9 Under $20 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Check out these inexpensive Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the special someone in your life because love don’t cost a thing!

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays (all of them are my favorites, actually!) because February is otherwise such a dull month. After the New Year, dreadful winter weather just drags on with gloomy days and Spring seems so far away. Valentine’s Day with its pops of red and pink is just so bright and happy. Maybe it’s the memories from elementary school when we gave candy and cards to each other. Whatever it is, I love the holiday and try to celebrate whether or not I’m in a relationship.

There’s no need to break the budget on Valentine’s Day, let alone any holiday, but giving a small gift to let your loved ones know you’re thinking of them is a sweet gesture and will brighten up their winter, too! Here are 9 under $20 gift ideas for the special someone in your life!

Coffee Basket

Grab their favorite K-Cups of coffee or tea with a cute new mug. For the 9-5 crowd, there are few things we’re more grateful for than coffee. #ButFirstCoffee