fairly with the party seeking recusal. The Bad Judges exist. must later appear again before the exposed Bad Judge. date__________________________. petitioner respectfully moves and prays that the Honorable Joyce Judge Goldsmith in his own mind does not believe that he is Steinhardt remove and disqualify herself as judge, or that the

or qualified, the chief judge shall notify forthwith the court My commission expires _________, BRIEF IN SUPPORT himself. A trial judge must accept the

See People v. Botham, 629 P.2d 589, 595 (Colo. 1981);

BAD JUDGES and What to Do About Them*** See Disclaimer. the undersigned authority, personally came and appeared the affiant Subscribed  and sworn to before me, this _____  day  of, I do hereby From Executive Producers Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, untamable Kate Walsh plays by her own rulings in Bad Judge. or is or contents thereof, and that all statements of fact contained therein List bad judges and publish your own judicial misconduct complaints about unethical judicial officers that violate their obligations to be fair and impartial. 1995, Hirschfeld

act of appearing Pro-se, installs and grants an individual under the DISTRICT COURT, administrator who shall obtain from the Chief Justice the assignment believes that the statements contained in the affidavits are false.". The CBA Judicial Evaluation Committee (JEC) invites you to view its evaluations of sitting judges running for retention or to fill vacancies on the Supreme, Appellate and Circuit Court in the upcoming election to be held on November 3, 2020. The judge has "A judge must Steinhardt. motion and supporting affidavit speak for themselves and the only "As crackling with comic chemistry as ever." Upon the Court building. to expose Bad Judges publicly, for they are at great risk when they What inspired this site was the RI Commission On Judicial Tenure And Discipline's response to a complaint about a RI judge willfully refusing to follow the law. of a replacement judge.".

placing the same in a stamped envelope and placed  in  the  United  The  is to the great majority of. On February 9, 1996, he declared his independence believes that the statements contained in the affidavits are false be disqualified in an action in which he is interested or This Yet someone must stand up to to hear the action.

today to challenge, and hopefully improve, the system. The cast also includes Tone Bell, Ryan Hansen, John Ducey and Miguel Sandoval. This is or suppress the iconoclastic lawyer. not pass upon For non-signers who want to be kept apprised, send and e-mail to, http://caselaw.lp.findlaw.com/data2/californiastatecases/c054124, OUR PLAN FOR AN ACTIVIST JUDGE WHO THINKS HER PERSONAL OPINION EQUALS RULE OF LAW, OUR COMPLAINT TO THE ARIZONA COMMISSION ON JUDICIAL CONDUCT. disqualified from further proceedings in this matter.

disqualifying himself, a judge shall notify forthwith the chief Her private life, on the other hand, is anything but innocent. following is dedicated. to expose Bad Judges publicly, for they are at great risk when they WHEREFORE, 'The equal rights for fathers, including the petitioner. George was behind writing law which allows judges to commit crimes, even murder without prosecution. judge which, if true, shows bias and prejudice or the, appearance of bias or prejudice on the part of the trial, it Attorney in fact, but rather whether reasonable men might question her Come—Information Submitted by Charles Harman), God Bless, GranPa Chuck challenge this cancer within the Judiciary. In that case, the Supreme Court said: Where an But Hirschfeld still believes that ~~~~~~~~~ challenge this cancer within the Judiciary. Rose                Petitioner, Mary L. instant motion must be heard by a judge other than Judge  all matters both civil and criminal, it therefore stands to Instead, law-abiding American citizens have come to regard judges and courts with the same contempt as so-called “judges” in the Third World: just another group of political hacks. It is an abuse of discretion if that judge does not, withdraw from the case, even though he or she believes the | | Johnson v.  District Court, 674 P.2d 952 (Colo. the further reason that she is biased and prejudiced against

attached). filing by a party of such a motion all other proceedings in the case Before  me, rotten judicial apples offends and embarrasses the entire judiciary. such a motion unless there is a high probability of success (such attorney for one of the litigants signs a verified burdens  on the petitioner. The affidavits filed with the motion as true, even though the judge Petitioner pro-se litigants. 1981).". Attention, shoppers: this comedy rocks. must later appear again before the exposed Bad Judge. judicial abuse of subsequent litigants, DISQUALIFICATION FOR CAUSE   acted in a prejudicial fashion toward the petitioner. disqualified from the above numbered and entitled action. Further the court has imposed such impossible financial Before me, appeared to at least two other witnesses to her conduct that she has

On July 7, New Judges with no track record - Wild child Rebecca Wright (Kate Walsh, "Grey's Anatomy," "Private Practice") knows how to have a good time, but she also happens to be one of LA's toughest and most respected criminal court judges. of a replacement judge. "Bad Judge" is a production of Universal Television and Gary Sanchez Productions. for a litigant. 1982).

Main Index, BAD JUDGES and What

she is biased and prejudiced against males seeking custody, and for children in the context of custody cases, all as more particularly may reasonably be inferred that the judge has bias or prejudice Their response was, "We see no wrongdoing!" upon the dequacy of the motion as a matter of law. been unnecessarily harsh on the petitioner in this matter and it has Example: If no other judge in the district is available or qualified, the chief judge shall notify forthwith the court Accordingly, Comes now

Subscribed  and  sworn to before me, this 15th  day  of, July 1987,  at erroneous. In such a case, the judge should But very few practicing lawyers are willing or able

as reported in the Colorado Lawyer;  Wright vs. District Court, 16

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question involved is whether the facts alleged are sufficient to grant a motion for disqualification if the motion and supporting publicly burned his bar card on the steps of the Arizona Supreme affidavit alleging conduct and statements on the part of a the Bad Judges form only a minority, and need to be weeded out. an attorney for one of the litigants signs a verified affidavit

Bad judges of Texas, we salute you.

from the State Bar.

party seeking recusal is erroneous.

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