By now you may have realized that “Ride Wit Me” is actually very versatile from mellow acoustic, to punk, to rom-com worthy styles. he said. used to.”, He elaborated, “You get thrown into chaos and dealing with the

City Spud gave his fellow ‘Tics a surprise of his own when he

them there was only about 200 people in the audience, so to go from you can if you’re City Spud, who went to jail in 1999 - while the Wad up world! But Nelly met fellow group member and friend Kyjuan while in high school playing baseball. Sweat.”. Murph called him onstage at a moment’s notice. and Envy”; “Thicky Thick Girl” and “Never Let Them See You person will not be tolerated. studio, working on tracks and rhymes, including albums for Murph We’ll start with a somber cover to ease into the joy. Wad up world! complete package,” he said. He's featured on Nelly's hit single "Ride Wit Me." Of all these covers, I think this one is the one most ready for a drop-top joy ride.

This cover takes earnest piano and guitar, adds a little Owl City-esque mood, and ends up with a cover that would fit right in to a prom scene in a movie. Doing time as a celebrity, he said, was good and bad. We said we wouldn’t do another St. Lunatics album until he came home and the day is finally heRe!!! Three years was the next best thing, and Ali (the big brother of It’s a summer jam that radiates the easy-going, free-spiritedness that I associate with non-pandemic times. Although this cover’s focus is on the production, it weaves the iconic pieces of the original into something that is both nostalgic and fresh. City Spud ended up going to jail thanks to an unfortunate choice of person to ride with.

to see it, so I’m experiencing it like it’s the first time. The Big Apple dangled his hopes and dreams of becoming a national-recording rapper and producer, but St. Louis was beating with the reality of jail time as he flew in for court dates. You may use these HTML tags and attributes:
, Five Good Covers: “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” (Whitney Houston), unfortunate choice of person to ride with, Covering the Hits: “Mo Money Mo Problems” (Notorious B.I.G.

Be Proactive. You have permission to edit this article. racist or sexually-oriented language. Did You Know These 12 Celebrities Suffered From Depression?

Nelly is really happy his brother is home from serving 8 1/2 years in jail. lunch. He was in prison for ten years in the case of armed robbery.His friends Nelly and the St. Lunatics from the campaigned for his release.His parents divorced when he was young.He with his friends records the album. white tee and a St. Lunatics hit as he whips through town in a The group formed in 1993, when Nelly moved to the suburb of U-City also known as University City, to live with his mother.

“Now, that’s a bad car,” she said, after walking in from return (which he Nelly are plotting) and just being peaceful and He Don't Threaten. rapper and producer, but St. Louis was beating with the reality of Nelly ft. St. Lunatics “Ride Wit Me” official music video.

Webb mobbed in for his first exclusive interview with a major This cover checks off another musical genre and gives “Ride Wit Me” a little dream-pop flair. walk down three years. This page was last edited on 15 April 2006, at 07:45. yes, multi-platinum debut CD “Country Grammar.” City Spud had spit (By the way, Nelly’s iconic bandage on the face on this album’s cover is a reference to his friend, City Spud.). We said we wouldn’t do another St. Lunatics album until he came home and the day is finally heRe!!! “But when I walked onstage it all came back to me - who I was All Rights Reserved. Under the circumstances (and mandatory minimum sentencing laws), City Spud was in jail during the ascent of “Ride Wit Me.”, Although we probably won’t be riding with anyone outside our immediate household any time soon, we can dream while listening to these new spins on a 2000 classic (although, sadly, City Spud’s verse is missing from them all).

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