– Two sea suctions for the engine raw water system, one for the p-6 stand pipe, one for the A/C and two for the deicing valves. For more photos of the Response Boat-Medium, visit the, Assistant Commandant for Human Resources (CG-1), Civilian Human Resources, Diversity and Leadership Directorate (CG-12), Assistant Commandant for Engineering & Logistics (CG-4), Shore Infrastructure Logistic Center (SILC), Environmental Planning and Historic Preservation, The Office of Information Management (CG-61), Assistant Commandant for Acquisitions (CG-9), Research, Development, Test and Evaluation, HC-144/C-27J Medium Range Surveillance Aircraft, Deep-V, double-chine hull for a balance of speed and stability in various conditions, Twin diesel engines with waterjet propulsion, eliminating propellers beneath the boat to protect the engines from debris and make it safer to retrieve someone from the water, Prominent fendering, which allows the boat to come alongside without risk of damage from bumping or shifting and frees the crew for other tasks, Port, starboard and aft recovery platforms, Pilothouse with shock-mitigating seats for greater crew comfort and endurance, Survivors’ compartment with seating for five. Bilge alarm and light will activate at the Engineer Console, and at the Vector Control/Display Alarm Panel. Where are the CO alarms? CAPSIZING PROCEDURES (Ref.

e Discharge time- 13-15 seconds. Two in each recess, one on each side of the pilot aft of the recesses, two on the laz silo and two on the transom above the swim platform. All four MAIN breakers for each panel.

– 6’ sections of D-shaped ionomer foam.

They have a max range of 30 degrees port and starboard. It is also cross connected to the port hydraulic manifold. What is the primary compass on the boat? Hydraulic System in a nutshell Port Side - Reservoir tank (going to the port engine) Ball valve Hydraulic pump on engine Port Hydraulic manifold in the laz where it is the dispersed to the steering nozzle, reversing bucket and interceptor. COMPARTMENT VENTILATION (Ref.- 45 RB-M Operators Manual/IETM, Chapter 3.J.1-2) (Ref. 31, 2008, and celebrates a 10-year-anniversary on Mar. MAJOR CHANGES.

– RB-M Operators Handbook, pgs. 201-224) 4 - 5lb ABC portable fire extinguishers. – RB-M Operators Handbook, pg.

Requirements to certify onboard Coast Guard boats has been increased to … The HOUSE Bank (stbd box) powers the first 24V panel “Vital Bus” and third 24V panel “Non-Vital Bus. FOREPEAK-one 24” diameter watertight hatch. 244-249) There are two self-contained 16,000 BTU A/C Units on the RB-M located in the Pilothouse and Survivors' Compartment. – RB-M Operators Handbook, pgs. C - MTU Detroit Diesel Series 60 Technical Data Sheet) Type- Detroit Diesel Series 60 engines with integrated DDEC IV Each engine is 825 BHP @ 2300RPM’s Block formation- Inline six cylinder (meaning there are six cylinders in a row instead of three on each side) Four stroke (The easiest way to explain this for us Coxn’s is… there are four things that have to happen for a cylinder to complete a cycle. To use as a heater, flip the black switch on top of the unit. The buckets are what deflect the forced water in the opposite direction, causing the boat be thrust backwards. Cram.com makes it easy to get the grade you want! Located in the following spaces Lazerette – Discharges out the stern (mid-ships) Engine room – Discharges out the starboard side (frame 2) AMS – 2 Pumps, one on each side of the fuel tank. The RB-M program transferred full responsibility for supporting the boats to the sustainment community June 1, 2015.

The sump pump is automatically activated by a float switch when condensate reaches a level of approximately 3”. 45 RB-M Operators Manual/IETM, Chapter 3.H) (Ref.

(U.S. Coast Guard photograph by Petty Officer 3rd Class Joshua L. Canup) By Petty Officer 3 rd Class Joshua L. Canup . INTAKE, COMPRESSION, POWER, EXHAUST.

Where does it attach to? 21-23, 361, 365) DESIGNED BY- Camarc LTD of Sussex, England BUILT BY- Marinette Marine Corporation, Marinette, Wisconsin, in coordination with Kvichak Marine Industries, Seattle, Washington.

The green light should light up on your station. ENGINE ROOM- Forced ventilation. (Ref. How do the Interceptors work?

– In the survivor’s compartment bilge underneath the tool box. COMPARTMENT VENTILATION CONTINUED AMC- Natural and forced ventilation.

– Heat Sensors, Smoke Sensors, CO Sensors, Bilge Sensors, and Low hydraulic pressure. 55-57) Fuel tank located amidships running fore and aft from frames 3.5-10 Capacity - 510Gal @100% (ref.

Human error is possible. 72, 405) The self righting feature will work more efficiently if all watertight hatches and windows are properly secured. Study Flashcards On 45 RBM Engineer at Cram.com. 30lbs of agent in a 40lb bottle. – 5kts What position does the joystick have to be in to switch from DOCKING to TRANSIT? During U/W operations how should the recess grates be positioned?

- 45 RB-M Operators Manual/IETM, Chapter 3.J.3) (Ref.

163-164) 360deg pan view 45deg tilt view 2X zoom Automatic lens heater Scenes – Night running Day running Man Overboard Night docking B/W (video image mode) – Black hot White hot Red hot HOME brings the camera back to 000deg relative. The mast is fitted with gas shocks so it will not fall down. The boat is equipped with a “Roll Over Switch” that is located in the AMS on WTB 7. – Attempt to match the active station throttle then depress the ACTIVE button twice. - 45 RB-M Operators Manual/IETM, Chapter 3.A.2) (Ref.

– Wired in Series (remember Series increases volts whereas Parallel increases amps) Which battery bank does what?

SURVIVORS COMPARTMENT- Survivors compartment is naturally ventilated from the screen vent on the starboard side of the pilot house, but crosses athwart ships in the overhead to the opening on the port side.

The Coast Guard plans to acquire 170 of these RB-Ms over a 6–10 year period. The Response Boat – Medium (RB-M) is a 45-foot (14 m) utility boat used by the United States Coast Guard.It is a replacement for the Coast Guard's retired fleet of 41-foot (12 m) utility boats (UTB), which had been in use by the Coast Guard since the 1970s. – Four batteries total, two in each box. A - 45 RB-M Operators Manual/IETM, Chapter 2.A-B) (Ref. Starboard side gooseneck is incorporated into the starboard railing, port side gooseneck is mounted on the port side of the lazarette buoyancy chamber. Bilge pumps are manually controlled at the Engineer Console. Pilot house unit condensate line gravitationally drains overboard on the port side at frame 7. The head is forced air ventilated by a centrifugal fan in the head that also crosses athwart ship and discharges out the screen vent on the port side of the pilot house. Cox’n and navigators compressed air gasket sliding window. – To have to crew-comms on or have a spotter. 24” square watertight egress hatch from survivor’s compartment. United States Coast Guard Mission Support Home. To regain throttle control or “re-qualify throttles” the coxswain must momentarily bring the joystick back to zero thrust. Once re-righted follow these steps: Re-qualify throttles Position boat in a way to be able to successfully take additional waves (preferably bow to the swell) Account for personnel Check for gear, lines, anything that might fowl the jets, etc. Why does the boat move around slightly in the same position instead of ahead or astern when the clutches are engaged?

FM-200 Fire suppression agent. Survivor compartment condensate pan drain line drains to a self contained 12.5 GPM condensate sump pump located in the survivor compartment bilge between frames 10-11. RB-M Operators Handbook, pg. Both should be up. – RB-M Operators Handbook, pg.

OXNARD, Calif. -- Coast Guard Station Channel Islands Harbor received two new small boats this month as part of the service's plan to standardize and revitalize its shore-based fleet. How many 12V batteries are in the AMC? How many mooring bitts are there and what size? This means that half of the water being blown out the nozzles is being redirected forward. HULL DESIGN- Planing Hull with a double chine HULL AND SUPERSTRUCTURE MATERIAL- 5083-H116 Aluminum (Extrusions are made of 5086-H112 Aluminum) FRAMING- 17 frames numbered aft to forward Transom- Frame 2 – Lazarette Frame 2-Frame 7 – Engine room Frame 7-Frame 10 – Auxiliary Machinery Compartment (AMC) Frame 10-Frame 14 – Survivors Compartment Frame 14-Frame 17(bow) – Forepeak Frame 6-Frame 10 – Pilothouse on main deck FRAME SPACING- Transom-Frame 2 – 24” Frame 2-Frame 17 – 28” LENGTH- 44’9” WIDTH- 14’8” FREEBOARD- Bow- 4’ 9” Amidships (recess)- 1’ 11” Aft deck- 2’ 11” Swim platform- 11” (You won’t find this in the manual I measured it on a calm day) DRAFT- 3’ 4” (between transom and frame 2) FIXED HEIGHT- 13’ 1” (mast down, top of radar dome) UNFIXED HEIGHT- 20’ 9” (mast up, top of DF antenna) (20’8-1/4” per ref. A - 45 RB-M Operators Manual/IETM, Chapter 3.A.1 and Chapter 7. – Fast Lube Oil Changing System What is the requirement for a crewmember to go aft to the swim platform? Where is the pivot point on the boat? – When the throttle joy stick is in the zero thrust position the reversing buckets are halfway down (also known as neutral bucket).

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