/Filter /FlateDecode /AIS false Length 1.372 Might make me want to pick up some of these bullets for my "hunting" AR... "People are responsible to play a role in their own safety."


I doubt they will stabilize in that twist. .323 Diameter .308 Weight 85 /ExtGState << ��v���x�$�&����ON��9��V$���)�A~��!�Um�ju�������+>ދ+�r�?�#���YL�D��W� Type TSX BT Weight 400 Weight 200 Box QTY 50

Length 1.331

/Type /ExtGState /Length1 19676 Box QTY 20 .246 Get the top Guns & Ammo stories delivered right to your inbox every week. .284 .196 Box QTY 20 Weight 210 Powders include IMR, Accurate, Alliant, Hodgdon, Ramshot, Winchester Catalog # 30266, Caliber 270 Cal /CS0 16 0 R /C1 [1] .363 .222 Weight 350 << 0.204

/FunctionType 3 Length .917 .301 .264 endstream Type TSX FB Catalog # 30537, Caliber 450 Bushmaster Great hunt. S.D. B.C. /ExtGState << Once again, please refrain from cutting short any baseless totally emotional arguments with facts.

/SA true Now if you're loading for a bolt action or single shot, you're thinking along the right lines. Diameter .308 .425 Diameter .257 /Resources << >>

/op false B.C. Catalog # 30491, Caliber 375 Cal .289 .453

Diameter .416

Weight 53 .275 B.C. x�+��w6PH/�2PI�\�@� 17 0 obj .404 Length 1.086 Box QTY 20 Diameter .323 .383

Box QTY 50 /C1 [1]


Diameter .277 B.C. .279

In my opinion, the listed bullet that most closely resembles your 62 gr. Diameter .510

Weight 300 Box QTY 20 Twist Rate 1:12" or Faster

Weight 500 Weight 400 Notes: case: Winchester; case trim length: 1.750"; twist rate: 1:12" (a 1:12" or faster twist is required to stablize the 45-grain Banded Solid Spitzer and the 53-grain TSX; a 1:9" or faster twist is required to stabilize the 62-grain TSX; a 1:8" or faster twist is required to stabilize the 70-grain TSX); primer: WSR (except where otherwise specified in remarks); … Type TSX FB

Catalog # 30455, Caliber 35 Cal /Filter /FlateDecode Type TSX BT Fax: (435) 856-1040 B.C. Weight 165 Weight 270 endobj A lot. Type TSX FB Diameter .224 .17 B.C. B.C.

Length 1.558 << Powders include IMR, Accurate, Alliant, Hodgdon, Ramshot, Winchester B.C.

/Range [-128 127 -128 127] Type TSX BT Catalog # 30176, Caliber 22 Cal B.C. 19 0 obj Diameter .458 Type TSX FB S.D. S.D.

Length 1.5 .355 ��>*�b�X,.���Di��(m�ޑ��k#Y�g�������A� ��kI?Vd,����T���A5��}1�v���z��)�|�W�g���֊�Cτ�4N>�}���2x����["���I�F��Q�, �h�Aw������P�W�}�:��$�d��T���urS��J>Jy"�q�4��g���y�S�Oݰw�)����#B�+�nz���e�@}� ��kA;[���Ar��""�r�(�f8 ���Ԩ��IO%��&+�Ehahe��n!\��j�1,���h�z��נ�� ���zw'c���[�7%��k��L�#h��Q���6��lE;��_��}��$n�GJ��������k�uq(J{�G�f=�`.� _�7D�{����ǹ7����;�ċ��۸� .369 Type TSX FB B.C.

/OPM 1 Length 1.330 It seems that I have read that you use XBT data for TTSX bullet. stream

As far as 25.7 grains filling the case, it is no where near full. Catalog # 30294, Caliber 30 Cal Box QTY 50 .404

Weight 200 I think the 45 and 50gr TSX FB are the only ones that Barnes recommends for a 1-14. .404

.310 Weight 500 Nice field report and thanks California guy (I think we should give him a name for conversation's sake-- how about Littleslug?

S.D. B.C. Length .955 .381 x��| |T�����m�f}3�= 3�If�! Diameter .224

OTM bullet is the Barnes 62 gr. /op false


Weight 110 !���������[email protected]��E�V������T�m�L��j�����՚Ţ�|Җ"*����[email protected]����~��瞻�s�s�9���2 �'M-.�^=�k>Bh�{��6�f�� � .231 .267 /OP false .357 Catalog # 30712, © 2020, Barnes Bullets, LLC.

Diameter .458 B.C. .209

.251 So, a certain Californian requested that I try out some .224cal Barnes bullets in my pig killing escapades. 318

Box QTY 50 Box QTY 50 .333 S.D. Weight 750 Thanks for the reply, I have looked at this site and thought the cfe info on the BAR TAC-XBT was for the ttsx but wasn't sure,, I did try three (62gr ttsx) at 25.7 gr of cfe 223 but was filling like i was over pressuring the round, thin looking at the other load data SFT SCIR (soft point)?????

>> << Weight 140 x��A Weight 85 /BBox [0 612 378 0]

Hornady match - only a slight widening of the group - call it 3/4". endobj

Using bullets from Barnes Varmint Grenade, Barnes Banded Spitzer or TSX FB, Barnes TSX FB, Barnes MPG FB, Barnes TSX BT. ALL 30 gr 34 gr 35 gr 36 gr 40 gr 42 gr 43 gr 45 gr 50 gr 51 gr 52 gr 53 gr 55 gr 60 gr 62 gr 63 gr 64 gr 65 gr 68 gr 69 gr 70 gr 73 gr 75 gr 77 gr 80 gr 82 gr 90 gr. /FunctionType 2 Length 1.228 Diameter .375 /Type /ExtGState Weight 570 Diameter .458 2 different Savage 223s shoot that load very well, but they are both a 9 twist. Well, actually, he asked if I'd be willing to work up some handloads with some Barnes bullets and I said no to that. .322

Diameter .310 Weight 150 B.C.


JavaScript is disabled. <<

Diameter .338

Load Data.

Diameter .375 B.C. Maybe higher altitudes? SHOP ONLINE. .283

My Stevens Model 200 shoots the Hornady 68 grain match bullets well, in fact the only bullet groups decently in it. I was wanting to develop a load for them since we have to use at least a 60 grain bullet for 22 centerfires for big game here in WY. Catalog # 30469, Caliber 9.3mm S.D. endobj I only have one rifle that uses their bullets currently (7mm-08 Savage), but their ain't no denying the performance. B.C. Type TSX BT * Recommended Powder C Compressed Load 6 55-grain TSX FB / TAC-X FB Sectional Density .157 Ballistic Coefficient .209 C.O.A.L 2.180” 55-grain MPG / TAC-RRLP … Diameter .474 Length 1.691 Type TSX BT >> http://www.hodgdon.com/basic-manual-inquiry.html, http://www.barnesbullets.com/resources/contact-us/, The Fire For Effect and Totally Politically Incorr, The Ask the Pros & What's It Worth?

Box QTY 20

I've not seen a 1:14 that will shoot 53 TSX accurately-- tried in at least 3 guns: a 22-250, a 223, and a 221 FB. .369 Catalog # 30494, Caliber 405 Win Twist Rate 1:10" or Faster


.206 S.D. But, if that ain't a true testament of a bullets capability............I don't know a better way of testing.T. Box QTY 50 Catalog # 30269, Caliber 7mm Diameter .277

S.D. Diameter .338

/WhitePoint [0.964203 1 0.824905] Catalog # 30647, Caliber 505 Gibbs .238 /AIS false Length 1.308

Type TSX FB As far as 25.7 grains filling the case, it is no where near full. Length 1.405

Diameter .308 .394 Weight 130 S.D.

Box QTY 50 Diameter .308 Type TSX FB

{ޟ��x'@9�o�B����C��c9w� +V?h�-��p�s��K���× *����f�n���7T�"�������� �u��h���+���>���Y{۲�m��`���p�;�(�ʐ#3��7a��j�x�>|&{a5[�� �&���};���I�4��U �d� G�h�k�rc4bi�A�`�[�ja4���a��J� :X؞���υ�a�b��O��w�6ڿ��ܲ4�Y|� �'/@bQ�$kc�~���NA����}�O��E��#2��ʾ�5���0 v���8�#M� %oL~��=�h��>y ۷��pg��@LD��0��>��䃠��`��0�8q�����8�{�>�5�i��j���_�@M���y(�;��� �i��%brnr�;��H��'�fx��9EH/?p����{s��� F��� S.D. Type TSX BT On another board i frequent, Barnes is the most popular bullet. S.D. Length 1.228 Catalog # 30622, Caliber 45/70 Govt Length 1.116 Length .882

I would call Barnes tech support at 800-574-9200 and ask them if they have worked up a load using those powders since they are fairly popular powders with the CFE 223 being relatively new. S.D. .254 ��H�P�KP�[� ���H�pB8��I������v�RN&�'xcrT�C� I'd not thought about the twist of the barrel in the OP's query. .281 Type TSX FB B.C. Copyright © 2000-2020 24hourcampfire.com, Inc. All Rights Reserved. �^�r�e=Jo7��1����'��_� B�W4��a?


Suite 500, Troy, Michigan 48084 USA. 24.0 gr. It seems that you have learned a lot more in your 2 years than I have in 40 years!

/Domain [0 1]

Length 1.525 My thoughts are generally clear. S.D. /ca 1 Box QTY 50 .242

.585 Catalog # 30334, Caliber 30 Cal

��ͽq���Q�}��� ��m�ޠ��H>�@x���oZ�a���f�B�-�? /K false I have most of the same powders as the OP, but will start with CFE223, and maybe try X-Terminator as well. B.C.

.157 Twist Rate 1:8" or Faster

I'd like to get my hands on a few more lbs. Length 1.138 S.D. It should also shoot in a 1:12. Catalog # 30347, Caliber 30 Cal S.D.

Weight 50 71 .336

The TAC-X (BT = boattail...cat#22406) data can be used with the TTSX #22454 or the TSX #22460. gdmoody, I was calling it head space and was meaning to call it shoulder space,, sorry about that. Catalog # 30489, Caliber 375 Cal :shameful: Once again, most Excellent report and shooting.

While the 5.56 NATO and .223 Remington are very similar, due to chamber differences and barrel twist rates, it is best to separate load data.

They can be very accurate when handloaded, do plenty of damage to the vitals and little damage to the meat. /N 1 /Length 27 0 R Type TSX FB Length .985

Length 1.517 /ca 0.699997 16 0 obj

The TSX was introduced in 2003 and has become Barnes' most popular hunting bullet. Catalog # 30353, Caliber 30 Cal >>

I shoot the 62 TTSX in front of a max charge of Varget. 25 0 obj Box QTY 50 Phone: (435) 856-1000



Type TSX FB 0.188

Diameter .338

S.D. endobj Catalog # 30351, Caliber 30 Cal S.D. B.C. /FunctionType 2 The new Hawkeye models are 1-9 twist.

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