The program provides services related to drug use and abuse including dissemination of information materials, educational programs, counseling services, referrals and University disciplinary actions. Once you evacuate a building, meet in the designated meeting location and/or remain a safe distance from the building until the campus police inform you that are may go back inside. For urgent, emergency cases (e.g., rape or sexual assault), please call the 24-hour emergency Chatham Public Safety hotline at 412-365-1111 or 911. Chatham also prohibits retaliation against any individual for reporting conduct prohibited under this Policy or for participating in an investigation of an alleged violation of this Policy. For more on how exit polls work, click here. Police officers in the Public Safety Department are certified under Pennsylvania Legislative Act 120: Municipal Police Officers Education and Training Act and/or Legislative Act 235: The Lethal Weapons Training Act, and are armed. Signing up for this program is mandatory for students. Woodland Road The Public Safety Department cooperates fully with local and state law enforcement agencies in cases that involve both on and off campus jurisdictions or when resources of another agency can better facilitate the resolution of an investigation. University sanctions will be imposed on offenders as appropriate and in addition, criminal charges may be filled. Sexual touching, including, but not limited to, intentional contact with the breasts, buttocks, groin, genitals, or other intimate part of an individual's body. When appropriate, additional notices are distributed and posted to remind students of particular regulations. Members of the Chatham community who would like to report an incident of sexual assault may contact any of the following: Chatham University's Public Safety Department, the Title IX Office, the Student Affairs Office or Residence Life Staff, and/or a hospital or other medical facility. Pandemic-era cooking revives this iconic 1950s brand, Early exit poll results show Americans divided on key issues, Lincoln Project founder’s closing message: ‘The judgment of the people is here’, Fox News Voter Analysis: More than half say COVID-19 not under control, A.B. Crimes occurring on campus are reported to the City of Pittsburgh Police Department when appropriate and when required by law. Whether you have specific questions or just want more information, we'll be happy to hear from you. To that end - and in compliance with Title IX, the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013 (VAWA), and applicable state and federal laws - Chatham prohibits sexual misconduct, including all forms of sexual or gender-based harassment, sexual assault, sexual violence, including relationship and interpersonal violence, and stalking (collectively, "Prohibited Conduct"). Each residence hall is managed by a Graduate Resident Director (GRD) who is available to provide counseling and advice, to supervise the Resident Assistants (RAs) within the building, to manage facilities, to enforce community standards, and to provide emergency coverage to address other major issues within the residence halls. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Crime Statistics Act. Copyright 2020 WTOC. The Savannah State University Police Department phone number is (912)356-2187.

Pittsburgh, PA 15232 The following policies and programs are meant to ensure the wellbeing of all members of our campus community. Freely given consent may not be possible, in relationships of a sexual or intimate nature between individuals where one individual has power, supervision or authority over another. © 2020 PoliceArrests. Chief Jeff Hadley says the training is mandatory for all Chatham County Police Department officers regardless of rank.

When consent is withdrawn, sexual activity must immediately cease. The system uses three types of alerts. An essential element of consent is that it be freely given. Printed copies are available at the Public Safety Department in the Rea Garage or by request to the Assistant Vice President, Public Safety. Such prohibition extends to individuals having weapons in briefcases, purses, tool boxes, personal vehicles, or other personal property or effects. Chatham University's Title IX Policy defines Sexual Assault as: Consent is defined as an informed, affirmative decision made freely and actively by all parties to engage in mutually acceptable sexual activity. E - Extinguish the fire using the proper extinguisher. d�L`[¤� �0s��� �]�DϷ8)NXW�$�3}�̏��{�'lY;�[������sQ�䮲��sH�^���t���6���� ����d`R ���������@�X]�Lwހ=�� v[� �5��w���2\e:��δ�iS�S��Sg�w���d���ps�� ��f`�(��@�R�!�����< �0 ��M� During non-business hours, access to all University facilities is by key, if issued, or by admittance via the campus police. Every individual student room has locks on all doors and windows.

... University Advancement. Guest Voices: The Democratic Socialist perspective. Under Chatham's Title IX Policy, certain employees are defined as Responsible Employees who have an obligation to report to the Title IX Office any incident of Sexual Assault of which they become aware: Chatham's Title IX Policy provides the following contact information for anyone wishing to report an incident of Sexual Assault: If you have been the victim of Prohibited Conduct, or if you would like to report Prohibited Conduct of which you are aware that does not involve you personally, please contact the following as appropriate: If you are a Responsible Employee who is required to report incidents of Prohibited Conduct of which you are aware, you must immediately contact the Title IX Coordinator or one of the Deputy Coordinators (see above).

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