See the latest numbers. That work, along with the option to uncompress Sim textures will result in better visuals for your Sims in game. UI Cheats Extension. Inside this folder, players can place a copy of Default.ini, GraphicsCards.sgr, and/or GraphicsRules.sgr which will override these files where the game is located. We are dedicated to providing you with the latest news, game guides, tips, tutorials, and original content for EA and The Sims. He recreated your favorite Freezer Bunny with a sassier look but also gave us a beautiful butterfly design that represents peaceful migration. Sims can now elope in any of the Destination Worlds. Simrealist MC Command SrslySims Open World Mod Lumpinou Zero 25,370 Views. Fixed an issue with the ICYA Chest in which it appeared locked after Sims moved from one Household to another. Civil Designer Sims can now complete Work from Home Assignments. The last time anyone last saw D’wan Sims, the 4-year-old boy who reportedly went missing while shopping with his mother, Dwanna Harris, at Wonderland … We offer up-to-date news, unique articles, helpful tutorials and more!

Update 9/3/2020 PC: / Mac: Console: Version 1.31 . What’s that? Fixed an issue in which Lots with applied Terrain Manipulation were being placed backwards when downloaded from The Gallery. We have rebuilt the Store No More Home Fabricator so that it doesn’t break at least once a day. Expect more from us, and of us. Hello Simmers! Sometimes if I’m in a hurry, I grab a meal on the go and don’t sit down to eat, but sometimes you need to sit down and enjoy a nice meal, you know? Besides letting… I mean, encouraging Sims to elope to Destination Worlds, we have made windows a little more dynamic if you will. PC: / Mac: Rambunctious Religions (second update) Road to Romance. You’ll be able to deck out your backyard with a colorfully painted dining set, decorative pots, murals, a new grill, and please don’t forget about the bougainvillea-clad pergola to provide some shade for your Sims. GIVEAWAY: Win The Sims 4 Snowy Escape Expansion Pack! Reading about this issue and trying to imagine it, brought me to this: A new foe has appeared! As stated in the blog, this is not the end of these improvements, but only the first steps. 64 Comments. Copyright © 2020 Sims Community | All Rights Reserved.

Mine! You can also read more about our Hispanic Heritage Month update here. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Get dressed for a university class. This site uses cookies to store your information and improve your browsing experience. Fixed an issue with thumbnails generated in The Gallery for Toddlers that generated not only their Sim form but also included their Spellcaster form. Fixed an issue that caused some color swatch glitches on Civil Designer outfits. I’m all for putting your feet up after work, but switching footwear in the middle of things and coming home from work in a completely different state as you went out, is kinda suspicious.

Some flowers and trees in Gibbs Hill will no longer appear to be floating as Sims walk by. No uh, if you move, move but leave my Bits and Pieces within my Household thank you very much.

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The UI team did some housekeeping and have fixed some background stretching happening in career panels. In honour of Hispanic Heritage Month in the US, The Sims Team has released an update adding a variety of Hispanic-inspired Build/Buy objects, CAS additions, and new food recipes.

The Sims 4 is FREE on Steam over the weekend, The Sims 4 introduces Age-Locked Rooms with Platforms, What’s coming in The Sims 4’s November Update, The Sims 4: November Update Video Overview. If this is the behavior with “Not Expanded to Ops” I don’t want to see what “Expanded to Ops” looks like, unless it is a good thing, but let’s not get carried away. The first steps of which are part of this release – we did a thorough investigation of our skin tone pipeline (how it gets from artist to player), to identify where we can improve our process. Did you still hear the sounds of knitting when cancelling knitting interactions. To ensure your game is up to date, check the game version found in Documents > EA > The Sims 4 > GameVersion.txt. Supported Game Versions: 1.66.139, 1.67.45 Make sure to remove old mod files before installation!

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