When playing a two-player game, take your time to think well before you make a class choice. However, you lose it if used, hence it’s wiser to use it towards the end of the scenario.

Attack 3 is good for a summon, but that’s a melee attack and this Wretched Creature only has 4 health. Bashing in skulls is loads of fun, but the feeling of cleaning up 3+ coins in one turn is a sensation all to itself. In a situation where you’re toe-to-toe with a heavy hitting goon, stun that sunnuva drake. This will work most of the time, but some enemies retaliate at range as well. Traps are going to be doing at least 3 damage, so that’s big points for this card, but sadly you’re not going to be able to milk that every round. Plus Disarm, Ice, and 2 cheeky little experience points just to top it all off! This is the action you were hoping for! It can be called a jack of all trades but excels at nothing specifically. abilities and then it gets easier to collect points and level up. Frosthaven: A Complete Spoiler-Free Overview. The bottom half is a good action, but as a burner card it’s just not going to be more beneficial than the top. If you’re just starting out then you should stop reading this and come back when you’ve leveled up and have some decisions to make. these are easy to collect when playing a Scoundrel. You’re getting this for free at range, why leave it behind? So, which Level 2 Mindthief card should I pick? I know I’m always harping on saying you shouldn’t burn cards, but I don’t want to put you off the idea altogether. When it comes to damage, the Whether or not you have already, you will eventually run into enemies that have high shields. turn. With the starting ability you could catch up faster but once you lose the card Great for when the enemies are dead before you move into a new room. I can’t even say that it’s tempting. She has 2 healing cards and so can heal only herself. She has a hand size of 8 which explains the low stamina. 1960: The Making of the President – Review, Freedom; Underground Railroad – Strategy Tips, Sentinels of the Multiverse – Strategy Tips, 1960: The Making of the President – Strategy Tips.

Initiative 11 is a really important aspect of this card because when you need to heal yourself, you don’t want to do it after all the ugly mean guys have had another turn, you want to do it NOW.

Like a fine wine, it pairs quite nicely with Perverse Edge. It is a really handy tool to have in your arsenal, and there is a very viable way to play the Mindthief where you regularly utilize invisibility to maximize your damage dealing and damage dodging. wish to stay in the game. Cast your gaze upon the Range and let your eyes light up as you imagine hexes on the far side of the world that are Range 5 away! And then everyone covered in his grey matter gets hit with Attack 2. Brute: The most typical of the types, the Brute will tend to focus on melee attacks and will deal high value damage. Tell me you’re not going to pick that card. There are a few reasons you’re rarely going to use it.

You pick the biggest, healthiest enemy in the room, surrounded by all his evil friends and then you explode his brain. Now, Scoundrel is ranked sixth because it can get frustrating to play as a Scoundrel.

From the perspective of the Mindthief and your enjoyment of the game, this card is highly important!

If you have other allies that can help you in the healing department than this card becomes less mandatory, but still very good to have. Hostile Takeover is a great burner for the last room of a scenario and has the double benefit of getting an enemy to perform an attack on another enemy, but also that same enemy isn’t going to attack you. I would say a Spellweaver’s health TMW + Perverse Edge: You won’t get much damage out of it, but it’ll set up TMW and Stun a fool for next time. speciality. There’s also another small hitch the Mindthief runs into when short resting, and that is the inability to lose The Mind’s Weakness. Move 3 and Push 2 is going to be useful in many cases and should seriously be considered as a selection. Then sit there smugly as your teammates try to figure out how you just liquified one enemy and seriously mangled another. Move 4 (with Jump) is almost always enough to get you to the hex you want to be in without leaving all your allies behind. Apart from mowing down regular monsters with an Attack 5, allow me to shed some light on how this card will truly benefit you in the long run… shielded enemies. for a Brute let you attack several enemies at once and this helps improve the I present to you, your second (slightly less attractive) Move card.

But that’s so situational and we can lay down 4 damage by default, why do we want to mess around bringing this card with us just to walk someone ONE STEP into a trap? ( Log Out /  A Mindthief can achieve a lot in Let’s dance, fool. The Mindthief is an interesting and complex character to play. it’s done with. Cards offer you experience, and if you can get c. 10 points out of the cards each level then you are doing well. Fearsome Blade. But Silent Scream is also great, so you can’t really go wrong. ( Log Out /  And the monsters are going to hit harder, so this won’t mitigate as much of their impact as it does earlier on. That’s why we’ve gone through 7 other cards before this one.

This augment action is the ultimate support role effect, but with one major flaw. So you basically get one kick at the can when selecting a lost card on a short rest and if you don’t like the one you lose… well at least it isn’t The Mind’s Weakness. to use the right spells at the right time and you can consume your enemies. When you are trying to play a game where this happens for several rounds, you would begin to feel frustrated. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Gloomhaven is such a well thought out game, and one of the mechanics that I love about it is the Loot card is often one of the first cards to be lost. The Brute shields and reduces the damage taken – makes it an important character to have in order to protect the gang.

which isn’t ideal.

So I wouldn’t fret too much about cashing that bad boy in for a +1 Push, especially if it’s bumping it up to Push 3. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. When you are roleplaying the Scoundrel you begin to feel like an actual assassin. The scoundrel is quick on its feet, it runs in, loots and would dash out before anyone could catch up.

To sum it all up, the different starting classes have their own charms.

However. Little ice element sitting pretty there at the bottom. Your Attack 2 might do damage to the big guy, but his retaliate will DEFINITELY do damage back.

Mindthief: Perhaps the trickiest of the starting classes, the Mindthief requires you to combo the cards effectively but offers the chance to gain lots of experience points from the cards and level up quickly. Like, Cinderella stepsister ugly.

The movement cards for a Spellweaver basically support her to keep up with the gang and not fall too behind. When mobility is your game, a Move 4 is your friend.

Another rock-solid bottom card. casting spells using the elements. But the top half of Submissive Affliction adds value when the enemy you’re attacking already has a negative condition on it. How much use you get out of this card really depends on how you want to play the Mindthief and how well the scenario is going.

Move 4, no Jump, no Muddle effect (which should be avoided). There’s gotta be something extra thrown in there to sweeten the deal, so you can get a bonus two for every negative condition on the opponent, which can seriously get up there. The bottom half Loot 2 (loss) is really only going to be worth it at the end of the scenario when all the hard work is done. The ranking is based on a more personal evaluation of how these classes work while delivering damage, how you score experience points, how good is the class at looting, their health score, movement, stamina et cetera the class has. The Tinkerer can be played aggressively using her debilitating abilities and her abilities as a healer of the starting classes. When you pair this with Boots Of Striding you’re also getting more value out of them because their additional two moves also have Jump. You’ll do extra damage AND get to Push 3. The room for error is minimal and you need to have a solid understanding of the tools at your disposal. If your enemies have high shields this is an invaluable work around because retaliate is automatic damage, shields don’t prevent it. Neither half is a burner, and what you’ll find is that the further along you go the more shielded enemies you’ll run into. This is never a good thing if it can be avoided.

So, which Level 3 Mindthief card should I pick? This can cause enough damage and weaken the enemy. This feels like a weak stamina for the character. I recommend Stamina because Tinkerer and Spellweaver can cover the healing, but if you haven’t got them in your party a Healing Potion may be beneficial. For a Spellweaver, looting isn’t a This will also allow us to regain the use of our Boots Of Striding, which is a major part of our strategy, and recover 2 points of health, which amounts to 33% of your total when you’re starting out.

To be able to deal melee attacks or manipulate with mental abilities, you will need to know about the position of your allies and enemies.

Here’s an introduction to Gloomhaven starting classes if you are getting started with this legendary role-playing game. I’ve spent a lot of this guide telling you to move around and dodge those hits, but realistically you’re gonna get attacked. You then move in, apply TMW and attack them for a quick 3 right off the bat. It’s generally advantageous in this regard if an enemy moved next to you on their turn because you can go invisible, attack them (Frigid Apparition, Fearsome Blade, or Submissive Affliction), then wait there while they can’t attack you back. to level up quickly because almost every starting card has experience point There are some unsavoury individuals who will automatically deal damage if you attack them. She has healing abilities and can deal out a fair amount of damage. You also have a choice with some cards – take the basic action (Move 2 / Attack 2) – or use a powerful action which loses the card immediately. In fact Don’t leave home without them, this is a Mindthief staple. My advice would be to use it once early in the scenario, like after the first room, and try and get as much out of it as possible.

quickly when needed. Fret not, young adventurer. Alternatively, get a Minor Healing Potion. Up to you, but you won’t see me marching around with this augment applied. You’ll lay down some pain, get back in the good books with your friends and get out of there while the enemies are still patting down their pockets looking for their wallets. Blow up their mind.It’s just sweet.

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