The result? They can retract the pledge at any point, but doing so will incur a relations drop with the Pope. By leading troops within the crusade target, characters can gain a religion-specific trait that improves martial skill and give permanent opinion bonuses with all clergy and other characters who share the trait. As the preparation phase ends, the pledged military candidates receive their share of the 20% distributed booty in the war chest to fund their troops and fleets. Reddit - How to form a Crusader State Explained I want to be able to tell that story of who I went on crusade with, and how it went, and this, I believe, offers exactly that. The religion of the Pope who called the crusade (Catholic or Fraticelli) will lose 10% MA for 10 years. A character must be leading troops stationed in a provinces that is part of the crusade's target kingdom. Rulers can pledge themselves to the crusade either at the announcement, or at any point during the next two years, after which they will be obligated to declare war on the defending realm when the crusade begins. Additionally, the Fylkir and the High Priests can declare Great Holy Wars on Pagans not of the same religion. Either of the two Caliphs can and probably will call a jihad, so you need to be prepared for a counterattack. She has Jerusalem now, but I am her direct heir and my heir is second in line. Below is a list of weights for various titles for each religion. It seems more beneficial to leave Jerusalem for you beneficiary, you can always call them to help on your wars (if you are the Dinasty Head) and they also increase the Dinasty Renown. To a Catholic nation that does not follow the Crusade order, the opinion of the Pope will usually be decreased by -15 and to those who follow, will get an increase of +20. ), Target is infidel, or heretic vs parent religion, or pagan vs any, Target controls at least 6 counties in the selected de jure kingdom, and also actually possesses the target kingdom title. This allows for a range of smaller and bigger characters to receive a boost to their campaign goals. Good thing is you don't really have to worry about it after that.

Please help with verifying or updating older sections of this article.At least some were last verified for version 3.0. This even counts for battles that you lose. In addition to that, a new crusade cannot be called for a period of time. CK2 Cheats CK2 Province IDs CK2 Event IDs Other CK2 IDs and Codes If you ever read a successful crusading primary source, the writer tends to view the world through the lens of divine benevolence for successful crusades, or divine punishment if they fail. If the Great Schism has been mended, neither the Catholic nor Fraticelli Popes can call Crusades. What happens with the seized land depends on the status of the kingdom title. Each participant is encouraged to select a dynasty member as their crusade beneficiary. Once you and/or your heir have the trait, you can safely replace them with more competent generals and start crusading properly. Either that or you took one step off the boat, earned your trait, and sailed off to whence you came. self serving stance and you get title and vice versa. When the time comes to crusade (about 2 years after the date the Pope calls it), if the relative strength of all participants of the upcoming crusade is less than 75% of all those supporting the target, the Pope will be very disappointed and cancel the crusade.

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