Both the NFL and AFL teams are included in this set. So I directed the question to Geoff Giordano who edits the popular APBA Football Club page on Facebook. The set contains 1239 APBA cards. So, from 2002 until 2013, no one was making data disks for the computer football game.

Every played that played is carded.

A total of 1,618 cards in the set. A changing of the guard season. This question and answer exchange regarding APBA Football came up in the comments section of the About Page of this blog but I thought it deserved its own post since the topic does get brought up occasionally. The Steelers defend their Super Bowl Championship. Bring these gridiron stars home. I love APBA. I have the new football game (my old one from 1969 was stolen outside my door when the USPS left it there when sent to me by my brother). 50 players per team for each of the 32 teams. The Company website has the answer…. Here’s a general breakdown of the eras of the game. However, in 2002, Lee Young also abandoned the computer football game, and stopped making data disks. Every player that played is in this set. Can you coach the Vikings to their first Super Bowl Championship? The APBA Pro Football board game delivers all the stunning realism fans expect from APBA, plus one more thing – a great new look! The first year of the Super Bowl. Kline, the “new” football game first arrived in 1983 for the 1982 season — it was a basic/master game with all the rules bundled together. His breakdown on the boards is well worth the read if you’re considering buying the game. Bring these gridiron greats to your home field. The set contains 1239 APBA cards. $110.00. It’s time to cast your ballot for the 2020 Pitching Grade Challenge! 1976 Football Season. Can you coach the Colts to a second consecutive championship?

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. So I directed the question to Geoff Giordano who edits the popular APBA Football Club page on Facebook. And much thanks to Geoff for clarifying this! This is NOT a redo of the previous 2017 card sets. So any cards from 1982 onward will be generally compatible with either version of the master game from 1982 onward. Thanks, Your email address will not be published. On this site, you will find all of the available disks already created, as well as information on future disks. Anything prior to the 1981 season should be played on the old-style “big boards” from the ’50s-’70s. Jeff Boeding and the ’06 Naps go all the way at TCABT-XIV!!

Annotate the team’s “season drop back” number next to QB name(s) » Option 2. F1975CARD. apba will offer the usual 2020 baseball season products: (1) a 900 card (30 cards per team) set, (2) an xc set of the remaining players that played in the 2020 season, (3) an apba go file (which will be available around thanksgiving, (4) bbw cd and (5) bbw file.

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