Got a slight siren noise coming from the turbo for the last 3-4K but stripped it down over the weekend and the shaft is …

Order yours today! Admittedly I've only put 15k on it but still! But that case was too obvious to get away with. It appears this fault is more common than expected with a main VW dealer commenting 'this is the third one in a week' for the same model and engine.

Location: Hungaria.

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We are registered with the Information Commissioner, registration number ZA187892, it details the purpose for which we process personal data. Always maintained at the dealership last reviewed on 08.09.2015 106100km at the counter. Exactly. As far as servicing goes; Full service history with weekly inspections (the car is my pride and joy). My golf 5 1.9 TDI 105cv BXE, big banging engine, 3rd rod folded to 138 000 km. Number 2 conrod snapped, hole in block and a huge out of warranty repair bill. I bought the car from my local VW Dealership when just over 1 year old, and would not expect these cars to blow an engine like this.

If you noticed we all have almost all the same engine of the same year 2007. is this really random? They did do it on the PD170 engine. Several functions may not work.

Please note the following important links Terms of Use. Maybe VAG finaly have to do some refund to the affected customers. Similar engine on my Volkswagen Touran 1.9l tdi 105 type “. There seem to be very few failures where the conrod 'just failed'. ... Recall likely to be affected vehicles and check the condition of the front brake hoses. Want to build Skoda Octavia WRC! any of you chaps had the same problem? Engine HS, to change therefore for the modest sum of 8939 € TTC parts and labor.

I change the oil every 5k using only VW's own (Quantum) and filters etc every 10k. I have a Golf 5, 1.9 from 12/2007, BX engine, 170000 km; Broken rod on Sunday 20/12/2015, saw the cost of repair I bought a small emergency Clio to de-paner, I plan to sell it in state, I do not have too much choice, super clean car, Disappointed of VW, this mark is that of the past for me. Cloudflare Ray ID: 5ecceb55b8c0f9d2 Always maintained according to the recommendations of the manufacturer by a professional.

112k on my 1.9tdi and touch wood no probs! The engine has hydrauliced and damaged cylinder 4. By I was returning from holiday on the highway in Spain and sudden noise of chips in the engine and blocking of the wheels at 130 km / h for a fraction of a second. The danger of looking on the internet, is that often, only owners with a problem post on forums and they rarely post the root cause. It broke down with a huge noise in the engine and drained its oil on the road in less than 5 min. As rwbaldwin has said, one of the danger of internet forums is seeing a concentration of bad reports posted after some half-hearted google searching. It's easy!

Listing of failures to VAG BXE Engines – VW, SEAT, SKODA, AUDI. - Please get in touch using the contact form. TDI(s): vw G5 1,9 tdi pd BXE. Did 440miles over the weekend ran sweet as a nut on the motorways 60+ mpg over the trip, The PD engines were very good for their day and good strong performers but not particularly quiet by current standards. I can't recall of ever hearing anything like that happening before. We do not know what to do anymore. That's in a golf estate. The concession mounts an internal file to request a participation of Volkswagen, file handed down on Nov 21, response that is waiting until today December 2: Participation manufacturer of 40% on parts and labor.

We own a workshop and maintain a fleet of Jetta's with the BXE engine.

Result for Audi connecting rod carter, turbo and engine Hs: costs 10400 euros. I am told that the price of the repairs 7500 euros, what do I find it a little young for a VW engine a breakage engine at 129mkm (when I think I wanted to bought VW for reliability). It's one of the latest engines in the series (was replaced with 1.6tdi cr few months after car was bought). The pd 170 is a great engine and skodas never had the oil pump issue it was only early passats and a4s in 2005. Good evening,

the "bkc" and later "bls" 1.9tdi units seem unaffected from what ive read. Then snapping engine, metallic noises, the car ended up caller when I stopped. We still have a credit on the back and we are shocked. I did a search on it about a year ago, all i could find at the time was that it's just the way some of the BXEs are with the little whine but if yours is as loud as the one in the video id be looking into it a little more deeply.

The only engines that seem to have a pronounced mention in forums seem to be the 105hp BXE and BLS engines fitted from around 2006-2010. BRISKODA is owned and operated by Summit 360 Ltd, registered in England & Wales, company number 05710517. If its in good nick and has been otherwise reliable then I would get another engine dropped in. Skoda garage wants 6k to replace the engine and turbo  . it must just be down to luck. I have 09 1.9tdi pd, where can I find an engine code to check it out if it's BXE? Who knows? Convenience store; repatriation…… Have you experienced one of these engine failures? Similar engine on my Volkswagen Touran 1.9l tdi 105 type “bxe” of 2009, 116000km. You currently have javascript disabled. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Interested in buying the vehicle, drove it day before yesterday and it feels dead compared to my AHF... AHF Chipped 105kW 310Nm _____ March 7th, 2011, 02:21 #4: adyr82. Came in at 51mpg.

We've had the car since new. We are working every day to make sure our community is one of the best.

I must say, apart from that the car has been great, so we're really disappointed. I am in the same case as you but for an Audi A3 of 130000 km. You running standard alloys or have you changed?

I believe I was the victim of a common fault with the bxe engine, a seizure resulting in a conrod going through the block. Cam belt done @96k and the only thing I've had is the turbo boost pipe pop off! Flippin Heck! Got towed to a local garage who gave me the bad news, blown engine and irreparable, got home and did a bit of research on this and found loads of forums with the same problem, checked my books and it was a BXE engine.

There are a few instances here: Im getting 47 consistently over a tank of fuel but the majority of that is motorway cruising at 68-70mph. Listing of failures to VAG BXE Engines – VW, SEAT, SKODA, AUDI.

Feel free to sign up today Sign up now! Tthere are a lot of them about so bound to be a few that throw a rod.

( Log Out /  It seems the engine also likes to throw a leg out of bed ( conrod through the block ). I scream and evoke a defect builder: my Golf 5 has 97903 Kms, it is June 2008, engine BXE. Phone call of the rod insurance that crossed the engine block on my touran 129000km year 2007 it was a year and 4 months that I bought it in VW concession. The report of the appraisal claims the assumption of the repair by Audi. I've read many threads in other forums (Audi, Seat, VW, Skoda) and it seems like most cases with conrod failure is with the BXE engine. Been reading about these engines, I currently have a 1.9TDi with 44k on sounds like a bag of spanners.

Number 2 conrod snapped, hole in block and a huge out of warranty repair bill.

Change ). Mine was a BXE too in an Ambiente hatch 2006. Why is nothing being mentioned about the vast numbers of BXE engines, amongst others, that are reported on here and the same forums mentioned above, that have reliably covered galactic mileages after being properly looked after with the correct oil at the correct mileages? My other half was driving home on the M40 last week when the engine blew on his 5 year old Octavia.

The basic 1.9 engine used them in all engine codes from the 1990's until around 2010 and it was fitted to many VW,Audi,Skoda and Seat cars and likely several millions of units.

This is interesting, glad I asked the question. I have just bought a BXE engine code Octavia MK2 Estate and I know from another car I have that some engine codes can be trouble, the Audi A3 1.9tdi I have is a BXC and has been a really good car hence why I looked for another 1.9 PD based engine. And it seems like it's more and more people who tries to claim this failure against VAG. I just wonder how many are out there just about to fail? Two other possibilities: new engine but supplier other than vw: 7250 € from my pocket. From my own notes (not a scientific sample, variety of sources), there do seem slightly more BXE engines than the other four, where the root cause of the conrod failure has been found to be large oil leaks at the injectors into the cylinders. Got a slight siren noise coming from the turbo for the last 3-4K but stripped it down over the weekend and the shaft is solid and everything's in perfect condition.

I've read about a fair few cases of this happening on 2007/8 BXE engines. Copyright 2002-2020 SUMMIT 360 Ltd. E.& O.E. Been taking it a lot easier when pulling away changing at 1800 and using the torque as now it's mapped it will pull all the way down 1000rpm. Engine HS, to change therefore for the modest sum of 8939 € TTC parts and labor. I have considered selling the car for parts and trying to source a new 4x4 but is it realistic to expect a decent Octavia estate 4x4 for around £4000?

When returning from work, first of all vibrations in the steering wheel. We recommened a replacement engine , gaskets, oil, housing and coolant hoses. Ok. My mechanic has mounted a file with vw: 30% parts and MO support. Perfect when I parted with it at 70K. 140bhp is where it currently stands. It’s a scandal, 116,000km for an engine at this price! Remains 8000 € to pay from my pocket all the same

In that time it's had a remap, 2 set of brake pads and cambelt with water pump, we used long life oil and replace it every 10,000 miles.

My 57 Plate A3 BXE engine decided to commit suicide on the M4 last month. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property.

Just in the process of changing a BXE engine for a customer,2006 A3 with 70k and full service history just driving down the m4 and lost power without warning,number 4 conrod straight out the back of the block !!

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