9 Under $20 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Check out these inexpensive Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the special someone in your life because love don’t cost a thing! Valentine’s Day is one…


Check out these inexpensive Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the special someone in your life because love don’t cost a thing!

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays (all of them are my favorites, actually!) because February is otherwise such a dull month. After the New Year, dreadful winter weather just drags on with gloomy days and Spring seems so far away. Valentine’s Day with its pops of red and pink is just so bright and happy. Maybe it’s the memories from elementary school when we gave candy and cards to each other. Whatever it is, I love the holiday and try to celebrate whether or not I’m in a relationship.

There’s no need to break the budget on Valentine’s Day, let alone any holiday, but giving a small gift to let your loved ones know you’re thinking of them is a sweet gesture and will brighten up their winter, too! Here are 9 under $20 gift ideas for the special someone in your life!

Coffee Basket

Grab their favorite K-Cups of coffee or tea with a cute new mug. For the 9-5 crowd, there are few things we’re more grateful for than coffee. #ButFirstCoffee

Craft Beer Sixpack

If you’re anything like me, craft beer is such a treat. Instead of just grabbing their favorite brew, trying mixing and matching a 6-pack with a variety of options. You could select beers they haven’t tried that are their favorite style (like IPA or Stout), follow a flavor theme (like “winter” ales or pumpkin flavors) or just grab whatever bottles catch your eye. You really can’t go wrong with this gift.

Adult Coloring Book with Colored Pencils

I’m still loving the adult coloring books. It’s one of those gifts that I imagine people would love to receive even though they wouldn’t think to purchase it for his or herself. And you can find some hilarious options on Amazon like this Crazy Cat Lady and Swear-words coloring book.


This was on my January wishlist and I think it’s a great gift for Valentine’s Day since February is still pretty early in the new year and most people can use some help staying organized.

Our Q&A a Day: 3-Year Journal for 2 People

I LOVE this book. This book lists a question for every day of the year, with space for two people to write down a short one or two sentence answer. Questions range from reflecting on the relationship, the other person and yourself. Some are more introspective and some are lighthearted. I bought this book for my BF and myself over a year ago and I love that it’s a reminder to always spend some time thinking and working on the relationship.

Scarf & Mitten Set

If you’re in a colder part of the country, there’s still enough weeks of winter left after Valentine’s Day for a new scarf and gloves or mittens to make a great and useful gift.

Protein Shaker & Samples

The fitness love in your life can never have enough shakers or water bottles. Add a sample size of protein, pre-workout, or even Liquid IV to make it even more special.

Fitness Headbands

It’s the new year and we’re all working on our fitness goals. Show your support by helping your loved one keep their hair out of their eyes.

Gift Card to their Favorite Near-the-Office Lunch Spot

Give the gift of food! You can really brighten up someone’s work week with a gift card so they can grab lunch at their favorite spot near the office.

A Book on the Subject of One of Their Hobbies or Interest

Hands down, books make the best gifts. It’s likely your love has a side project or hobby they’re passionate about, right? So whether they’re trying to learn new recipes, run their first half-marathon or learn some new skills for a work, a book related to that topic would make a truly thoughtful and encouraging gift.

And it goes without saying, but Valentine’s Day isn’t complete unless there’s some chocolate! How do you like to spend the holiday? Movies with the friends or a special date night? What gifts do you think are a good fit for the holiday? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

These Valentine's Gift Ideas are perfect for him and her and are all under twenty dollars. Plus, they're perfect for Galentine's Day and all your friends and family.


    1. I’m glad to share my ideas! I think Valentine’s Day is such a fun holiday, but it can easily be celebrated without spending too much money. 🙂

  1. That journal is pretty neat. I am really burnt out on gift giving holidays and wish I could get my husband on board with not buying gifts at all. But if I have to, these are some great ideas!

    1. Agreed on being burnt out from holiday giving! That’s why I definitely sway towards less expensive and practical/useful gifts for Valentine’s Day. The most important part of the holiday, along with any, is just spending some time with your loved ones. 🙂 I hope you have a good one!

  2. Wow I love the idea behind the “Our Q&A.” We’ve been married for years but I honestly feel like any couple could benefit from that. I’m also gonna look for a storm trooper mug like the one you showed. I know several people who would love that.

    1. That storm trooper mug cracks me up! And I’ve really enjoyed the “Our Q&A” – highly recommend it to all couples. I think it’s always a great idea to reflect on your relationships.

  3. I really like the coffee basket. I am a big coffee drinker and this is something I would really enjoy. Thank you so much

  4. I really love the adult coloring book. I did no realize they made these. I have a patient who would love doing this

  5. I think the 3-YEAR JOURNAL FOR 2 PEOPLE is just great. Couples do not spend enough time together and this sounds like it could open up discussions between two people. Thank you for sharing

  6. Many of these ideas are just great gifts in general…birthdays, anniversaries, etc. In Ohio, you can never have too many scarves!

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