Arguably the best improviser Salsa music has ever seen, this album shows Rivera at his best when singing El Nazareno, his tribute to the black Christ of Panama. It took 20 years for that record to be broken and it put Anthony on a different league to all the other Latin artists. The Cheetah was a huge club on New York's 52nd St. along the corridor where jazz clubs had traditionally been located. [17][18] Shakira and Maná are the only acts with more than two albums on the list. The 60s were coming to an end and New Yonk was seeing the transformation of the Latino community. Here’s a random torrent via sogoodmusic.

One of those bands that did not achieve commercial success but managed to leave a hell of an album for future generations. ... With his unique singing style, Ismael Rivera is one of the... "Revento," Hector Lavoe. Posted by theamyb | . Yuri gave the title song to the (very mediocre, avoid) 2nd "Salsa" film. Far from censuring the artist, Lavoe's public only seemed to embrace the singer more as his life spiraled out of control. Ismael Rivera - 'Soy Feliz'.

A band linked to the Young Lords (Neuyorican answer to the Black Panthers), led by percussionist Ernie Agosto, what they lack in musical quality, they made up in swing and attitude, this is what salsa in the 70's in NY was about: raw street poetry. Joe Cuba Sextette - 'Steppin' Out'. Most of his albums are fantastic, but Champaigne is a very special one.

Embrace the multitude of emotions that music evokes by scrolling through the top 50 albums of all time, as determined by a music-obsessed industry insider. 'El Malo' - Willie Colon /Hector Lavoe. For the past two decades, Marc Anthony has established himself as one of the best-selling artists in Latin music. What else can you ask for? The cast of characters changed over the years and was more in-line with improvised jams than practiced rehearsed pieces. This 1962 album cemented Joe Cuba as one of the most... "Soy Feliz," Ismael Rivera. Enjoy my personal list of the greatest Salsa Music of all time. Her best. Conceived as a branding mechanism for the label, the Fania All-Stars were supposed to be the greatest salsa band of their era – a goal that wasn’t all that hard to achieve because virtually everybody in the …

In the following weeks we'll be bringing you the best of the Golden Era that were not from NY, plus Cuban Salsa (by dj flecha) Venezuelan Salsa, Romantic Salsa and New Salsa. Legend says that Celia recorded her first tune Gracia Divina in just one take, without rehearsing and a couple of hours after arriving in NY. The 60s were coming to an end and New Yonk was seeing the transformation of the Latino community. Also watch video of a song off the album (some of the videos are live renderings of studio tracks on the album). sizzling Salsa! Since July 1993, Billboard has published the best-selling Latin albums in the United States on the Top Latin Albums chart. Here are the best of New York's Golden Era. Every day our 1000 best albums of all time countdown continues all the way to #1. Cheo Feliciano had been a major artist under Joe Cuba's band and got hooked on hard drugs. Monday’s album is #834: That two trombones, a piano, bass and three percussionists could create a sound this big is stunning. Fusing hard salsa music with fire truck sirens, Puerto Rican … Heavy Smokin' (a reference to marijuana) was the first Fania label album released although Harlow went on to produce over 150 albums for Fania. La Ponceña's elegant repertoire has been heavily influenced by Papo Lucca, the band's legendary pianist and director. [4] Me Estoy Enamorando by Alejandro Fernández and Vuelve by Ricky Martin were the best-selling Latin albums of 1998 and 1999, respectively, and were both certified platinum by the RIAA. During the last four decades of my life, I have had a chance to see almost every artist of this ‘Top 500’ list perform their best hits live, hear them on the original recordings and / or ‘Best of / Greatest Hits’ compilations, and, of course, on radio. After a brief flirtation with blogging about global politics, we begin covering the dark fringes of the New York rock scene that the indie rock blogosphere and the corporate media find too frightening, too smart or too unfashionable.

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