7 Tips to Boost Productivity & Achieve Your Goals

These 7 tips will help you improve your time management skills and boost productivity so you can stay motivated and cross off that to-do list. We all have big goals and it would make me so happy if any of these tips can help you get a little closer to that achieving your big goals and dreams. Life gets busy and overwhelming, but with these tips to boost productivity, you can stay focused and make real progress towards your big projects whether they’re professional, health or personal goals.

Keep reading to learn how to be more productive and achieve those goals, girl!

7 Tips To Achieve Your Goals

List Your Weekly (Monthly & Yearly) Goals
Do a major brain dump of all the goals or projects you have to work on and categorize them by week, month, year, etc.

Make a List of Tasks for Each Goal
Next, make a bullet list of tasks for each of those projects. Depending on what works best for you, these can be as detailed or as high level as you need. I personally would list out more detailed to begin with and even list tasks I’ve already completed for that goal. These are your action items.

Schedule the Tasks Over the Week
Grab a calendar or pull up the one on your phone and schedule out the tasks over the following week or weeks. This will help you each day when you wake up and already know what you need to be working on. Be realistic with the amount of time you’ll need for each action item and allow for flexibility along with the other parts of your daily routine.

Do the Most Important Work First
As they say, swallow the frog! Do the important, big, possibly hard work first. Tackle that monster and then you’ll be even more encouraged to scratch off the rest of that to-do list. Respond to that email you’ve been putting off, draft the outline of your paper, take the intimidating workout class, or whatever your “frog” is. Just do it!

3 More Tips to Boost Productivity

Turn Off Distractions
This one is obvious, but not always done. Personally, I like putting my cell phone in the other room and then playing music while I work. I find if my phone is nearby I get distracted with texting and even if I have a random Netflix show on in the background, I’ll start watching it. Figure out what your main time sucks are and make a plan to avoid them. There are also plenty of apps and browser extensions that help you block websites (like Facebook or Pinterest) if those are a weakness. If possible, you can turn work without your wifi on so you won’t get any notifications for incoming emails, etc. So, depending on whatever the task is, find your distractions and make a firm stance to avoid them for the times when you need to get sh*t done.

Reschedule As Needed
Life happens. Time gets away from us and tasks go uncompleted. This is normal and does not mean you’ve failed and should let it deter you. Give yourself grace. If you miss one of your task “appointments” allow yourself to reschedule it in your calendar. Don’t give up because of a single setback. Success doesn’t happen overnight, so remind yourself that it’s also not lost because of one day. Instead it’s the work you consistently put in over time, so keep working at those goals.

Take Breaks
When you’re working hard, whether it’s a challenging new gym routine, studying for an exam or writing for your blog, make sure you take regular breaks too. This helps you avoid burning out. So if it’s a new fitness routine, plan for rest and active rest days. If it’s a cramming session for school, take a few planned (and timed!) short breaks (like 10-15 minutes) to give your brain a rest. This helps prevent overworking and burnout in the long run so you can instead keep a regular, consistent routine towards your goals and projects.

How do you stay focused and productive? What big goal are you working on right now? Share below! 


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