I was not intending on building a blind magazine gun hence me going away from the short and XM action due to limited or no magazine possibilities. The gun will mainly be used for bench shooting but may occasionally take it hunting as well. Its a 1-8.6" twist as well. I want to get as much accuracy out of the gun, using reloads. mines 24 and shoots great, i cant see a whole lot being differnt aside from of a touch of speed. If you intend to load bullets to factory spec then go with the short action. I guess it would just limit my loading capabilities. They claim a 9 twist is plenty fast for the 180's coming out of the larger 7's but I've got a shillen 8 twist 30" on my 7 stw shooting 180 smk's and it will shoot around half inch groups at 250 yds as will my wsm shooting 180 jlk's with a 8.6 twist. yea, i'd guess ~ 50 fps loss by going from 24" to 23". The bolt face is a standard .532 since its rebated like the parent rounds.

Any .284 7mm calibers you guys suggest now that I’m going long action . Re: 7WSM barrel length? Anyone else who has an xm defiance action confirm what manners said with the bottom metal? Any opinions or suggestions would be appreciated. Can't do no better than a ought 6 and Core Logs. Manners told me they could do the xm size but they mentioned that the action has its own custom bottom metal and they need me to have defiance call and discuss the dimensions per specific serial number. So I settled on the long action defiance.. too many things could go wrong. Gives 3.2" of mag box. Any opinions or suggestions would be appreciated. You must log in or register to reply here. #5810997 11/14/11: Joined: Feb 2011. I will probably be shooting 168 bergers most likely but maybe 180's haven't decided yet probably do both and see which shoots better. Either way has nothing to do with accuracy honestly, it's just a matter of choice. If you intend to extend the length out of the spec for the short action magazine then go with the long action to accommodate. Forums User List Calendar Active Threads Forum Help: Previous Thread: Next Thread : Print Thread: Hop To : Page 1 of 2 : 1: 2: 7WSM barrel length? This is a shooting forum, there is no place here for logic. I didn't like the load. So now that I’m settled on long action the 7WSM is out and it’s looking like 7mm RUM. [] #581100 #5811001 On paper the 7 WSM with the 162 A-Max or 175 SMK really out-performs both the 300 WM and the 300 WSM, two of my favorite calibers. I am building a 7mm wsm on a savage long action and was curious about the optimum barrel length. Nothing fancy mind you, just plain jane will get it done with style. I think you'd be fine with in between a 8-9 twist just my opinion though. I also have a 7WSM built on a FN SPR action giving me 3.05" of mag box. Belligerents. RHutch Sergeant. Anyone out there with experience on both sides, especially with the defiance deviant action. Anybody run a 23 inch tube on one?

I am a huge fan of the 300 WSM and will always be, but this 7mm is really starting to change my mind. The bottom metal thing is correct....I have it on my 300WSM. Coyote Hunting - From 10 Yards to over 1,000 Yards. I know that 300 Whizzum has a 23 inch pipe... Really like that rig. After today I’m fully confused on the xm action, and having defiance blow me off when I tried to get the details and buy an action from them isn’t helping much.

JavaScript is disabled. Register Log In Home Forums Hunting Rifles 7WSM barrel length? Where is Wide Open Country... for Long Range Coyote Shots??? Folks do fine with the 22" 7mm SAUM. of 3170 fps, then the winchester at 3160 fps and the Ruger at 3080 fps. I just re-barreled my Mod 70 Classic with a 26" Brux bbl 9"twist. I seen him shoot a hog outta a treestand from about 941 yards, all the way from my Uncle Bubba's house to our food-plot. It's got a good section on the 7 wsm about 2/3 rds way down the page. Well I called both manners and defiance today to make the change to an XM hunter action. Now they are leaving me behind though as their current builds are stepping up to the .338 rum's. I also looked into the surgeon WSM action which you basically can’t find a mag and bottom metal to take a 3” round. Looking into a 7 WSM with a 23 inch barrel? I am just looking for what will be a better overall option, as I have a short action stock on order. It will be a proof sendero barrel so I’m nervous about going 28 nosler and shooting the barrel out too fast. LENGTH OF PULL Minimum 335mm (13.2") adjustable with spacers BARREL Light hunting contour barrel (cold hammer forged) Optional muzzle thread (Cal, 338 Fed, 8x57IS, 9.3x66 M15x1 others M14x1) I think this is all going to boild down to what bullet you intend to use and what your overall length will end up being. Hey guys, I did a little research via google search and haven't found any recent threads on this topic. A defiance XM action is the perfect length for a WSM cartridge. I try to stick with the basics, they do so well. I'll be goin with a shillen barrel also so what ever there mid 8 twist is that's what I'll do. Anything shorter than 3.00" of mag box is a waste of time to maximize the cartridge and the super high BC bullets available. Here's a pretty good article on a couple different 7's the wsm, saum, .284 win and 7-08.

I'm getting awesome performance with 69grs of Re#19 behind Hornady 139gr SST MV 3300 FPS and under 1/4 MOA......... BTW I'll part with the Berger 168gr bullets if your interested ? I'd not sweat one inch off the "norm".

The 7 WSM offers a flatter trajectory and the high-BC bullets carry energy out to long range really well.

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