Trimming your cats nails can encourage the natural process of shedding. If you have problems trimming your cat’s claws, a veterinarian or pet groomer will be able to help you. Click edit button to change this text. However, people with weakened immune systems may experience more serious complications affecting the heart, brain, eyes or other organs. Grain-Free or Grain-Inclusive Recipes: Which One Is Right for Your Dog? Check your cats paws on a regular basis (every 4-6 weeks is ideal) to make sure its claws look healthy.

Jun 11th 2013. It’s not just animal scratches that can cause problems — so, too, can splinters or thorns. A Suddenly Picky Kitty May Have Hepatic Lipidosis.

It’s natural and a claw will come off once every few months. The medical name for the condition is onychocryptosis. Between veterinary visits, pet owners are encouraged to perform a monthly home examination if the cat is willing, which includes checking for lumps and bumps, evaluating the teeth and mucous membranes and watching for any changes which can include increased or decreased appetite, drinking and urinating more, and weight loss or gain. This very simplified drawing shows how your cat’s claw is connected to his toes and the rest of his leg. © 2019 Belvoir Media Group. Others may show signs such as lethargy, loss of appetite, fever, vomiting, swollen lymph nodes or red eyes. (And Vice Versa), Fall Pet Safety: A Checklist for the Changing Season, Following Bread Crumbs: Gluten-Sniffing Dogs. Work With Your Vet to Choose an Over-the-Counter Food for Your Diabetic Pet, Probiotics Maintain the Natural Balance for Your Pet, Boos and Don’ts: Halloween Safety and Your Pet. Does Your Pet Need to See a Veterinary Nutritionist?

‘But the next day the rash was really red and I was sick.

Cats are far more intelligent than most people think. It develops only if someone is susceptible to the toxins produced by the streptococcus bacteria.

‘I still didn’t think my symptoms were anything to do with the scratches, as they looked like they were healing,’ says Jon.

Eventually, the organs start to fail, and it results in death in more than half of patients. So its important they have healthy and functioning claws.

After his operation, Jon was given six weeks of intravenous antibiotics — but it took a further 11 months until he was fit enough to return to work. ‘The classic case we might see is the old lady doing her roses who gets a thorn scratch after putting manure down.’. Cats generally shed each claw once every few months. Can’t get to the vet? Pet Poison Safety Tips: Is Your Home Really Poison-Proof?

Researching the proper way to cut your cat's nails, paying close attention, and promptly cleansing the area when an inadvertent injury does occur will go a long way toward protecting your cat from a painful nail disorder or trauma. An infected scratch will usually start to look red and infected, and the lymph node will start to swell near the wound after ten days. Most nail or nail bed disorders have an excellent treatment prognosis and can be remedied in a relatively short amount of time. Nicks to the skin can occur, opening your cat to infection as it goes about its normal routine (i.e., using the litter box, exploring). ‘But six days after being scratched, I was jaundiced and very unwell. Watching some videos on You Tube will help you see exactly how it’s done so you are more relaxed and confident performing the pet grooming task. It multiplied, settling on the aortic valve in his heart — which controls the flow of blood around the rest of the body. Picky Pets: Does Yours Have a Discriminating Palate?

He was told his aortic valve needed replacing. Check for swelling, and make an appointment with the vet for antibiotics treatment. And although it can be hard to turn down affection from your cat, don’t let your cat lick any open breaks in your skin. Be gentle, but firm. While your cat can normally handle the maintence of their claws themselves, sometimes they need a little help! After putting TCP and a bandage on, I thought nothing more of it.’, 'Six days after being scratched, I was jaundiced and very unwell. Sled Dogs: Answering the Call of the Wintry Wild, The Revealing Science Behind Pet Adoption Choices, Thanksgiving Foods You Can Share With Your Pets. The elastic ligament, pictured in red in the image above, pulls the distal phalanx close to the middle phalanx in order to keep the claws from touching the ground. Managing Your Pet’s Fireworks Fear, Ticked Off! Or you can take a trip to the veterinarian if you are not confident enough to do it yourself.

Most cases of CSD in people aren’t serious. To do this, you need to grab the visible part with the tweezers and try to pull it with one sharp movement. Bacteria from the claw had entered his bloodstream, triggering septicaemia. Onychauxis is a thickening of the claw associated with age, reduced exercise and grooming in senior cats exacerbate the problem.

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As it continues to grow it will curve into the skin of your cat, and you might find that the cat claw is stuck in the pad or toes! Overgrown cat claws are common in older cats, and at its worst can lead to paw pad trauma as the overgrown claw curls into the pad. Cat claws can thicken and become brittle as the cat ages due to systemic diseases, a slowing down of nail growth as well as decrease in mobility which means the cat is less able to maintain the claws. ‘Depending on its severity, oral or intravenous antibiotics will usually clear up an infection, but the sooner it’s caught the better.’. Let’s say your kitty swats at you while playing and inadvertently scratches your skin. What’s Mew at Catster: November 2020 Cat Events, Meet 4 Cats That Have Called the White House Home. About JaneA Kelley: Punk-rock cat mom, science nerd, animal shelter volunteer, and all-around geek with a passion for bad puns, intelligent conversation, and role-play adventure games. But sometimes the claw doesn’t come off and the claw becomes ingrown. If they are willing to 'talk' you through the right actions to take - do it. You can treat the ingrown claw yourself at home. Swelling and inflammation around the nails which may include the paw and foot. Two days later Jon, 44, thought he was coming down with flu. What to do if the cat’s claws are overgrown. 11 Spring Pet Safety Tips You Need to Know, Dogs at Work: Ratter Dogs Win the Rat Race. I was scared as I didn’t have a clue what it was.’. You do not want cut into that part of the nail; only the free edge that extends past the nail bed should be trimmed.

Can an Outdoor Cat Ever Become an Indoor Cat? If your kitty's claws have failed to flake off like they're supposed to, here's how to help them, and how to prevent it from happening again. Foreign Body Surgery for Pets. right there.. An ingrown claw can be very painful for your pet cat and should be treated as soon as you become aware of it. One way to protect your vat from suffering a nail injury or disorder is to avoid cutting too close to the nail bed (the quick) when trimming the nails. Cadaver Dogs Do Spooky but Necessary Work, Is a Special-Needs Pet Right for You? Wash the paw with mild antiseptic and warm water to keep the wound clean and help prevent infection. As it continues to grow it will curve into the skin of your cat, and you might find that the cat claw is stuck in the pad or toes!

Jon recalls: ‘I was in the kitchen when the cat jumped from our oven on to my foot and left two 6cm scratches.

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