Desperate and dangerous, they escape from Alcatraz. Take a look of these images of iconic Alcatraz. All rights reserved. (Left to right) Mate Paul Hebert, Captain Dave Carraro,... Dr. Michelle Oakley nurses a baby kangaroo back to... An elephant herd. globally standardized Demand Expressions® metric. Canada, which can then be benchmarked against genre averages (e.g. Contact us now to leverage a return-focused selection criteria for title acquisition from National Geographic by incorporating country-specific trend and market demand factors. All Rights Reserved, Get National Geographic news in your inbox, Titanic: 20 Years Later with James Cameron. Be the first to receive breaking industry reports, topical analyses and timely reminders of what matters most right now. Find the best performing concepts with demand-driven concept testing and development. Apply talent demand to gain a holistic view of future content performance, pre-development. the same show can be in the “Average” range in the

to the weekly demand of all Science Documentary titles in Canada. television. Only traces of their bold breakout were found in the frigid San Francisco Bay. Tommy Lee Jones and Wesley Snipes have got nothing on National Geographic'sUS Marshals show that reveals fascinating untold stories from the investigation of the legendary escape from Alcatraz including a shocking deathbed confession that led authorities in search of a burial site, and a postcard a prison guard received, supposedly signed by one of the escapees...and postmarked Argentina.

Using audience demand data, explore markets such as Canada to discover lucrative new sales opportunities whilst evaluating the expected ROI for new series acquisitions such as Drain Alcatraz from partners like National Geographic. Are you seeking distribution for Drain Alcatraz?

Lead global content negotiations with authority. National Geographic, leading to increased commercial efficiency and ROI. United States and in the “Good” range in France. Includes audience growth rate, affinity and television ratings (market multiple) based on demand data. Contact us now to access audience taste clusters weeks ahead of a premiere, resulting in high impact campaigns for titles (e.g. Drain Alcatraz uses cutting edge visual effects to 'drain' the waters around the notorious island of Alcatraz. The Demand Distribution curve illustrates how a TV show’s popularity compares to the demand US Top 10 Subscription Video-on-Demand Measurement (20 August – 26 August, 2017), Netflix’s latest mega-hit The Defenders has remained the most in-demand digital original series and the fourth-most popular show overall, as per our subscription video on demand measurement s…, TV Series Measurement for the United States Top 10 (21 – 27 January, 2018), Image: The End of the F…ing World, Netflix Capture more value from content opportunities in Canada as well as globally. Uncover which sports are most in demand and reveal audience and brand affinity for advertising, marketing and promotion opportunities. Project risk and return based on market demand factors. Reveal hidden talent insights to determine who is truly worth an investment. Beneath Alcatraz on National Geographic Channel. Decrease production risks by combining content genome insights with demand data. Save time with one curated feed of TV industry news. Rank 10,000+ TV shows in 46 markets and worldwide. performance buckets, ranging from “Below Average” to “Exceptional”.

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