None (Standard Pixel Policy) (+AUD 0.00) AFTERSHOCK MX-15 (N850EJ) AFTERSHOCK MX-15 Elite (N850EK) AFTERSHOCK MX-15 Pro … I charged the battery to 100% but it didn’t improve much with 1 hour 40 minutes of power remaining. Performance; BOLT [Premium Custom PC] FLOW [Powered By Asus] Premium Range; ZEAL [Extreme Mid Tower PC] SHADOW [Silent Extreme PC] HYPERGATE [NZXT Extreme PC] HYPERGATE ELITE …

AFTERSHOCK APEX-15 (GK5CN5Z / GK5CN6Z) AFTERSHOCK APEX-15 RTX 2060 (GK5CP0Z) XG Series. 15″ Notebook Drivers. Register your email for exclusive news, offers and giveaways! These vents share the temperature load of both the CPU and GPU, so I was looking forward to seeing how they handled graphically intensive games considering the APEX-15 has a Geforce 1060! Bear in mind this is with the power plugged in. Our extreme watercooled custom PC range represents the very finest and most advanced builds that our mastet craftsmen create. Our Premium advanced range of custom pcs featurea full range of ultra-high end component options,  stunning showcase chassis designs, exotic chassis options and even open loop watercooling options for you to created your ultimate custom pc masterpiece. Deep Learning / Simulation / Machine Learning / 8K Vide... copyright 2020 AFTERSHOCK PC - All Rights Reserved, Address : 298 St Kilda Rd, St Kilda, Victoria 3182.

The Apex 15X is a gaming laptop computer from Aftershock, an organization who specialize in customized gaming PCs and laptops in Singapore who’ve expanded to Australia, so let’s learn the way nicely their laptop computer holds up. Sure, you can add more RAM and storage space to a laptop but outside of that, if the laptop was falling behind current games/technology, you were up for purchasing a whole new one. EXTREME PERFORMANCE | 3080 & OPEN LOOP COOLING READY | BEAUTIFUL SHOWCASE DESIGN. Your email address will not be published. The Apex 15X is a gaming laptop computer from Aftershock, an organization who specialize in customized gaming PCs and laptops in Singapore who’ve expanded to Australia, so let’s learn the way nicely their laptop computer holds up. I then ran a graphics benchmark to see if there was any difference, and sure enough there was a massive difference. It ran current AAA games with ease when plugged into power, but at the cost of loud noise and heat produced by the dual fan cooling system. AFTERSHOCK PC systems come with a wide variety of display options depending on the model and the size.

Random Access Memory (RAM) is the fast access data storage in which the computer stores files which are being used by the operating system, applications and games temporarily.

Dual Channel DDR4 2x SODIMM Sockets, support for DDR4 2666 mhz ;

Register your email for exclusive news, offers and giveaways! The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the heart of your computer, and is responsible for carrying out the instructions of computer programs. Thanks for subscribing! Earlier in the day I had purchased the new release of Warhammer Quest 2 and that game has much lower required system specs, so I figured the fan speed and heat would be less. This is the same GPU I have in my PC, crazy! There are several factors that can affect the battery life and I didn’t want to play around with the power settings in Windows given this is a demo model. Please check your email for a confirmation message, [Extreme Performance Creator Workstation], copyright 2020 AFTERSHOCK PC - All Rights Reserved, Address : 298 St Kilda Rd, St Kilda, Victoria 3182. One complaint I have had with my recent experiences with laptops is a lack of hard drive space, especially considering some AAA games these days use 50+GB of space. AFTERSHOCK XG15 (W350ST) AFTERSHOCK XG15 v2 (W355STQ) AFTERSHOCK XG15 v3 (W355SS) SM Series. AFTERSHOCK APEX 15 LITE 2060 - 9TH GEN. AFTERSHOCK APEX-15 (GK5CN5Z/GK5CN6Z) AFTERSHOCK APEX-15 RTX 2060 (GK5CP0Z) MX Series. Our Vapor series represents our most premium line of ultraportable gaming … AFTERSHOCK PC uses only premium quality ram from ADATA, KLEVV and CRUCIAL. Featuring Razor thin screen bezels and ultra small body dimensions, APEX notebooks are also extremely slim and light.

From ultra-premium chassis options to beautiful open loop hardline watercooling or even exotic wall mountable PCs, every extreme watercooled pc we build is a unique work of art for your desk that delivers mind blowing performance, thermals and superb reliability.

At the top of the keyboard where the power button is was extremely hot to touch. Powered by WordPress, Click to rate this post! Intel® 300 series chipset; MEMORY. ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE | OPEN LOOP COOLING READY |  ULTRA PREMIUM CHASSIS DESIGN APEX 15 Review.

7th Generation. The thing that held me back from purchasing one has always been the price tag as well as it not being as easy to upgrade individual components like you can with a PC.


On the back are dual fan cooling vents. APEX 15 - GTX 1060 Overview. Plus, its customizability allows players with deeper pockets to equip their notebooks with even more powerful components. FORGE 15S Supreme Value, Potent Performance 15.6 Inch This demo laptop suffered from a lack of storage, so if this was your primary gaming device, you’d need to order in a version that has the system drive plus a decent sized additional drive. However, plugged in power was essential.

AFTERSHOCK SM-15 GTX 860m (N151SD) AFTERSHOCK SM-15 GTX 960m (N151RD) AFTERSHOCK SM15 GTX 965m (N151RF) MX Series. “I was very impressed with the features of the AfterShock APEX-15R gaming laptop. APEX 15 Review. AFTERSHOCK APEX 15 LITE 2060 - 10TH GEN. AFTERSHOCK APEX 15 LITE 2060 - 9TH GEN. AFTERSHOCK APEX-15 (GK5CN5Z/GK5CN6Z) AFTERSHOCK APEX-15 RTX 2060 (GK5CP0Z) MX Series. Sound quality from the internal speakers was not as good and not as much bass as my PC with headphones of course, however when I played PUBG, even though the internal speakers were in front of me, I still got a sense of directional sound when gunfire was coming from behind me and to the right, and moved around me as I moved the character around, so that’s awesome as well. The fans kicked in and were very loud when playing Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and remained at that constant level the whole time.

None (Standard Pixel Policy) (+AUD 0.00) Interestingly, I unplugged the power from the laptop and loaded up Tomb Raider to take a screenshot that I wanted. Test Singapore pricing: My digital camera gear: I don’t think you could comfortably play games with this laptop on your legs as the heat would be too much. 7th Generation. The award winning impulse offers the ultra small factor PC experience, with a system that can be held in your hands easily carried around. The heat coming out the sides was very hot as well, to the point I had to move the power cable from along the left side and moved my mouse hand away from the right edge. Metabones Speedbooster: APEX Series. Required fields are marked *.

When I powered the laptop on, RGB lighting lit up the keyboard as well as the centre of the front lip of the laptop which looked very cool! Unlike Most Notebook Manufacturers, AFTERSHOCK PC Covers EVERY SINGLE notebook of size 15.6 inch and below with a 30 day 0 Dead Pixel Policy - We want to ensure you get only the best. M.2 SSD options deliver blistering performance for lighting fast load speeds. We cover all parts failure with an unbeatable 1 for 1 part exchange policy for failed parts during the warranty period, ensuring that you have minimum downtime.

This laptop measures 359(L) x 240(W) x 19.9(H) mm and weighs 1.95kg including the battery, so it’s quite sleek in design.

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