To get perfect setup place all the bait in different depth position of water. I never prefer to go for Bluefin tuna with a small size boat. Boat Reviews. Shimano also has a few models with a short price tag, the larger Spheros 14000FB and 18000FB. At Fisherman’s Outfitter we carry three brands of Braided Spectra Fishing Line; Diamond Products Spectra, Jerry-Brown Line One Spectra and Power-Pro Spectra.

Fishing in deep sea is always risky. You can’t find Bluefin tuna near to the shore. Boat Reviews. We have converted this beast to accomodate the most powerful Spinning Reels on the market which until now couldn’t be fully utilized. Go to your rod and pull it on your hand from handle. You will want to choose a large capacity Spinning Reel with with a sturdy aluminum frame and beefy drag system.

Internet Marketing Provided by Get Found In Town, Choosing the Correct Spinning Rod and Reel Combo For Bluefin Tuna. Bluefin generally stays on 20-30 foot depth. $150 – $500. This is the reason for purhcasing a High-Capacity Reel with a Smooth Drag System. Like the Stellas the TwinSpin 30 is a 6.0:l High Speed Reel and the TwinSpin 30L is a Low Speed brute buster. Here I am providing 5 best bluefin tuna reels that most of angler use who loves to go this type big fish. More Gear. How to Make a Deep-Drop Leader. Some that you will gain with this Reel is the added Ball-Bearings and and Shimano’s famed “Baitrunner” feature. Targeting small to medium Bluefin Tuna with Spinning Tackle requires some serious gear. The Tsunami Fishing Rods are the best bang for your buck. At Fisherman’s Outfitter we service and stand by all the Reels we sell. Reminder don’t start pulling the line at first but make sure that the line stayed on tout. To maximize the Strength and Line Capacity your Reel can hold you should fill it with a Braided Spectra Line. By Sam Hudson. Remember always hand gloves before pulling the rod and reel. They hold about the same amount of line the main difference between the two is the Gear Ratio. These Reels have slightly faster Gear Ratios which is great for using large poppers and casting jigs as well as Hi-Speed Jigging. You may or may not be familiar with Spectra Fishing but it has been around for about 15 years now and has gone through some major transformations. Also you need enough size storage to store them if you want to see them fresh when you are in home or market. Caught 190lbs and 215lbs bluefin on this setup.

Also, their good swim ability and fighting nature made them hard to catch and get them in your boat. For avoiding tangled line you can firstly setup the sallowest line then start placing the deepest line. Every time you go for this huge type fish you must need a good size boat. The only thing will remain is pull it on the boat. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Their large size body has a weight of 300 to 1000 plus pound. with the finest epoxies and threads. So if you don’t choose the right place where you can get easily backup you may fall in trouble. Here at Fisherman’s Outfitter we proudly carry three Manufacturers’ Spinning Reels; Penn, Shimano and Accurate. It is built with Calstar’s 7′ Graphiter Blank which is originally designed as a Long-Range Stand-up Tuna Blank. It recieved a few upgrades from it’s predecessor, an infinite anti-reverse system and an improved handle with large diameter knob for comfort and increased torque. But don’t fear, they are not catch proof. You’re tuna reel requirement can easily fulfill at this price range.

So in this article I am going to share with you my pro tips on what reels do you need for bluefin tuna and how to catch Bluefin tuna. So in this article I am going to share with you my pro tips on what reels do you need for bluefin tuna and how to catch Bluefin tuna. If using lighter lures you should stick with 65lb Test or Smaller, while heavier lures can easily be casted long distances with the heavier 80lb line (which only has the diameter of 20lb mono). The Tsunami Spinning Rods also feature Fuji Stainless-Steel reinforced graphite Reel Seats.

The downside to these production Rods are the attention to detail spent on the guide wraps, they are more likely to deteriorate over time than a Custom Rod.

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