Explosive thunderstorm development continued south along the dry line, the remainder of the afternoon as mid level temperatures cooled ahead of the advancing. //-->. This tornado track extended west into Labette County north of Chetopa but that portion of the survey was completed by the Wichita, Kansas, National Weather Service Office. In Stockton, the seat of Cedar County, the courthouse sustained major damage, said Jim Wakeman, operations chief of the state emergency management agency. A young father is lucky to be alive after a freak storm cell tore apart his family home near Bendigo. } else if ( host.indexOf("asia.cnn.com") != -1 ) { For the next 54 minutes, tornadoes from this storm intermittently touched down, with the greatest damage noted south of Columbus, north of Galena, and in the Smithville and Carl Junction areas. Springfield, MOSpringfield-Branson Regional Airport5805 West Highway EESpringfield, MO 65802-8430Business: 417-863-8028 Recording: 417-869-4491Comments? In Cherokee County, the tornado moved east northeast and passed north of Melrose where it was rated as an F-0 (40 - 72 MPH) to just west of Highway 69/7 and rated as an F-2 (113 - 157 MPH) until it reached just northeast of Neutral and rated an F-1 (73 - 112 MPH). The storm then continued for approximately three miles crossing County Road T south of Lead Mine. It was the kids at Cooper Bennett's birthday party who picked it first. Mayor Rod Fyffe said he would be appalled if that was true. Surface winds out of the southeast turned to the south then southwest through the mid and upper levels of the atmosphere. "We're finding devastation throughout the western part of the state. • In Woodruff County, the storm caused "a lot of structural damage," but the full extent of damage is not yet known, according to the sheriff's department. At this point, the storm appears to be two tornados running parallel to each other about a quarter of a mile apart. This house did appear to have the walls anchored to the foundation warranting an F3 rating. Bendigo residents are counting the cost of a freak tornado which hit the central Victorian city late yesterday. Sorry we couldn't find a match for that, please try again, Join the conversation, you are commenting as, - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -, The one restriction Dan says he’ll be a ‘holdout’ on, Trump wins Florida as Biden holds onto hope for Arizona, NSW reopens to VIC, QR codes to become compulsory, Buckenara: Trade that can seal Cameron’s Cats move. NWS National Or Trump refuses to go? document.write('Monday, May 5, 2003 Posted: 10:11 PM EDT (0211 GMT)
<\/span>'); Bureau of Meteorology records that Victoria has had 160 tornadoes since 1918, with more probably unseen or unreported. Event Reviews Strong wind speed and directional shear was in place May 4th. The upper air soundings below taken at the NWS office in Springfield show the evolution of the atmosphere between 1 and 7 PM. The tornado track extended west across Neosho County Kansas but we picked up the track (by air) beginning about four miles west of South Mound in Neosho County. This jet streak is noted by the drying (orange colors) on the water vapor imagery to the far right. (ABC TV) Photo: A tornado has damaged dozens of homes in Bendigo… A fire station in Battlefield, just south of Springfield, was destroyed, Wakeman said. The tornado continued its east northeast track as an F-4 as it reached the community of Franklin and caused severe and total devastation to numerous homes and buildings, and tossed heavy objects and vehicles several hundred feet. "It's very widespread from southwest Missouri all the way over to north Kansas City," he said. Lake Levels, Weather Safety/Preparedness Here the tornado caused some roof damage to one home for an F-1 rating at this point. Councilman Thomas Majors -- who said he heard a loud hum before the storm -- said residents were suffering "total shock." The tornado tracked east northeast, heavily damaging more than a dozen additional homes. Missouri Gov. The storm continued to down power lines and cause tree damage until it reached the intersection of Highway Z and County Road 825. This is also known as Online Behavioural Advertising. However, the debris path ranged from one quarter mile to one mile. Please try another search. h��Z�r۶~���s&����Ngl����N�&M\�`$��)M*"��y��@J�-J�l�s���b�������12�*�.��*M ��2�}(R�h*���DE� 4DF� ����A$q��(2T� ���0A���ܜx b�(�Д��e�DO�1IOf���X��QH�hHb�`FI�!F�����R FPVX;fW�/Q4��%�H @�4���$�(� $�� A$�Z�1��(��Q����XIՄ �u`b�MJ�� #T� L"�I| ���nxcZe0N� �FQ%� 4 WA$t�9ƻ�BW Severe Weather Satellite Joan and Joe Zarb's three-year-old home a few doors down looks like it is irreparable too. ?���,�e[���V|`uS�=��3G�$Ƕ0����� W͠�^3wў����O(Ǖ�2�5�r��b�JӶ��`ԯk�� z{��g���&ֶ(���U�I;,h��[��yl>�:�\�����;�^pK��L�U�F厾��1�2�fM�Kv�6p��6"�3�i�m�N.�籤i?žs����b�}|���`�K������ ���ɍ���&�o��WY��q|{X�l�o��;;����e���o �P;� At this point the tornado was rated as an F-0 topping trees and breaking limbs. h�b``�b``������r�01G�X30j01|iX��sǺ��~�� o�� ��,�*G3\o`R8�� ����d�� ������%DtCX��VW��=��D�0��|c�o���"��q����y��/;�ۀ�- Environmental Films, 1326 pp. %PDF-1.5 %���� Tornado tears through Victorian caravan park ... Bendigo Australia is a cool city - Duration: 5:02. Til this point, the tornado width was about 250 yards wide but increased to about one quarter mile wide about three miles west southwest of the community of Ringo. Officials said seven people died in Sunday night's twisters in Kansas, at least 18 in Missouri and at least 14 in Tennessee. Along this path, the tornado width ranged from 200 yards to nearly one half mile wide. • Authorities are working to get two water plants working in Jackson, and Madison County residents have been ordered to boil their water before drinking to kill any bacteria until further notice. As the northern storm crossed County Road U, it destroyed a mobile home. Several of the tornadoes tracked long distances ranging from 15 to 80 miles. Pierce City, a town of 1,400, looked like a war zone after a tornado spent 30 minutes gutting it. A major tornado outbreak hit the area Sunday afternoon and evening of May 4th, 2003. From the entry point until it reached U.S. Highway 65, damage was confined to the tops of trees being snapped or uprooted. Along this very destructive path the following confirmed deaths were reported: Pierce City 1, three miles north of Monett 2, north of Marionville 2, one mile north of Clever 1, and Battlefield 1. The tornado passed to the north of Jerico Springs staying in mainly rural areas. Along this path there were hundreds of large trees uprooted and snapped off, many power poles were snapped at their base that caused numerous power outages, especially in Monett. He looked out his lounge room window and saw the tornado coming straight at him. ). In several areas along the tornado path, some trees were stripped of all bark. "You looked out and you could see bits of roofing iron or tin or whatever swirling around in the air about 100 feet up. COOP Program Disaster Preparedness "I lost my husband three months ago and now this. Tornado Path  -  Cedar, Polk and Dallas counties of Southwest Mo. It appeared at this point the tornado briefly became elevated since the tops of trees right up against a well constructed house were sheared off yet the roof of the house remained intact with little damage. Hundreds of trees were uprooted or snapped off as were power poles. Please Contact Us. Wayne Eve was at his Axe Creek home, near Bendigo, watching the storm unfold on Saturday when he noticed the tornado coming straight for his property, a GoFundMe page set up for the family says. There are two major tornado seasons in the Midwest and South -- spring and fall. The southern storm is rated F-1 between Highway 65 and County Road U while the northern storm remains an F-2. "Then two big lounge chairs that were under the carport of the house opposite got picked up - all this happened in microseconds - and came hurtling across the road and smashed the glass. All NOAA. Sunday evening, 83 twisters were sighted in central and southeastern states, said Dick Hainje, a regional director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Tornado Path  -  Cherokee County KS to Carl Junction, Mo. "This is a huge, huge outbreak," Hainje said Monday. It’s just something I’ve never ever heard before and will never ever forget the sound,” he said. Just southwest of Springfield in the community of Battlefield, many residential homes, the fire department, a church, and several small businesses were damaged. The tornado initially touched down just east of Liberal, MO in Barton County as an F-1. Emergency Services Minister Andre Haermeyer toured the area yesterday and said those affected would be eligible for State Government grants of up to $22,800, including $900 a household for emergency assistance to buy food, clothing and provide short-term accommodation. 7 0 obj <> endobj including the city of Stockton. Holden said the Red Cross, Salvation Army, and 175 National Guardsmen were working to help in the aftermath. A NOTE ABOUT RELEVANT ADVERTISING: We collect information about the content (including ads) you use across this site and use it to make both advertising and content more relevant to you on our network and other sites. Multiple locations were found. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Shane Chester took refuge in his car, after being mesmerised by the approaching tornado. Two deaths occurred at this second residence. Path Length:  ~83 miles long      Width:  1/4 to 1/2 mile     Time:  531 - 742 p.m. Supercell thunderstorms produced at least 15 tornadoes that resulted in extensive damage and 25 fatalities. Graphical Conditions However, several large trees right next the house and in back were uprooted or snapped off indicating the power of the tornado. The Insurance Council of Australia said insured residents would be covered for wind and storm damage. In Wyandotte, an 81-year-old man was killed when he was struck in the head by debris, said Don Denney, a spokesman with the unified government of Wyandotte County-Kansas City, Kansas. As the tornado rushed across Youlden Street and Eaglehawk Road into California Gully it ripped the roof from Dawn and Alan Jensen's home and deposited it about 15 metres high in gum trees across the road. He says tornados do not strike Victoria very often. != -1 ) { "We've sustained significant damage in the northwest section of our city," Denney said. Local Mr Eve told Nine News he thought, “I’m in trouble here”, after watching the storm strip a tree from a paddock. More than 3000 homes and businesses were damaged by the tornadoes. Also noted at this point was that a compact car was picked up and flipped across the road. A major tornado outbreak hit the area Sunday afternoon and evening of May 4th, 2003. Gusty winds, hail forecast for parts of U.S. Security alert issued for 40 million credit cards. His wife, Rachel, and one-year-old son were not home at the time. Monthly Climate Summary Road Conditions Wayne Eve was at his Axe Creek home, near Bendigo, watching the storm unfold on Saturday when he noticed the tornado coming straight for his property, a GoFundMe page set up for the family says. “It just sounded like four jet engines just starting up, mate. The tornado width continued over one quarter mile wide across the F-4 track. "Dozens and dozens of homes have been leveled and scores of others have been significantly damaged.". The tornado was on a direct path of the home but only damaged the roof and windows. The tornado path remained unbroken through northeast Polk County.

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