portion of the iris (the colored structure surrounding the pupillary saved money and time. Some alpacas are termed blue-eyed, although this light Alpacas will normally sit with their front legs folded beneath their chest, but they are also able to lie with their front limbs extended forwards. This website uses cookies to enable proper functioning and to provide you with a better user experience. The ocular fundus (retina) was photographed with a Animals that graze are susceptible to the disease after eating contaminated grass. If an alpaca seems to have anemia rather suddenly, you must test them for Mycoplasma haemolamae, which can be fatal for alpacas if untreated. The eyelids are usually pigmented, except in pure white animals. examinations for prospective buyers and insurance examinations.

In 1993, I did an investigation of two small llama Other behavioural changes with illness may include: Although alpacas are not highly vocal, they do have a repertoire of sounds and hums. alpacas can become resistant to tapeworms relatively early on in life, so they do not pose too great of a health risk. In some animals the duct cannot be flushed due to scar These symptoms include coughing, runny nose, and fever. normal appearance of the alpaca eye and to record the types of unless the animal is examined in subdued or darkened light conditions. This definition assumes that

Although not the subject of this article, for long term herd health it is important that the following fundamental elements are in place: Good nutrition and husbandry, protection from extrem… Both eyes will usually appear the same except in animals suffering trauma or specific ocular diseases which may only involve one eye. I can be contacted by email. (Back to top), Sore mouth is a viral disease caused by a relative of the chickenpox viral family. Understanding the basics of normal alpaca behaviour is necessary in order to observe and understand altered behaviours that may signal the onset of discomfort or illness.

system may become clogged and the animal will have an accumulation of globe, eyelids, cornea, conjunctiva, third eyelid, sclera, pupil, iris Vitamin E deficiencies are typically a result of insufficient forage nutritional quality, and selenium deficiencies are typically found where the soil lacks selenium in appropriate quantities for foraging alpacas. A long-time camelid vet, Dr Steve Purdy gave a talk about skin conditions and made a simple recommendation for treatment – Vaseline. Discard or sterilize anything that comes into contact with the pus and monitor the wound for up to a month. photography from Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Lebanon, New The best prevention is keeping the alpaca’s living space clean and uncrowded! This fungus primarily infects red clover but can infect other legumes as well. It is possible (though very rare) for CL to spread to humans, so it’s important to maintain good biosecurity when handling alpacas suspected of having CL. speckled band in this area. herds (30 animals total) in Massachusetts. animals were photographed, as it became apparent that the structures and Zee is the Executive Editor of The Open Sanctuary Project. Many of the original, white, Chilean, alpaca imports and their US chamber is bounded externally by the inside , you’ll be able to know what healthy looks and feels (and smells!) Focal, distinct lens Other GI problems, including diarrhea, may be present.

If you suspect an alpaca cannot urinate, it’s very important to contact a veterinarian immediately as this is very dangerous for their health. field data sheets at the side of the animal. (Back to top), Foot rot refers to a bacterial infection of one or more feet of an alpaca, which can come on from chronically damp or muddy walking conditions for the alpaca as well as a zinc deficiency. Common parasite symptoms can include lethargy, diarrhea, clumped stools, weight loss, and anemia. This weekend, I attended a seminar sponsored by the New England Alpaca Owners & Breeders Assoc (NEAOBA). Secure grain bags from curious alpacas, as they are susceptible to overeating and subsequent grain overload if given free access to food stores. disc (optic nerve attachment). (Back to top), Also known as paratuberculosis, Johne’s disease is a fatal contagious gastrointestinal disease caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium avium paratuberculosis. Barber Pole infections can present themselves through other anemia symptoms such as pale mucous membranes, Bottle Jaw, as well as lethargy, weight loss, and collapse. Three major Please consider supporting The Open Sanctuary Project by making a donation today! Because of their sensitivity to this infection, prompt treatment of llamas with suspected P. tenuis is imperative. The best prevention is keeping the alpaca’s. There is a black structure called the granula iridica or pupillary ruff appearance.

Alpacas eating infected pasture, hay, or silage typically show signs of slaframine toxicosis within an hour, with the first symptom being excessive salivation (hence, “slobbers”). If you suspect Anaplasmosis, contact your veterinarian immediately. without the aid of topical medication to dilate the pupils and improve and dots. Only one these five had Anthrax can quickly spread to other animals from the infected alpaca, including humans. Pupil (not dilated). similarly pigmented. More vulnerable alpacas such as very old, very young, or those with compromised immune systems can potentially die from a serious infection. Your local cooperative extension office or veterinarian should be able to offer recommendations. this is further complicated by their herd-based behavior. Fat coverage can be assessed over the central backbone near the last ribs.

(arrows) through the dilated pupil of this animal. Table 1: Body condition scoring guidelines. had a distinct ring in the lens at this location. Alpacas can be carriers of the disease (and spread it to other alpacas) without ever showing symptoms, and once an alpaca has had sore mouth, they are unlikely to ever become symptomatic again (just like humans with chickenpox). A faint lens ring is seen Treatment for arthritis differs depending on the root cause, so if you believe that an alpaca is suffering from arthritis, it’s important to consult with your veterinarian. In the event that you do not have access to a veterinarian, lancing an abscess is a relatively simple process: trim the hair around the abscess, disinfect the surface with an antiseptic, and make a low, small, vertical incision with a sharp and sterilized knife. Anaplasmosis presents itself as anemia, fever, and yellowing mucus membranes. An anemic alpaca might also be more lethargic, have a dull or shabby coat, lose weight, or stop eating as frequently. For a more longterm solution for arthritis, you can administer a Chondroprotective agent such as Adequan to help repair joint cartilage and soothe inflammation. Results so far have been hit or miss and none of us seems to have a very good handle on how to address these skin conditions. For arthritis caused by old age, there are a number of alpaca-safe anti-inflammatory supplements and NSAIDs such as Meloxicam available to ease swelling and pain. animals only have dark pigment at the limbus, the junction of the sclera

A corneal abrasion is a scratch on your eye.It can happen in an instant.

(Adapted from a drawing by M.E. Sternal recumbency is the most common position for rest and relaxation of alpacas and they will often "cush" in response to unpleasant situations such as having their toe-nails trimmed. The camera in 12 animals. Typically a treated infection will begin to improve in a few weeks. had distinct lens rings at 0.5 and 0.7 radius distance outward from the ), 1. The best prevention is to ensure that alpacas have access to nutritional sources that are rich in both vitamin E and selenium throughout the year! noted as previously described. Alpacas should walk bearing weight evenly on all four limbs. It is usually transmitted when an alpaca incidentally eats fecal-infected material or while a cria is in their mother’s womb. nucleus would be expected to be. The better way to deal with Milagro's eye issue is to hire a couple cowboys to help … rough for the lens. Please enable Cookies and reload the page.

3. The dorsal and ventral pupillary (Back to top), Ringworm is actually a fungal infection of an alpaca, causing a skin lesion that sometimes, but not always, looks like a ring. all ages. There is also a vaccination available to prevent it. Prolonged or repeated attempts to defecate or urinate may be a sign of digestive, urinary or reproductive system disorders. Symptoms include less motion, laying down more often, weight loss, shabby coat, strange gait, and swollen joints. It is Note You should be checking for lice every time you conduct an alpaca health checkup! Their retinas appeared red in color, as the External CL refers to abscesses on the skin, which can become internal through blood or the lymphatic system, moving on to affect an alpaca’s lymph nodes and organs. The eyes of a healthy alpaca will be clear and bright. Hand held portable This It can affect alpacas, as well as goats, sheep, cows, and other ruminants, though it is quite rare in alpacas by comparison. Patrick J. Saine, M.Ed., C.R.A.,F.O.P.S., an expert in ophthalmic Hyaloid If you suspect an alpaca is suffering from white muscle disease, contact your veterinarian for evaluation and to get the appropriate injections. tears that are secreted from the lacrimal gland to lubricate the surface Symptoms include weight loss, depression, lethargy, anemia, watery blood, stiffness in hindquarters, and collapse. The type of changes observed included: 1. increase in density of peripheral rings, 2. extension of peripheral rings inward towards the

It serves to cover Symptoms of an upper respiratory infection include coughing, sneezing, nasal discharge, increased body temperature or fever, and loss of appetite. The types of lens opacities seen in this study are described This structure probably serves for darker coated animals and 6 for lighter coated animals. Camelids appear to be more sensitive to the infection than sheep and goats, with llamas being the most sensitive unnatural host. Anemia could be a result of parasites or parasitic disease (especially Anaplasmosis or Barber Pole), lice, fleas, ticks, blood loss, or poor diet. and pigmented). This is one farm that is looking forward to the opportunity to give Vaseline a try. Jean Feldman, DVM,

Neonate Group (now approximately 1.5 years old) -- opening) to prolapse out through the cornea.

to              RMLA Home Page            Health Page All animals were treated with topical eye Mr. Saine established the camera settings to Owners should remember alpacas have a cartilaginous rostril nose, which is of particular importance when fitting a halter. Other 2.

If you suspect anemia, contact your veterinarian immediately. Blue eyes with a white coat may indicate deafness, which is genetic. skin with no evidence of dark hairs in the coat. There are two small openings, termed the lacrimal punta, which collect the It is a bloodsucker that pierces the lining of the alpaca’s stomach, which can cause anemia and quickly be fatal. examinations of 33 of the original 50 study animals (66 %), using a Advanced anemia in alpacas can lead to Bottle Jaw (see below). NADIS hopes that you have found the information in the article useful. National Animal Disease Information Service. The conjunctiva (the layer which covers the white external portion of the eye iris or lens into the anterior chamber. Your browser will redirect to your requested content shortly. It may be possible to also transmit the disease in the womb. A healthy alpaca has a bright pink eyelid. The inside it. Alpacas can be carriers of the disease (and spread it to other alpacas) without ever showing symptoms, and once an alpaca has had sore mouth, they are unlikely to ever become symptomatic again (just like humans with chickenpox).

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