But what is really growing here? Contents: Population. How are we planning for the future? From 2014 to 2019, school enrolment in SD79 grew from 7,391 to 8,875. More than 5,000 people moved to Cowichan from outside of the region between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018, according to BC Stats. When you subtract those who moved away from those who moved here you get what’s called a net migration of 1,391. It costs hundreds of thousands of dollars and, from what I’ve read, is not possible in the forests. Cowichan Bay Village This scenic coastal village is bustling with activities of all sorts. Reply. I got sick. Some people think of hunters as “Bambi killers.”. For the full report, including the release schedule, visit the Statistics Canada Census Program. I cannot bare to eat domestically raised animals.

In 2018, the overall Cowichan population was up to 90,380, representing an increase of 1.7 per cent over the previous 12 months. - Increase your productivity, customize your experience, and engage in information you care about. So, where are new arrivals coming from? Cowichan Valley A: British Columbia: National: Population: 5,027: 4,912,400: 37,465,430: Population density (sq km) 101: 5: 4: Median age: 52.8: 42.3: 40.9: Male/Female ratio: 1.0:1: 1.0:1: 1.0:1: Married couples: 76%: 71%: 66%: Families w/ kids at home: 34%: 41%: 43%: Speak English only: 90.9%: 89.7%: 68.8%: Speak French only: 0.1%: 0.0%: 4.5% Canucks proving themselves as leaders in NHL’s call for racial justice. Before reading this, if you didn’t know deer over-population is an important issue in our Valley, you are now alerted. Rob Douglas Nominated To Run For the Cowichan BC NDP, Matt Price-A Co-Founder of One Cowichan Launches Complaint Against CVRD Code of Conduct for Elected Officials, Matt Price-A Co-Founder of One Cowichan Launches Complaint Against CVRD Code of Conduct for Elected Officials (5), Eileen McGann-No Country's Law and Too Stupid For Democracy (4), Site C-None of the parties vying for support from voters have clean finger nails re: Site C (3), The Question For This Election Should Be, Who Do You Want As MLA? I heard a biologist give a talk about the potential end of the forests as we know them on the South West Coast of BC. We hear about growth a lot, increasing housing prices, sustainability planning and water use to name a few. (2), I sold Americans a lie about Canadian medicine. While the most recent national census data is from 2016, more recently, Ladysmith has been able to claim the title as the fastest-growing municipality. Marksmanship and human safety are part of the big conversation.

Arcese confirmed “deer browse” is a serious problem and then gave me this advice: Build a tall deer fence. Click here and let us know. Jump to a detailed profile, search site with google or try advanced search, Composition of total income in this region, Labour force activity in Cowichan Valley A. After the lecture and realization, I became inspired. The next BC Stats report, to be released early next year, will tell us about how our area grew in 2019. Data: Percent: Black: 0.7%: South Asian: 0.7%: Chinese: 0.3%: Latin American: 0.3%: Southeast Asian: 0.3%: Immigrants By Place Of Birth. It’s on the people in power. For the full report, including the release schedule, visit the Statistics Canada Census Program. Learn more about North Cowichan's response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2018, the overall Cowicha…

This is my personal story—I could go on and on and you can google the facts. * No boundary changes occured between 2011 and 2016.

This so-called natural decrease has been occurring annually since 2007. I would do my small part.

To get started, we looked for data that shows how our population is growing and here is what we found: Each year, more people die in the Cowichan region than are born. And, we’ll dig into what’s being done to address and plan for continued growth. 20 years ago, this court case changed the way Canadians understood Indigenous rights, Les Leyne: Bitterness is loud and clear in wreckage of NDP-Green partnership.

City-data.com does not guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of any information on this site. Census information is also vital to the preparation of Official Community Plans, which are required by the BC Local Government Act . Vegetarians? That question is at the heart of our New in Town series. After visiting two commercial barns and a slaughterhouse, I’m grateful to my son for the meat I do eat. According to the Vancouver Island Real Estate Board’s survey of 2018 home buyers, 56.4 per cent reported that they did so for retirement purposes. It is beyond time we began this conversation. Although the City of Duncan has a population of just under 5,000, it serves the Cowichan Valley which has a population of approximately 84,000, many of whom live in North Cowichan and Cowichan Tribes.

I’m talking about over-populating deer who are decimating our forests’ understory and have been for decades. This was years before Where Do We Stand’s forest campaign and our municipality hiring the UBC forestry department, including Professor Arcese, as advisors. Name Status Population Estimate 2002-07-01 Population Estimate 2007-07-01 Population Estimate 2012-07-01 Meat eaters? That’s significant, but it’s also important to realize that thousands of people moved away. They found that 16.4 per cent came from Victoria and 17.3 per cent from Vancouver/Fraser Valley. Source: Hunters?

Census Information. But the overall population of region has increased quite a lot during that time. Copyright ©2018 Municipality of North Cowichan7030 Trans-Canada Highway |  Duncan, British Columbia V9L 6A1T 250.746.3100  |  F 250.746.3133  |  [email protected], Proud Member of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. OPINION-Why the RCMP should be given an expiry date, Canada gets C-average grade on 2nd year of cannabis legalization. I decided to create a native plant sanctuary for birds and bees (though not for bears). The 2016 Census data for population and dwelling counts have been released and key indicators have been listed for the Cowichan Valley in the chart below. This includes trees and plants, with their flowers and berries, the food of many animals aside from deer, including birds, bees, bears, etc. (I’m not kidding, deer can be aggressive; attacks on humans and dogs are a problem in Victoria.). » Biologists? Around that time I heard about an expert on deer “herbivorie” in our archipelago and since I live on a sort of island, I eventually reached out to biologist Peter Arcese. As of the 2011 Census, the Regional District had a population of 80,332. (3), Fifty years ago Maggie and I Were Married at Hyacinthe Bay on Quadra Island, BC. The regional district offices are in Duncan. Community We’ll look at where the region is experiencing growing pains. Great article, thanks. In Cowichan Valley B 0.26% of the population is Chinese; Compare Cowichan Valley B, BC Demographics. Fate. » The most recent national censuses (2006, 2011, 2016) reveal how rates of growth have varied throughout the region. The regional district offices are in Duncan. I Come Not To Praise Hunters – Nor To Bury Bambi. Healthy or sick, deer carry copious amounts of tics, some with diseases, including Lyme Disease—here now, increasing. It includes the Gulf Islands of Thetis, Kuper and Valdes. You can read about Oak Bay’s sterilization program.

The Cowichan Valley Regional District is a regional district in the Canadian province of British Columbia is on the southern part of Vancouver Island, bordered by the Nanaimo and Alberni-Clayoquot Regional Districts to the north and northwest, and by the Capital Regional District to the south and east. While the overall population is aging, school enrolment has recently been increasing. By 2016, Cowichan was 11.5 per cent Indigenous, due to a population increase of 7,420 to 9,660 during that 10-year period.

Let's “ThinkForward” together. Until 2015, the student population in School District 79 had been on an overall decline for a decade. Download North Cowichan Apps for your iPhone/iOS and Android mobile devices!

This deer took one look around and figured it out; he had arrived at the banquet and was not leaving. These are the questions that The Discourse Cowichan is trying to answer as part of New in Town, our series on growth and change in the Cowichan Valley. Solving the climate crisis isn’t on consumers. Statistics Canada Catalogue no. Lake Cowichan is at the western end of the Trans Canada Trail, which, when completed, will be one of the longest trail networks in the world at almost 24,000 kilometres (15,000 mi) length. Use at your own risk.Website © 2003-2020 Advameg, Inc. Cowichan Valley A - Regional district electoral area, British Columbia, Canada, This region population and houses statistics, Earnings and income details for Cowichan Valley A, Labour, occupation and industry details for this region, This region citizenship and immigration Details, Cowichan Valley A families and households characteristics, Statistics Canada Catalogue no. Cowichan Valley. Statistics. 98-316-XWE. Finally, our little deer friend, leading us a merry chase, pulled back from the banquet, burped, and trotted out the gate. We tried to do a restoration project on our steep cliff-face just above Cowichan bay village, where about 6′ of bank had sloughed off. vs Compare. Understanding the rate and extent of growth and urbanization helps local governments to manage their communities, including planning the location of new housing and infrastructure, as well as improving transportation links, public services and the environment. Only 4.1 per cent came from another country and 17.8 had moved from other parts of Canada (including 8.2 per cent from Alberta and 6.4 per cent from Ontario). I love Bambi. This so-called natural decrease has been occurring annually since 2007. In contrast, the City of Duncan had the second-lowest municipal growth rate in the province during that period. North Cowichan (Canada 2016 Census population 29,676) is a District municipality established in 1873 located on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.The municipality is part of the Cowichan Valley Regional District.North Cowichan is noted for a landscape including forests, beaches, rivers and lakes. Visit Website. Curbside Collection App View schedules, receive reminders, and use our Waste Wizard to learn how to dispose of other waste. The Cowichan Valley Regional District is a regional district in the Canadian province of British Columbia is on the southern part of Vancouver Island, bordered by the Nanaimo and Alberni-Clayoquot Regional Districts to the north and northwest, and by the Capital Regional District to the south and east. »

This is in part because many people are moving to the region for their retirement years. (Must it come to this?)

Can we do this, North Cowichan? Released March 13 2007 and In 2006, federal census figures showed that 9.6 per cent of the region’s population was Indigenous. Ecological devastation of complex forest ecosystems, MP MACGREGOR INTRODUCES BILL TO ADDRESS FREIGHTER ANCHORAGES IN THE SALISH SEA, Public sends North Cowichan powerful message of support for forest preservation. The total land area is 3,473.12 km² (1,340.98 sq mi). Over-populating deer with a limited food supply eventually become malnourished making them susceptible to disease. Census data is a valuable tool for land use planning. That’s because of the increasing influx of people moving here.

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