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When I saw the 9Barista review in my feed, I was intrigued! Feels perhaps more like a collector's item at that price point but certainly looks beautiful and very fun to work with. Here's a half-section illustration from the  9Barista website so you can see what's going on. Everyone likes to see James suffer for some reason, but I like it when he is impressed by something. Prepare Yourself, Find Your Calm, Come Out Stronger. Indeed the process of perfecting the brew is long but is worth it. My trouble with the price tag is that you can get yourself an entry-level espresso machine like the Gaggia Classic for $450 or so. Once again, thank you James – we’re delighted you had a good time with it! What we do know is that our office is next door to Due South Coffee, and we’re constantly inundated with the torturous and delicious smells of top quality brew. Award Andrew. More posts from the JamesHoffmann community, Discussion forum for members of the community, regarding videos or other things created by James, Press J to jump to the feed. GB281851487. User account menu. and affiliate links. We really enjoyed it, and you gave an impressively … This increases the extraction time and optimises the brew for my stove ring. Some of his advice has helped improve my daily coffee routine, and he reviews a lot of neat stuff that I can’t afford. Finally, five years later, 9Barista, the first ever jet-engineered stove top coffee machine was born. Another awesome vid. For nearly a year now my Bodum Bistro electric… READ THE REST, I have a Capresso burr coffee grinder. Do you think the declining profile of the shot pressure mimics a lever machine and ultimately is a good part of the design? 9Barista is beautifully simple. Who will be eaten first? The water then passes through the fin heat exchanger where it is cooled further to 93ºC. Watching it made me daydream about hiding my humble moka pot in a cupboard and taking a long sunday afternoon filled with fiddling around with the 9barista to finally fulfill that promise of getting a n espresso at home just like one at a coffee shop.

Required fields are marked *. The 9Barista Espresso Machine Review. So, even though the 9 Barista falls a little outside the realm of EDC, it falls well within the realms of badassery.

Reviews; Smart Home; Gaming video. We were very excited, and a bit nervous to watch it! I hope this won't come off as pestering, but does James have an opinion on Bialetti Brikka or any future plans to feature it in a video? I’m not sure it declines, I was speculating and I don’t think I can test it without some heavy modding.

Can’t wait to receive it! We really enjoyed it, and you gave an impressively … James's review of the 9Barista. Search. Sorry if I missed it, but do you mention anything about yield?


It's still going strong after about 15 years.

It’s also possible to grind, tamp and prep the coffee in the portafilter while the boiler is heating on the cooker. I chose the Robot because it had a lot less faffing about, fewer parts, and very quick to pull multiple shots on (it's like less than 30 seconds between pulling the first and prepping the second) meaning that in a pipelined production, I could knock out one espresso a minute if I had a bunch of people over. Very easy to use and easy to clean. To see an expert in any field be pleased with a product must be a great feeling of validation for the inventor. Log into your account . Why is it perfect?

He does everything from creating the silver ingot to forming the bowl to carving the handle. 99% Upvoted . At 9 bar pressure the spring-loaded valve opens, allowing water to flow from the high pressure boiler into the coil heat exchanger. It has no electronics and only one moving part. 182 votes, 84 comments.

The 9Barista is different than the Moka pot, because it can actually generate enough pressure to pull shots of actual, real, honest to goodness espresso. It has two boilers, a heat sink, a coiled heat exchanger, and a spring-loaded valve: It's available from the 9Barista espresso website for $385. It is a beautiful machine. We're building machines, taking orders and shipping internationally. James's review of the 9Barista. It's there as both an engineering marvel and a talking point - as well as achieving a fully pressurised stove pot. You have Successfully Subscribed!

I simply love it. James, if you’re reading this, thank you for putting together such a great review.

In this video, coffee expert James Hoffman looks at five different burr grinders… READ THE REST, In this video, South Korean maker Yong-Moo Lee slowly and painstakingly steps through the process of creating a gorgeous, ornate coffee scoop. Subscribe To Our Newsletter. As the high pressure water from the first boiler passes through the coil, it is cooled from 179ºC to 100ºC, while remaining at 9 bar pressure.

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