STEP1: PLEASE READ AD ENTIRELY as it CLEARLY DISPLAYS ALL relevant information, T&Cs apply to ALL SALES, FAQ’s regarding the BREEDS we offer, the COLOURS we BREED in that particular BREED the SIZE LARGE/FULL OR BANTAM/MINIATURE we BREED in that particular BREED the AGE/PRICE GUIDE. Available year round on hatchery choice.

Chicks: Day old mix of unsexed purebred Coronation Sussex, RIR x Isa, Commercial Black and Indian Game x Isa - $15 each. 2 x black large laying pullets. Ancona ($25 1/2 doz) I only have 3 hens so not possible to sell full dozens.

Black white All breeds and prices are listed and please read the ad befo, Chicks - Australorps, Black, Splash & Many Other Pure Breed Varieties, Please send text message to my mobile as gumtree app is not sending the message to my phone. the green message button is a GUMTREE MESSAGE & will get you DELETED INSTANTLY!

NO GUMTREE MESSAGES! Pick up available on most days with prior arrangement. Please phone or text John, Guinea Fowl Keets - & Many Other Varieties of Poultry 30 Mins from CBD, Please send a text message to as the gumtree app is not always sending messages to my phone. Black • Extra Large Free Range Chicken eggs - $5/dozen (not fertile) ($60 a dozen) Lots to choose from They are product from Coronation Sussex rooster over Black Commercial Laying hens. P,o,a, 5 laying chickens, 9 months old. Lovely, quiet, healthy birds. So very cute as chicks "keets", with very ugly vulture looking heads when they get older. Copyright © 2007-2020 Marktplaats B.V. All Rights Reserved. Do not call, please txt , pick up Belmore. 1 bantam Brown leghorn rooster $20 (lot $100) 2 Xbred bantam roosters $20 both. Good for eating snails and, TopChicks - Large Variety of Heritage Breed Chicks, Please send a text message through to my mobile as the gumtree app is not sending messages through to my phone.

STEP 1: PLEASE READ AD ENTIRELY as it CLEARLY DISPLAYS ALL relevant information and FAQ’s regarding the BREEDS we offer see INDIVIDUAL Ads for the DESCRIPTION the COLOURS we BREED in that particular BREED the SIZE LARGE/FULL OR BANTAM/MINIATURE we BREED in that particular BREED the AGE/PRICE GUIDE. P.o.a. NO CALLS ! We offer full brooder start up kits including qualit, TopDucklings - Khaki Campbells, Anconas & Pekins & Goslings, Pls always send text message for a faster reply. Price$60. Two colours (pictured) to choose from. ($30 a dozen) Pekin purebred available too NO GUMTREE MESSAGES! ($60 a dozen) Hatching regularly, 1 year old and under a year black bond chicken lay eggs $50 each, Fresh Free Range Eggs available every day.

Roosters rhode island and indian runners few japanese bantams full grown 30 also chickens 35 please text only on 9964, 1192199158.

Crossbred breeds are brahma, cochin, d'uccle, bantam and frizzle. They are excellent dual purpose birds, a heavy breed with a solid laying tra, Goslings - Both On Heat & Off Heat Pilgrims, Please send a text message to as the gumtree app is not always sending messages to my phone. 1 laying leghorn chicken nearly 14 months.$50. Please do your research before contacting us. Gold Laced Wyandotte. ($30 a dozen) We have 18 300 available, $20 each, fully vaccinated and wormed Direct from our farm in Wyong Creek, text Tim on to arrange pickup Most large chicken breeds have a bantam counterpart, sometimes referred to as a miniature. I can Sell 12 brahma egg if needed . Bantam Chicks for Sale.

-FREE RANGE ✅ • Fertile Chicken eggs (mixed) - $20/dozen The Locke View Poultry Zoo proudly offers for sale female baby Isa Brown chicks, Isa Browns your future little egg providers for your family. - Light Sussex Located Kemps Creek 2178 PH-. By proceeding, you consent to our Privacy & Cookie Notice and acknowledge how we process your personal data and set cookies as described. I have some rare and beautiful Splash Auracana baby chooks 2 weeks old and 1 week olds, have shown parents in pics , pure white with black dots splashed all over, BLUE egg layers, only about 15 up for sale. 6-11 pullets $26 Ratio fertility 90% Any question call Erny on NO TEXT PLEASE because i don't have internet acces. NO TIME WASTERS PLEASE ! The chicks are unsexed so we don’t know if they are male or female, you will have a 50/50 chance of boys to girls so we recommend that you buy double the hen outcome you are aiming for. One - two day advance notice and bringing your own carton will be appreciated. Also available 6 week old turkey poults light sweetgrass colours, they are off heat $22 each

You can pick up from Box Hill or Schofield NSW Dozen Free Ranged Eggs $8.00, Pure breed Isa Browns 1 year old laying hens $25 each or $100 for 5 Great layers with large eggs Pick up Belimbla Park, We have a variety of chickens available!

Mixed Breed Chickens - Breeds are DL Barneveldar cross Pekin Bantam Rooster - Australorp cross Rhode Island Red Hens Cash Sale Pick up preferred - Can Deliver at buyers expense. Chinese goslings turkey chicks pullets Langshan bantams fertile eggs ! We have beautiful healthy pure breed sexed female chicks available of the following Heritage breeds . Isa brown x sussex pullets only a few weeks of laying great backyard chooks as easy to fence in and make great layers 10 of them all up. Minimum to ship is 15 bantams.

OUR COLLECTION LOCATION the DAYS & TIMES we are available for COLLECTIONS STEP 2: AFTER doing this you will be PREPARED to SMS/TEXT DIRECTLY to OUR, WYANDOTTE CHICKENS CHOOKS LAYING HENS POINT OF LAY PULLETS BABY CHICKS, Silkie crosses from $15 plus I have purebred Pekins Silkies a, Please pick up Beerwah

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