was suddenly kaput? He taps the patch behind his ear. Looking back on it, Clint probably already knew. "Unsurprisingly, they don't have an answer.

No Slash, post movie. After a week in the lab, Tony finally had a breakthrough. Tony said exasperatedly. Natasha should have noticed his disability when she was working for him, and he was grateful that she hadn't, but now that he was going to be living with her, and Barton, and Thor, and Rodgers, and Bruce, it was only a matter of time before he was found out. She sat down in the only chair, the rest of the Avengers spreading around the room and sitting on the most comfortable things. Tony asked quietly, his tone deadly. There was a small metal part that attached to the back of his ear from the patch; it was small and also very hard to see. "You're not going anywhere," he stated, his tone brooking no argument. Tony said. (Three guesses who that was, and the first two don't count.) Then Tony got to work on finishing those special hearing aids. "It's nothing much. Tony took a breath and pushed a button on the back of the device behind both his ears and then Tony closed his eyes, just letting the sound flow for a second. Not even insulting Tony's genius mind, which would normally make the man act like a raving lunatic. Would you like me to recall it for you?" Tony ordered.

They all sat in silence as they thought about what Tony had just said. "Miss Romanoff, I would suggest letting Mr. Stark go." He'd executed evasive maneuvers, but it had target lock and followed him until he had been attacked by a group of both Hammerdroids and Doom Bots. Which, In All Honesty, Would Be A Really Wicked Invention. "Do you think you can knock that door down?" "I want to go home," he murmured to himself, stopping and closing his eyes with a sigh. Tony stood there, anger gone, replaced with a deep sense of amusement and a smile that looked a bit on the wrong side of crazy. Rogers, Thor and Clint were another story. ", "Tony?" He had one hand placed against the Arc Reactor and held the other, oddly enough, up to his left ear. Despite the act he put on for the media, in truth he was a bit of an introvert; every now and then he just needed to be alone and in the tower there was no chance of that happening. Tony's scratched, dry throat stuttered out. Tony had tried to explain what had happened but no body believed him. "I don't know how it's done on Asgard, but in the U.S., joining the military means two months of Basic Training. It was not his fault and he would have appreciated some assistance before he was ambushed and hit with the EMP. Natasha asked. He hadn't been wearing his hearing aids, just reading Happy's lips when Pepper had entered, Natalie Rushman right behind her. Tony hadn't been able to help himself. But he is, and he freely admits it to only himself. Bruce goes for some of the lessons in law and politics, but he obviously doesn't need the lessons in math, science, or how to use Microsoft Word. Rhodey. It was an order, they all knew; Pepper was scarier than Natasha when she wanted to be. "how can he just ignore all of us?" He went numb about an hour into the torture, but he knew that his teammates were still watching, no doubt staring at the glowing circle in his chest. "Can you tell me anything about his whereabouts?". They were hearing aids, or if Tony had created them, something with a similar effect. It was, however, when the villain had managed to capture everyone but Natasha, (How convenient, right?)

I'm saying that he will end up making a move that will put one of the team in danger and we shouldn't let it happen! ", "You expect us to believe that you were hit with an EMP and the only thing that went down was your com.?"

Tony is having none of it, he will not be manipulated through the Accords into spending time with the people who hurt him.

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