Big Agnes’ trademark Flex Pad Sleeve helps keep the bag from sliding off your sleeping pad as you move around. Packed volume/weight: 13 L / 2 lbs. Of the two-person bags we tested, the Kelty Tru.Comfort is the largest and most comfortable double bag on our list. But, in general, the answer is yes, sleeping bags are machine washable. Women generally sleep cooler and prefer a bag with a corresponding rating. (long). Buy this bag if: You have wide shoulders and hate sliding off your pad or pillow Insulation: Synthetic If it's outside, it's worth doing. The general weight of the bag settled around us as if we were being hugged to sleep. Additionally, it may be a little too warm for warmer weather camping, humid summertime climates, or lower altitudes. Letting our feet air out while testing for comfort. The one that came the closest is the Kelty Tru.Comfort 20 Doublewide. Generally, use a low setting and slow spin. Additionally, we feel the built-in individual quilts could be a bit wider. Overall, it’s a very smart, very comfy sleeping bag. Enter before February 7th for your chance to win. There are several ways a gently used sleeping bag can be repurposed or recycled. Minor qualms considered, this double bag is better than other two-person models we've tested in the past and currently. Testing determined that the Teton Sports Celsius XXL and Coleman All-Weather Multi-Layer are the most difficult to stuff into their sacks, but with a little elbow grease, we were able to get them back into their storage sacks. Plus, synthetic fill with a DWR treatment helps keeps the price low, forgives the occasional spill (or leaky tent), and can be stuffed for long periods without harming the insulating properties. Pros: Soft lining, anti-slide ribs prevent slipping on pad It has virtually no padding, but it is very easy to move and twist while inside. It’s worth noting that this article is aimed at general camping. Its feather interior allows it to be the lightest bag we tested and still one of the warmest. However, the Yolla Bolly is both warm and comfy — inside the hood is especially soft. Looking at its modest price tag, we were prepared to be underwhelmed. While a small packed size is nice, we ascribed the least importance to this metric. Buy this bag if: You want to sleep like royalty with that special someone But my favorite feature was no doubt a last-minute “ah-ha” from someone at The North Face HQ. An outstanding value! This bag did not feel incredibly warm to us. While this bag is a great value-purchase, it is a noticeable step down in comfort and quality compared to the top-shelf models we tested. Instead of a sleeping “bag,” the Zenbivy is more of a quilt on top, attached at the bottom to what would resemble the bottom half of a sleeping bag. Not only is it a warm and highly packable 19-degree sleeping bag, but Patagonia bucks the side-zip trend with a center zip.

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