Episode 14 Stew Coup All the pressure was on the chef this week to deliver a Vegas-themed feast. Instead, Lara condescendingly tells Hannah that if she’s going to be rude to her, she can expect Lara to be double rude back – and even worse she’ll be late for her shift out of revenge punishment.

Prior to Monday night's episode airing, Captain Sandy reflected on June's work as a third stew during a recent phone interview with The Daily Dish. Any guesses at which crew member takes this news the hardest?

We’ve all lost our will to carry on here.

And that’s after he kinda, sorta already apologized to Aesha with a defensive explanation about why the whole conflict was really her fault. Basically, this is all a way of saying that Aesha doesn’t think the Season 5 crew is as fun as last year’s. It gave him a wet dream. Hannah also left them with the simple task of bringing home some fresh milk.

Mila did say the most important thing was giving them what they want. IS BUGS A BETTER CHIEF STEW THAN HANNAH? Last night’s supersized 90 minute Below Deck Mediterranean was so full of drama amongst the cast that after a while they didn’t even bother showing the guests. You know it’s the end of the season when the chief stew and the bosun are in trouble! It's wrong," she said in an interview during the episode. Even if your only clients are Lisa Vanderpump and Kameron Westcott things aren’t adding up. Cook on, Mila! During the naughty and nautical-themed dinner, the lovebirds got to knock off early. Malia‘s mom just so happens to be in Spain, so she gets permission for her mom to watch The Wellington dock. Rate. Sandy meanwhile barges into the kitchen like some sort of high fallutin hostess with the mostess to prove to yell at Kiko for the steaks being tough. she tweeted. When I tell you, the audacity of this man.

Sandy thinks this is an odd choice even for the crew supper, and is shocked into a stupor when Mila unflinchingly informs her that it’s the first course for the guests! I know Bugs took a lot of flack for being promoted after Hannah Ferrier was fired, but after a handful of episodes with her in charge, I need to say something. Lara refuses to do laundry until the crew mess is cleaned, per the task sheet, and Hannah is adamant that her personal instruction takes precedent over a piece of paper. We also saw the long awaited return of Ben Robinson. Below Deck Mediterranean Star Jessica More Says She Never Saw Picture Of Rob Westergaard With His Girlfriend Until The Show Aired, Below Deck Mediterranean Star Captain Sandy Yawn Says Malia White Is “Secretly Gay”, Aesha Scott Says Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5 Cast “Has The Sh*ttiest Banter”, Below Deck Mediterranean Star Malia White Announces Breakup From Tom Checketts With Shady Instagram Post, Below Deck Mediterranean Star Aesha Scott Is Living With Her New Man In An Ambulance That’s Been Converted To A Tiny House, Below Deck Mediterranean Star Captain Sandy Yawn Says She Was “Taken Out Of Context” When She Claimed Malia White Is “Secretly Gay”, Below Deck Alum Adrienne Gang “Disgusted By” Captain Sandy Yawn Saying Malia White Is “Secretly Gay”. Bugsy even gives them permission to sleep in the guest cabin! Exciting to say the least (to be fair they were sailing through a squall). Captain Sandy Yawn let June Foster go in Monday night's episode of Below Deck Mediterranean. Create a free profile to get unlimited access to exclusive videos, sweepstakes, and more! monitoring_string = "0f53d3d4577b5763f618949fdfd65ade", Below Deck Season 8 Premiere Recap: Yachties of the Caribbean, Erika Jayne Has Filed To Divorce Her Husband Tom Girardi After 21 Years Of Marriage, Elizabeth Lyn Vargas Lost 35 Pounds; Training For Los Angeles Marathon, Karen Huger Slams Wendy Osefo For Constantly Bragging About Her Education; Wendy Tells Karen To "Shut The F*ck Up". She finds her cleaning the crew mess and acting as if Hanna’s head deserved a does of SHOUT! I’ll just call them “Alcohol Now,” which is the t-shirt the primary was wearing when he boarded the boat.

He’s interrupting her, he’s dismissive, and he clearly doesn’t respect her authority.

Of course James and Anastasia don’t make it to the dock in time for their ride, requiring a second pick up. "Grateful for June and what she did for our team. Either because the specialty plate went to the wrong person when one of the stews (you know it will be Anastasia Surmava) was distracted, or because Ben was so anxious about the burners and the size of the galley that he misread the preference sheet again and prepared something she cannot eat. Then when she has to reach around her to access the dishwasher, Lara and Hannah’s tenseness spills over. You have a bright future. Tears. Out of uniform. Sign up to become a Bravo Insider and be the first to get exclusive extras. Many deep, snarkily pureed and hopefully beautifully executed thoughts. Lara isn’t going to give that so Hannah decides she can be second stew in name only, oh, and she’s switched from lates to early last-minute. The next morning Lara gets the opportunity to stretch her legs and prove her resume isn’t full of lies! I hope you continue your maritime career as well as following your dreams of traveling. Below Deck Mediterranean Season Finale Recap: The Mysteries of Hannah The season concludes with some disagreements about João and some less-than-heartbroken farewells. Below Deck Mediterranean Recap: Is This A Sandals Couples Resort? And rather than take the note like a pro and commit to doing better, the scolding sends Tom off to pout in his room. the chief stew tweeted. "Sometimes this is how it goes in the yachting world. Following that spectacular culinary fete,  Joao escorts the guests into town, leaving James and Anastasia as babysitters. He is just so charming and sweet, I adore him and I so hope he gets a hot French fling this season, then writes a rap comparing Captain Sandy to Filet Mig-none. Anyway the episode ends with this woman literally crawling out of her cabin and collapsing on the floor.

She’s unfailingly on top of things. "Thank you June for a great job, and I so appreciate you coming on board," she shared. Anyone who’s watched this show for five minutes can tell you that’s yachting 101. You don't have to like people; you just have to do your job.". "Love for June.". And also a chef, which comes in handy when Mila almost skipped lunch service recovering from toxic shrimp scampi. Maybe Jack Stirrup is rubbing off on me when he should be rubbing the railings of Sirocco? However, as Malia gives her mom a tour of the boat, I can’t help wondering what she thinks of Captain Sandy after a certain Cameo went viral today. First, there are the guests who are so distracted by bragging about who has the biggest menopausal sex drive they forget to eat their dinner until it gets cold, then the primary tattles to Captain Sandy Yawn. 2 ... On the final episode of the season, a boat catches fire in port stranding Sirocco with nowhere to go. Affiliate Disclosure: Evolve Media LLC, and its owned and operated websites may receive a small commission from the proceeds of any product(s) sold through affiliate and direct partner links. Not a day goes by on Below Deck Mediterranean without kitchen issues, bad weather and Captain Sandy Yawn throwing a “Sandtrum” – aka, a Sandy tantrum – about something, then getting over it 2 seconds later to direct her wrath at someone else. From second one we know the new chef is gonna be trouble. #KaseyWroteHerResume. WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THIS SEASON SO-FAR? TELL US – DOES HANNAH DESERVE LARA’S ATTITUDE? The Daily Dish is your source for all things Bravo, from behind-the-scenes scoop to breaking news, exclusive interviews, photos, original videos, and, oh, so much more. And it's the reunion which means lots of transcribing. Find out what you missed. The recipient of said cake would rather be shotgunning a beer. While he’s taking his break Pete overhears from his bunk. However, when pressed by her co-workers, Bugs shuts down, denying that there’s any sexual tension between her and everyone’s favorite Jersey teddy bear. At least I will have a new episode of The Weakest Link to watch when I get through this. Despite waiting half the day for food, the guests still have a generous tip. Tonight we were in for a supersized episode of Below Deck Mediterranean, which delivered supersized drama of epic proportions for Kiko Lorran.

I believe them, and I also believe the crew will start acting all kinds of insane and Hannah will eventually find Crocs displayed as the table centerpiece and just explode. Welp, it's the most wonderful time of the year. Basically, Lara’s been a bitch since birth. Hannah calls Lara “disgusting,” and then realizes she needs help from a higher power. Or maybe Mila was literally hallucinating? I'm already irritated by the… Was it just an amalgamation of so many lazy moments that built up for Sandy? Instead of assessing the situation (‘ass’ being the operative prefix!) Bounds. Basically, I expect Season 2 of Dirty John to be about someone named “Randy Mardid” who has 6 fake passports and a couple of baby mamas down in Idaho and Louisiana, and drives a mysterious Lamborghini to his computer job in the McDonald’s lobby. Instead, Lara just wants to tell Hannah that she’s rude and she will not take it. I have never seen anyone be so utterly and flagrantly dismissive of their superior. James, like his hair, is an utter uncontrollable mess. You have a bright future. Um, who does James think he is – Hannah?! But, seriously, why is Sandy – on the last day, of the last charter – upset that table is not set at 5am? So hat does Lara do but fight bad attitude with a bad attitude. I assume the one woman who is allergic to everything under the sun (except alcohol and silicone – clearly) is going to have some sort of attack after accidentally consuming something Ben Robinson accidentally served her. Meanwhile the deck crew is just twiddling their thumbs. Last season we had guests who called chicken food for poor people, this season the guests are being served dinner crappier than what I make for my kids (who do not pay for my exalted cooking, I might add!)

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