For handling, the latest generation of “top down” furling systems help address the problem of getting the whole sail rolled up. Extraordinary Sailing Life. For cruising applications many find a girth of 60 to 65 percent and a foot length of 140 to 165 percent is a good target. You can make the sail as narrow and genoa-like or as broad and deep as you like. A Code Zero is tacked ahead of the genoa – either on a sprit or on the anchor’s bow roller. There were other problems to overcome. Mail: [email protected], CODE-ZERO is a nautical fashion lifestyle brand, designed and endorsed by professional sailors. You also lose the expense of the torsional cable, though the more sophisticated custom fiber layout adds to the cost. Specially developed furling systems eventually made them more practical, but they were difficult to furl evenly because of their girth. During the 1998-99 Whitbread Race, the term Code Zero was coined to define what was basically an upwind asymmetric spinnaker, its shape and geometry born from the limitations imposed by the class rule. We search for anything that can get us going. That made the sails difficult to douse and hard to stow. Could a sail this big be made flat enough to sail at very close angles and still fly? CODE 0/Screecher - Reaching Sails. Many cruising boats with Solent rigs (like Passports or new Island Packets) use a conventional furling system on the outer stay to set the Code Zero. Asymmetrics function well at relatively high angles, but could they be pushed further? A code zero in 5 or 6 knots at a 50 to 70 degree wind angle is an absolute weapon, and if you find yourself in these conditions, and don’t have one of these, expect to see boats come over the horizon behind you and sail right past you, perhaps doing as much as 2 knots or more extra speed. Watch for them on cruising boats in the near future. Whitbread rules didn’t allow masthead genoas but permitted masthead asymmetric spinnakers. There are no rules! CODE-ZERO Asymmetric is a tight reaching sail. 612 Third Street, Suite 3CAnnapolis, MD 21403[email protected](410) 216-9309©2020 SpinSheet Publishing Company, CODE ZERO: Light-Air, Close-Reaching Powerhouse Sail. In addition, traditional nylon spinnaker materials were too elastic to allow the sail to remain flat, and it was necessary to use composites with high-modulus fibers. Obviously the roller drum must clear the other genoa’s furler drum. They actually fly better, projecting more of the luff forward and allowing the whole sail to rotate towards the direction of travel. Often 90 percent of the sail would roll, and the remainder (the top part) would be left hanging. Evolution Sails is a worldwide maker of custom cruising, racing, grand prix, and one design sails. Code Zero Spinnaker Photo Provided By Quantum Sails. Code Zero Spinnaker Photo Provided By Quantum Sails. As we settle into the dog days of summer here on the Chesapeake Bay, wind is an ingredient often in short supply. It can be a Masthead or Fractional (FRO) sail, and it can be either one of the following: Depending on your boat and the racing you are planning to do, we will help you to choose the best sail for you. Genoa-powered boats don’t get as much benefit since they already have a good sized reaching option. Furling sails require high tension to furl effectively, so if the sail sets on a sprit it must be well supported or very robust. Racing Code Zeros built to this limitation might get a little inside 90 degrees true wind angle, but not any closer. Thus, Code Zero was the perfect name for a sail that could sail at closer angles than any spinnaker in the inventory. Allowing the tack to spin freely and forcing the head to roll first they make getting an even, tidy roll easier and more reliable. Although every team had their own version by the end of the race, Paul Cayard and the winning EF Language team first realized the sail’s potential and got the lion’s share of the credit for its development. By comparison, a genoa has a mid-girth of 50 percent. To prevent an “arms race” they imposed a minimum 75 percent girth restriction. CODE-ZERO ONLINE SHOP Nautical Lifestyle Fashion and functional Sailing Clothing. Code 0 - sailing faster than the wind with a Jeanneau cruiser. Remembering an For most syndicates the spinnaker designed for the tightest wind angles was designated as the Code 1 Reacher.

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