How does one go about searching since the city of Breslau was completely bombed? This has given us more information on the family than we have had in years, we are so appreciative of your time! Does anyone have more information on Zimbals (Zimble) or Kuhnerts in Breslau?

Robert, I thought the reply, on 30.11.08, of D. Thomas in the Breslau-Wroclaw Forum might have been of help to you. .many thanks.

[101] Its White Stork Synagogue was built in 1840. I know that both my Great Grandparents died from cancer and were buried in Breslau. Despite securing vehicles from the units defending the bridgehead, the 6th Army scraped together just 170 vehicles to transport 350 tons of ammunition and 180 tons of fuel. Best Wishes to Wroclaw, Najlepsze zyczenia dla Wroclaw i twoje ludzi (przepraszam bardzo za moj jezyk ;-P), I have just returned from Wroclaw (November 2012), and it is a wonderful city! Great effort was made to propagate the myth of Wroclaw as a Polish city that has at last been returned from the hands of the dastardly Nazis to its rightful owners (a far from complete picture of the town's mixed heritage and colourful history). He said it didn't matter who it belonged to as long as it was open for anyone to visit.

During the same days, the corps' 24th and 26th Guards Mechanized Brigades,[4] holding defensive positions, were struck by a German tank counterattack between Gross-Baudis and Kostenblut; the latter attempted to break through to Breslau and prevent the encirclement, although the failure of the Soviet attack soon made further counterattacks meaningless. I wanna visit soon. before the surrender of Festung Breslau.

On 5 June 1443, the city was rocked by an earthquake, estimated at ca. The Russians and Poles took all of my family's possessions and sent them packing. In the years 1034–1038 the city was affected by Pagan reaction in Poland.

Wrocław is a university city with a student population of over 130,000, making it arguably one of the most youth-oriented cities in the country.

i love wrc0l;aw town. My mother was in Breslau during most of the war.

Hi Stacey, as i'm encouraging everyone looking for info - contact, they specialise in finding this information.

They landed in Galveston, Texas, on Nov. 6, 1867.

They expelled them, but there were few killings. When er were housed in gyms, we usually got a slice of bread, or sometimes food that was meant for the pigs. Her mother , who ran a stall selling eggs and some dairy in the narket, was in a nursing home and was killed, her brother was also killed in t h e war.

I was taught many things by my friends father but I was accommodated warmly and taken in asa friend of the family. Sieglinde, I was born in Breslau too in 1942, I found my birth certificate at URZAD MIEJSKI WROCLAWIA I hope to go there again. Other common species are the sparrow, tree sparrow, siskin, rook, crow, jackdaw, magpie, swift, martin, swallow, kestrel, mute swan, mallard, coot, merganser, black-headed gull, great tit, blue tit, long-tailed tit, greenfinch, hawfinch, collared dove, common wood pigeon, fieldfare, redwing, common starling, grey heron, white stork, common chaffinch, blackbird, jay, nuthatch, bullfinch, cuckoo, waxwing, lesser spotted woodpecker, great spotted woodpecker, white-backed woodpecker, white wagtail, blackcap, black redstart, old world flycatcher, emberizidae, goldfinch, western marsh harrier, little bittern, common moorhen, reed bunting, remiz, great reed warbler, little crake, little ringed plover and white-tailed eagle. Try my email address, [email protected] and leave me a message

If your attempts at fining more "accuracy" lead you to additional discoveries, then you must be doing something right.

You offer some good resources Polonus, thank you. In the 13th century, two Polish monarchs were buried in Wrocław churches founded by them, Henry II the Pious in the St. Vincent church[27] and Henryk IV Probus in the Holy Cross church.[28]. Additionally, I am very aware how things have also moved on since the early 1990's. I am interested in information about the region from the end of WWI through the years of the Weimar Republic.

Every year on the second weekend of June the Festival of Good Beer takes place.

Old maps of Italy on Old Maps Online. The only true comment where you are right is you can forgive but never forget! Does anyone have any information on this family? I am an American of partial German descent whose paternal German grandfather was born in Breslau as Wilhelm Heimann.

Thank you :-).

[42] Antisemitic riots occurred in 1923.

Is there any way I … Breslau does not really belong to any one culture of people even though it is now part of Poland. [120], The National Museum at Powstańców Warszawy Square, one of Poland's main branches of the National Museum system, holds one of the largest collections of contemporary art in the country.[121]. Good article.

It was formerly an island (ostrów in Old Polish) known as the Cathedral Island between the branches of the Oder River, featuring the Wrocław Cathedral, built originally in the mid 10th century. [34] Local Poles took part in Polish national mourning after the Russian massacre of Polish protesters in Warsaw in February 1861, and also organized several patriotic Polish church services throughout 1861.

This is the most stupid, naïve, ignorant , idiotic article ever written on the subject of the city of Breslau/Wroclaw.

ANTONIO: Poles did NOT kill millions of Germans from those areas!

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I´m writing on behalf of Karin-Bianca Edelgard Sibylle Schall Lie Vatne, who lives in Norway.

[citation needed], There are 44 parks and public green spaces totalling 800 hectares in the city. I was born in Breslau in 1947. An estimated 70% of the city was destroyed. [13], On the night of 21–22 February, the forces of the 6th Army regrouped and took up jumping off positions for the impending assault.

Many "Polish"

Centennial Hall, UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Founded by mr Schlier from Breslau Silesia in the late 19th century as Thr City of Breslau,The name was changed to Lindenhurst about 1900. Its quite nice to see the polish people smiling as they go about there work here.

Artillery totalling 572 guns was massed in the attack sector.

This article is a very simple and brief review of a city. My maternal grandfather was Michel breslau. If you study the history of eastern Europe prior to WWII, boundaries kept changing due to constant wars between the kings over centuries and then Silesia was given to what is now Poland after WWII. The new settlers, or 'pioneers' as they were called, inherited a foreign city that was 70% destroyed. My family's estate was in Kleinoels, Olesnica Mala. But here I am, throwing stones myself--my apologies! My Grandfather was called Joseph Deynert or dienert and was born in Breslau in 17-09-1875.

The Polish Municipal school opened in 1666 and lasted until 1766. Maybe at shot in the dark but my fathers name was Josef Michael Jedrzejczyc (he might changed the spelling - I don't know) And his mother name was Sofia Sonka. The cleansing was ethnic , not genetic, and it was forced and done by the Russians and was based on the post-war treaties. Then they set out on foot and walked following along the rail tracks to Bavaria, and just after the city began getting bombed. I'm sorry I also forgot to mention, Clara Simon/Simmon's father, Albert Simon, was a surveyor for the French government.

Ulica Pawła Włodkowica 20/22, 50-001 Wrocław, Poland. As I wrote some time ago: The reconstructed university served as a major centre of science.

It is tremendously rewarding. I was in Breslau in August of 1989, and was very impressed and thankfully how well the Polish people have rebuilt the city. In 1387 the city joined the Hanseatic League.

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