Jas. Skillfully turned by craftsman in New England, these unfinished hardwood bowls are part of our "Heirloom Line" of quality products -- items that, with proper use and care, can be passed down to future generations.

Cookware, glassware, lighting : 276 694 4065 Tin Cup-$12. 2nd New Jersey Regiment, Helms’ Company of the Continental Line: This unit served faithfully throughout the Revolutionary War, including serving in the failed attempt by Benedict Arnold (before turning trator) to capture Canada for the American cause. Sea bag  all  linen   hand stitched with hemp pull  cord, Ditty  Bag    hand  stitched linen with  hemp  pullcord. //tmtC_Resize_Window __________________________________________________________, Umbrella Organizations and E-Mail lists section. Within these pages you will find a collection of 18th century militaria ranging from a whisk and pick to a musket. American militia and Oneida allies tried to come to the aid of Fort Stanwix, but were cut off in an ambush at Oriskany, considered one of the bloodiest engagements of the war. Tired   Of  your  wife  complaining  when  you  get  back  from  a  event . Just Two Tailors, Kannik's Korner Also well researched replica tools such as axes, shovels and fascine knives. $15. They portray Captain Dederick's 3rd Company of Colonel Johannes Snyder's Regiment of the First Ulster County Militia. Made in white shirt linen for dressy wear.

The Fine Women's Line of Clothing at Samson Historical. P.O. VA 22401

P. Patrick White Historic Art and Illustrations: Historic art pertaining to the 18th century, French and Indian War, Revolutionary War, eastern woodland Indian, and military & camp life. eyeglasses Pewter Spoon-$8.75. Dorothy& Monica Rodgers The Muzzle Loader Mailing List: Web site for the Muzzle Loader Mailing List, a large electronic discussion group who carry on a perpetual conversation about most any aspect of black powder shooting you can imagine. Carl Giordano - Tinsmith: Offers to the public a fine selection of tinware made of excellent craftsmanship. Also offers many goods useful to the reenactor. Come with a money back guarantee that you will be satisfied with fit, quality and comfort. While this list is by no means complete, the sites listed are the ones that we have found to be the most informative and entertaining. The Battle of Wyoming: These pages about the Battle of Wyoming are from The Pictorial Field Book of the Revolution by John Benson Lossing. Fugawee Colonial Women’s shoes for the Fancy to common woman of 1720 and on also our Custom Brocade shoe.

Period Lace, Tape & Trims (22) Pewter & Silver (6) //self.resizeTo(tmt_Resize_WindowX,tmt_Resize_WindowY);//tmtC_Resize_WindowEnd, Big Box 415-W Wm.

18th Century Workshirt - White Linen LH-124 The style used for over 100 years well into the 19th century. P.O. Smoke & Fire Company is located in Waterville, Ohio.

Smoke & Fire Company. Excellent workmanship. Fugawee. Liberty Linens, Just Two Tailors Old Fort Johnson: Home to Sir William Johnson, for 14 years, during the French and Indian War and the site of numerous Indian conferences. Tel. Product Categories.

Musket  slings buff  leather with    brass  buckels   made  right  here . Billerica, MA 27 North River Road, Same  as  are  mid  to  late  18th  century  cart  box   But  in  black .. $92.00   for  pair      can  be done  in  black  or  dark  brown, leather  powder flask  holds  about  half a pound of  powder, leather  shot  flask   hold  bird  shot  up  to  45 cal. Steve Pano, Sutler Wooded Hamlet: Chandlers to the historically minded, that of all-natural fiber trims, ribbons and webbings. Chepachet, RI The 1st New York Regiment: They portray a Continental Line unit which saw continuous service throught out the American Revolutionary War. The Scarlet Scarab Temptations & delights of the Past - Fine Accoutrements for 18th Century Re-enactors. 18th c. Web Sites and Sutler's Links Welcome to the 2nd Albany's Favorite 18th c. Web Sites. Sutlers sell living history supplies including clothing, equimment, flintlocks, accessories, furnishings, tents, and just about anything a reenactor needs for the hobby. The 2nd Albany Militia saw action in this area. While the 11th Virginia, they were commanded by Col. Morgan, perhaps the most famous "rifleman" of the American Revolution. channel Discovery. Excellent site. Heedlearts tools and supplies. North West Territory Alliance: An excellent site dedicated to the recreation and study of life during the American Revolution. PO Box 100 Men's 18th Century Patterns; Men's 19th Century Patterns; Smoke & Fire Newspaper; Events We Attend; Contact Us; Search for: Select Page. Goosebay Workshops, Middlesex Village Trading Company Gettysburg, PA Many different styles to choose from. Smoke & Fire Company is located in Waterville, Ohio. Hand Finishing.......All Top Stitching, And Button Holes Are Done By Hand, © 2023 by love t-shirts. Shop quality historically accurate tents by era or type. Smoke & Fire Company. linen, linen & cotton tapes linen thread, thread buttons Clothing, accoutrements, wigs for men & women, 133 North First St., Canajoharie & Palantine Area History Site: A brief history of Canajoharie, Palantine Bridge, Stone Arabia and surrounding areas.

Gaskin's Virginia Battalion: This group recreates the history of Col. Thomas Gaskins' Virginia Battalion, one of the very few Virginian Continental Infantry units in action during the trying times of 1781. Proudly created with, 4 oz  veg tanned leather100% hand  made  fits 2 1/2 belt will  hold   tools  flint  and  about  20  pre-made  cart. Barkertown Sutlers: They offer clothing and iron goods. Buildings include an early 1700's home, 1780's Dutch barn,1830's law office and 1890's one-room school as well as the 1772 stone church that was fortified and attacked by British forces in 1780.

This shirt is very similar to our standard private's shirt. Dirty Billy's Hats.com, Elegant

Military & civilian hats, caps & accessories An ever growing list of sutlers, merchants and resources that I've used personally, have been recommended to me, or that I've found browsing the internet. Michael Cresap's Company, the first Southern unit to join General Washington at Boston in 1775. : 603 826 5825 : 717-334-4011 The 2nd Virginia Regiment: 17th & 18th century clothing doublets, waistcoats ,breeches , BLUE BOX SUTLERY 17th CENTURY CLOTHING , 18th CENTURY CLOTHING AND LEATHER EQUIPMENT Military Service Records: The NARA (National Archives and Records Administration) repository for microfilmed service records for US military personnel, including the Revolutionary War era. The History Channel: Online companion of the T.V. Box 1654, I've purchased fabric, notions, tools, and their 18th century red heeled walking shoe (with their shoe buckles--I freakin' love them).

(978) 667-7988 //tmt_Resize_WindowX = 810; Here we have links to lists of units that Reenact the Revolutionary War, Umbrella Organizations, Historic Sites and Museums, Online Documentation Sites and Sutler's list. Waterville is just 12 miles southwest of Toledo on US Rt.

Naval History of the American Revolution: Extensive online documentation covering Naval operations during the Amercan Revolutionary War.

Fugawee makes and sells historical reproduction shoes and boots from the French and Indian War to the Civil War. N.E.

: 540 368 8055 : 386 467 3590 : 610 783 0670

20 Baltimore St., 17-18th C Clothing for Men (35) 17-18th C Clothing for Women (11) Clothing Kits (15) Hand sewing, button holes, eyelets, and top stitching all are suitable for this. I  only   use Natrural  color linen for  my haversacks  shade  my very .

Jas. In between are all the accoutrements of a soldier of that period - many but not all of them. Tel.

Schenectady County Historical Society: Takes you thru a brief history of Schenectady, where the 2nd Albany County Militia was formed. Powered by, Wm. : 717 334 3200 © 2020 Samson Historical. An invaluable collection of historical works which contributed to the formation of American politics, culture, and ideals. 18th C. Womens List: This list deals with issues that effect women; clothing, manners, mores, status, condition, and more. Fustian is a durable, breathable, and comfortable period-correct fabric. Welcome to the 2nd Albany's Favorite 18th c. Web Sites. Militia: The First Ulster County Militia is a group of individuals dedicated to the living history reenactment of

Crescent City, 10137 Seashore Hwy

Stuart, 27 North River Road, Waterville, Ohio 43566 USA (419) 878-8535. POS and Ecommerce by Shopify. These breeches are made with white linen and come standard with either gold or silver buttons.

© 2023 by love t-shirts. Copper Pick & Horse Hair Wisk-Hand Made In Our Shop. Contact. (757) 253-1644 (catalog available)

William Booth Draper : Worsted Wool Lace - Basic Clothing Kits Clothing Accessories Historic Fabrics Sewing Patterns Notions Knitting Books Sale Items Black Wool Remnants Gift Certificates ecommerce, open source, shop, online shopping, store. Here we have links to lists of units that Reenact the Revolutionary War, Umbrella Organizations, Historic Sites and Museums, Online Documentation Sites and Sutler's list. Booth, Draper, At the Sign of the Unicorn: They specialize in wool, flax, and hemp fabrics and they also sell many patterns and a wide range of bone notions, gold lace, wool braid, In both English and French. 2215 Fairfield Rd. Tells the history of the battle thru primary documentation. Published bi-monthly, the magazine has many articles about pre-1845 history. www.fugawee.com, G. Gedney Godwin Pierceton, balls, gun case  wool   will  fit  a  brown  bess  with  room. On the Trail Magazine: An excellent online publication for Historical Trekkers, Experimental Archaeologists, Re-enactors and Living Historians. Tentsmiths: They offer a wide variety of authentic period tents and accessories. Compiled by Professor Thomas Costa, Professor of History, University of Virginia's College at Wise. The 4th Company - Brigade of Guards: Link to a group of reenactors who recreate His Majesty's 1st Coldstream and 3rd Foot Guard Regiments, who participated in the American Revolutionary War. The Brigade of the American Revolution: The database is searchable.

24. Embellishments Excellent craftsmanship. New York State Forts: This web site contains an alphabetical listing of all forts, camps, "castles", fields, bases, etc., that exist(ed) in New York State. 1st Ulster Co. Mabee Farm Historic Site: SIte of the oldest standing home in the Mohawk Valley. //tmt_Resize_WindowY =750; Booth, Draper, At the Sign of the Unicorn, Marie Antoinette's Gossip Guide to the 18th Century, The Duchess of Devonshire's Gossip Guide to the 18th Century, Female Academics in the Eighteenth Century, Stay-ing Alive: Historical Dress Adventures and Ramblings, 1880s Fundy Undies - Petticoat and Corset Cover, Mrs. Hancock's Pudding Cap Pattern: Part Two. Saratoga National Park: The Battle of Saratoga was considered by many to be the "Turning Point" of the American Revolution. Years ago when we started re-enacting many items were hard to get, which inspired us to start this business.

The majority of these items are hand-made or, at least, hand fitted and finished. Early Canada Online: An online source for information on Canadian history.

Miles offers a variety of hand forged knives and tomahawks. William Booth Draper Orange Yellow 50/3 Linen Thread - Linen thread of this weight is just slightly coarser than the 35/2 above and being three ply it is a bit stronger.

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