhh), Elecom DEFT (too small), and a couple Logitechs (meh). │ ││╘═════ 1=Original; 2=Revised; 3 & 4 seen used for Left- and Right-hand variants (Others [above] are saying the only difference is in the packaging) I currently use a Logi M570 with Lightroom and have the forward/back buttons remapped for ‘W’ and ‘1’ keystrokes – Is this possible with the Huge? Try: As of this entry it offers access to “”, “Ver.”, and notes “It does not support Windows RT”.

I don't find it very precise. Cooler Master Unveils Three New Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboards, Razer Unveils First Ever Gaming Monitor, the Raptor, Samsung Reveals Updated Ultra-Wide QHD Gaming Monitor, 7 Best Alternatives to WASD for Gaming Movement. Warranty period is 3 years but after spending a lot of time on their website trying to figure out how to submit a warranty request I decided to write this review. Thank You John Lewis. That said, here are a few more top contenders that have some specialized capabilities.

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