He also has a holiday home in Dalmally, Argyll. I’m dead as far as they’re concerned.

On 25 February 2008, he started to present Brainbox Challenge, a new game show, for BBC Two. I suppose it could have done.” He grins.

Clive Anderson: 'For most people, I have ceased to exist!'

[11] He also said to Jeffrey Archer, "Is there no beginning to your talents?" “I had thought it was all just a bit of jollity, but they had obviously taken an intense dislike to me.”, Breeders: Martin Freeman’s hilarious comedy series is almost uniquely truthful about parenthood. You can’t complain.”, Well, maybe he should have complained. I like being forced to think about things in a different way.

It gave me more confidence. It was announced in April 2008 that Anderson, who had previously filled in for host Ned Sherrin from 2006 until Sherrin's death in 2007, would be taking over as permanent host of Loose Ends. “Well, it’s partly ruminations on Shakespeare, Scotland, England.

When we were big on telly, that was probably the time to do a stage-show.” It’s not quite Terry Gilliam dissing the Python reunion shows, but the pessimism is palpable. “Although they often confuse me with Clive James, which is rather awkward now what with… well, with Clive having died recently.” He offers an embarrassed chuckle.

The erstwhile talk show host didn’t quite slide into Partridge-style obscurity, but he admits that both his pride and his wallet took a direct hit.

Clive Stuart Anderson (born 10 December 1952) is an English television and radio presenter, comedy writer and former barrister.

He has made ten appearances on Have I Got News for You. But it’s not a dreadful thing. There were sundry visits to the Edinburgh Fringe, and he wrote for Frankie Howerd and Not The Nine O’Clock News, did TV studio warm-ups too – all this, and being a barrister too. © 2020 Associated Newspapers Limited.

He initially wanted to be a doctor – “I had a few quite pleasant experiences of going into hospital” being the principal rationale – so he did science subjects. He thinks he has inherited that from his Glaswegian father. Is that how much it cost?”) and unambiguously rude to Jeffrey Archer (“Is there no beginning to your talents?”). “I get the odd sliding-doors moment when I see names of people I know involved in big cases,” he admits.

“I’m still pretty famous – OK, not Mick Jagger famous, but people do still recognise me, at least a couple of times a day,” he insists.

“ ‘Oh … radio,’ they say. As well as writing comedy, Anderson is also a frequent contributor to newspapers, and was a regular columnist for The Sunday Correspondent.[9].

[8] He made his name as host of the improvised television comedy show Whose Line Is It Anyway?, which ran for 10 series.[9]. So just a bit of joshing, really. [19] Later, Anderson won both the "Top Entertainment Presenter" and "Top Radio Comedy Personality" at the British Comedy Awards in 1991.

If he commented on a programme, he would say something like, ‘I didn’t like the tie you were wearing.’ I could be interviewing the Dalai Lama, the Pope and the Queen and he’d go, ‘Yeah, fine but I thought that joke you did at the beginning was a bit off-colour.’ ”, He may sound Home Counties, have the perfect BBC presenter’s voice, but does he feel Scottish? View the list I think political correctness is a moving line.

Now let’s work out what his best play was, and in my opinion, it’s Macbeth. Instead, he has to contend with strangers’ consolations. In 2009, Anderson was the television host of the BBC's Last Night of the Proms. heebie bee gees

“He was quite a funny man himself. on BBC Radio 4, then later Channel 4.He has also hosted many radio programmes, and … Clive Anderson. “And one of the points I make in the show is that Macbeth is the best play ever written.”, He frowns. In many ways, he was an intriguing anomaly for hip 90s television – the opposite of, say, Chris Evans.

When Clive Anderson learned that he was not going to get another series of his BBC1 chat show in 2001, overt displays of antipathy were conspicuous by their absence. [20], "Clive Anderson | Band | Gig Listings - Artist Listed on Comedy Gigs", "Clive Anderson: how much has actually changed in my 40 years at the Fringe?

He's been president of the Woodland Trust for 10 years. The only thing is that they’d had a piano in their house when they were growing up, and somehow she knew what to do.”, There’s an old-fashioned leather briefcase on the table, rather schoolboyish, groaning with things that Anderson needs to be getting on with.

I focus on Shakespeare because… um, if I had been an actor – I’d acted a bit in school; I wasn’t particularly good – then I’d probably have been in Macbeth. But I also wanted to assume… not intimacy, exactly, but the sort of conversation you might have with a workmate. “They said: ‘We don’t want you to carry on doing the chat show.’ ‘Why’s that?’ The audience figures weren’t going down. This was all distinctly television of its time, and Anderson concedes that his brand of “talk”, such as it was, would no longer work in today’s climate. When pushed, he says the most fulfilled time of his life was when he was nipping between two worlds. “I wanted to be funny, and to challenge, and take the conversation into slightly different areas. on BBC Radio 4, then later Channel 4. If you’re lucky, you settle back into ‘Oh, good, it’s him again.’ ”. He doesn’t watch many modern-day equivalents, he suggests, “because I don’t want to sit there thinking I could have done it better”. Key to his appeal was his apparent incongruity in a world of brazen show-offs. He smiles ruefully, and you sense a lingering sadness – perhaps of missed opportunities. I had my time in the sun. chair next month Credit: Clara Molden/Telegraph C live Anderson’s house caught fire over the summer. He was president of Footlights in 1974. Although he doesn’t have the rights to trade directly on past glories, enough of the gang who made Whose Line? [6] He was called to the bar at the Middle Temple in 1976 and became a practising barrister, specialising in criminal law. I was better at both as a result.

The rest of the show, he promises, is more accessible, and so theoretically more appealing, too, offering as it does an arch overview of the televisual life he once had and lost, and the highlights therein.

‘It’s slightly spurious, almost an affectation.’. His line was a clever one, I suppose. When the idea was first suggested, he explains, it was less a case of leaping at the opportunity than struggling to find an excuse to show it the door. He has also hosted many radio programmes, and made guest appearances on Have I Got News for You, Mock the Week and QI. I wanted to be funny and to take the conversation into slightly different areas’. “I get a lot of people who say to me, ‘What has happened to you? [5] Anderson attended Selwyn College, Cambridge, where, from 1974 to 1975, he was President of Footlights.

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