I’ll tell you what I think about Into The Water in four parts, like the book (fitting hey? In 1972 Jim Gross advertised a Lotus 32 for sale, again in Studio City. He’d raced it for years, it was totally familiar to him, and he was very quick in it. The next year, also at Spa, on a fast part of the track he went straight through a marshal’s post, completely demolished it.” The history books say the cause of that one was a puncture. The tub had been re-skinned and when the panels were all un-riveted it was possible to see it had been re-drilled for the new skin. Get it onto PMT, drive down to Dover, push it onto the car deck and leave PMT on the quayside.

Many joined full of excitement and optimism, only to leave as the rigours of the job wore them down. If there was a group from one of the other teams at another table, Colin usually threw the first bread roll. Colin sent just one car for Graham, but he stayed at home. Is Lotus in financial trouble? Four fitters from Components were still working on the car, and as we drove off they were hanging on the back of the truck trying to fix the bodywork. There are many more stories. Then all hell breaks loose: lights, sirens, people banging on the door. Charlie was the ultimate playboy, racer and West Coast car dealer of the 1960’s.

“In 1959 I was working on it in the street, and a chap walked by and said, ‘If you’ve got something like that you ought to go and work for Lotus.’ I said, ‘What’s Lotus?’ I found out where they were and went to see Len Street, who ran the Elite assembly shop, and he hired me. He was what we used to call a big hammer man. You’ve let the team down.’ It was very embarrassing.

Then there was Bob’s bomb. He didn’t want to run the bearings, so on those corners he was dipping the clutch and coasting round.

Sometimes you had absolutely no idea what he’d been so mad about.”, Bob agrees: “I remember once he was in the race shop and he got so angry he was banging his head on the sliding doors, bang, bang, bang, shouting, “No, no, no, no!”, Yet for all of them Chapman was an inspiration. A phone call later and it turned out to be the owner of the advert but once again not my car (it has pure Lotus 27, parallel rear radius rods and 4 bolt front Triumph Herald front uprights. At first he was just this rural sheep farmer parachuted into F1 from the Scottish borders. Sign-up now for access to a limited number of articles. Mimi, his wife, told me how much he’d enjoyed our correspondence – like minded souls, she said. If I get anything positive, I’ll let you know straight away! “But the thing about Jimmy, one of the ways he was so much better than everybody else, is that if there was a problem with the car he just drove round it. And it wouldn’t have brought Jimmy back.”]. Dan is a fine, lovely man. During his time in Asia Clive has been active in competition, racing at Sepang Forumla 1 circuit, at the Southern Festival of Speed in New Zealand and in the Macau Grand Prix. We ran down to the Parabolica, and arrived at this dreadful scene. I said we had to get it right to start with.

I’ll tell you what I think about Into The Water in four parts, like the book (fitting hey? He wasn’t, but he was certainly very fast, until he had that Formula 2 accident at Reims. My first task was building the sequential gearboxes for the single-seaters, and after a few months I moved across from Components to Team.”, Cedric Selzer was Jimmy’s mechanic during his first world championship year. Digger had great results, in his words, “I either won or blew up”! I don’t reckon one of today’s F1 superstars would trouble to take a gang of mechanics round like that.”. They also needed an indomitable sense of humour in the face of endless pressures, unforeseen setbacks, deep disappointments and, sometimes, tragedy. Like in the 1963 French Grand Prix at Reims: he got a bad misfire, the engine was at least 1500rpm down, but he managed somehow to stay in front. I must have smelt like a polecat. )… Continue reading Review: Into The Water by Paula Hawkins Tagged 2017 books , bad books , blogs , book , books , fail , Fiction , fiction books , honest reviews , into the water , Mystery , paula hawkins , the girl on the train , wordpress 2 Comments No girls were allowed anywhere near the cars then. I have regular discs but want to be put drilled/ grove type discs with appropriate pads for normal road use. They trundled across Europe squashed into the cab of a dodgy flat-bed Ford Transit that carried one car and towed the other on an open two-wheeled trailer. It’s like three old boys meeting up at a school reunion 50 years on, remembering the dramas, the all-nighters, the make-do and mend, the pranks, and the bollockings from the headmaster.

After Lotus moved from Hornsey to Cheshunt I tried again, and drove over in an Austin 7 Special I’d built. “I thought, we’ll fix him. A State of Freedom prises open the… Continue reading New Book Releases: August 2017, NOTE: This review was written by a new member to the Lotus Book Blog team - Baruch! 30 years and 4 cars later I thought it time to quit. When I got to Calais the others were there waiting for me. Smuggling Derek Wilde, the team gearbox man, in and out of Holland for the Dutch Grand Prix, hidden under a car cover, because Chapman suddenly decided he should go but wouldn’t let him go home to fetch his passport. He believed he was as good as Jimmy. It was Kenny Gibbard from Sylmar in California who had what he was told was a Lotus 32 Formula B, but he had a feeling it might be a 27. He took a long time to come back, and he was never as quick after that.”, Some drivers treated mechanics as equals. I started off in our garden shed. I was with Brabham for five years, and then Chapman told Peter Warr to get me back. He was from Studio City near Hollywood, next to Sherman Oaks where the car came from, so Kenny had told me. “Jimmy got his results by pure natural talent; Graham got his by hard graft. My preferresd part is never leave Lotus without the check I higly recommand this footage to everyone, if is 14 minutes long. Glenn Waters and I were on Mario’s car, and Rex Hart and Nobby Clark were on Ronnie’s. He was very picky, always changing this, changing that, but you couldn’t fail to get on with him.

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