over 90 percent) have already signed MoUs. The board of governors is AIIB's highest decision-making body. In: Nature. China has emerged as one of the fastest-growing sources of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into India – it was the 17th largest in 2016, up from the 28th rank in 2014 and 35th in 2011, according to India's official ranking of FDI inflows. The following table provides an overview of the countries of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). A report from the World Pensions Council (WPC) estimates that Asia, excluding China, requires up to US$900 billion of infrastructure investments per year over the next decade, mostly in debt instruments, 50% above current infrastructure spending rates. Hence, through the BRI the Chinese government aims to accelerate economic integration of countries along the Silk Road and boost economic cooperation with Europe, the Middle East and the rest of Asia. This was stated by representatives of Vnesheconombank at the International conference Development of the shelf of Russia[73] and the CIS — 2019 (Petroleum Offshore of Russia), held in Moscow. The initiative was given intensive coverage by Chinese state media, and by 2016 often being featured in the People's Daily. [4], The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, first proposed in October 2013, is a development bank dedicated to lending for infrastructure projects. To date, more than sixty countries—accounting for two-thirds of the world’s population—have signed on to projects or indicated an interest in doing so. Although this pales in comparison to the more than $1 trillion China is expected to spend on the BRI, advocates say it seeks to crowd in a larger pool of private investment by underwriting risk. It is described as pro–Belt and Road Initiative and pro-China. ), as well as foreign auditors (Deloitte, member of the world Big Four) and consulting centers (Norwegian Rystad Energy and others.). Heavily armed, right-wing groups are poised to rebel against the election if President Trump loses, an extraordinary danger to U.S. democracy. [email protected] Meanwhile, India has provided its own development assistance to neighbors, most notably Afghanistan, where it has spent $3 billion on infrastructure projects. Today digital trade and e-commerce are becoming an inseparable part of the global economy and in December 2018 Alibaba announced that they will built their lo gistic hub for Europe in Liege airport.

While Beijing boasts that the official list of Belt and Road participants is up to 137 countries and 30 major international organizations, in most cases the criteria for “signing up” is a vaguely worded, non-legally binding MOU. The United States views India as a counterweight to a China-dominated Asia and has sought to knit together its strategic relationships in the region via the 2017 Indo-Pacific Strategy. I am the author of "Ghost Cities of China," a book which chronicles the two and a half years I spent in China's under-populated new cities and "On the New Silk Road," which tells the story of the three years that I spent traveling across Eurasian on the various corridors of the New Silk Road / Belt and Road. ", Ito, Asei. The Philippines has adjusted its policy in favor of Chinese claims in the South China Sea under Philippines President Rodrigo Roa Duterte who expects support of his plans for massive infrastructure expansion. For media inquiries on this topic, please reach out to, What the COVID-19 Pandemic May Mean for China's Belt and Road Initiative.

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