These tips will make you successful, productive and keep you motivated all week. Do this every Sunday so you can reach your goals and cross off that do list like the girl boss you are.

7 Things to Do Every Sunday for a Productive Week

Do you know how to have a productive week? It starts with the things you do on Sunday to set yourself up for success. Fulfilling these 7 tips every Sunday to start my week helps keep me motivated and accomplishing my goals. What’s on your Sunday to-do list for a successful week?


This doesn’t have to be much, but just move. Preferably, get outside for some fresh air. It’s not so much that you need to burn all the extra calories you might have consumed over the weekend, it’s just that once you get up and moving and get in a quick workout or a walk, you’ll likely be motivated to get a little bit more done afterwards. And by getting in some exercise always helps with getting a good nights rest.

Meal Prep

Mondays are rough. But you make them a million times better by prepping out your lunch and breakfast. You deserve more than coffee and a pastry. Make it a goal to pack Monday’s breakfast and lunch at a minimum, but shoot for getting Mon-Wed ready and meals planned for the rest of the week. Take stock of the groceries you currently have so you can mentally plan out meals for later in the week and make your grocery shopping list of what you’ll need to pick up later in the week or head out to the store today.

Plan Out Your Goals & To-Dos

What would you like to accomplish this week? Take 10 minutes to write out your personal and professional goals for the week and then schedule it out. And take note of the items to add to your to-do list and schedule those out too.

For example, choose which days you’ll be going to the gym and what your workout will be. It’s much easier to fulfill these goals when you have them planned!

With your to-do list, try to set aside 30-60 minutes for those household kind of tasks. I’ll plan out my week and determine that Monday night is when I’ll clean the kitchen and clean out the fridge. Tuesday is when I’ll sweep and vacuum the house and so on. Just having these small chores planned out helps prevent them from piling on up and only takes a little bit of time each day during the week.

Plan Your Outfits

Check the weather for the week ahead and plan out your outfits. I personally would set out Monday’s outfit from head to toe so that you don’t even have to give it a second thought in the morning. Have a mental plan for the rest of the week and group those items together in the closet and make sure your laundry is caught up so you have that sweater you want to wear on Wednesday already cleaned and folded.

Set Aside Some “Me” Time

You also need to take time to do the things you don’t have time for during the week. Binge Netflix, read on your Kindle, give yourself a mani. Whatever it is you love, spend some time doing it and don’t feel guilty for just completely relaxing.

But Also Plan on Some Social Time

After a long and busy week I’m usually ready to stay in on weekends, get caught up on chores and work on my blog. However, I’ve realized that the Monday’s when I feel most revitalized are the ones after a weekend where I not only have some personal time, but also make an effort to visit my friends or family. Carving out some social time is important. Meet for Sunday brunch, run errands with a friend, or schedule some FaceTime with your parents. It’s important to connect with others too.

Set an Alarm for Bedtime

I struggle with this every night. I am terrible at winding down at the end of the day. I always feel like I need to do “one more thing” or read one more page. So, I’ve started implementing a nighttime routine that starts around 9 pm. I’ll put my morning alarm on my phone then put it away for the rest of the night. At this time I’ll double check that I have everything ready for the next day then go about my nighttime cleansing and beauty routine. I always make time to read for a short while in my Kindle and chat with my boyfriend. If I have a bunch of to-dos going on in my head, I’ll write them out on a post-it and quickly so I can focus on relaxing.

How do you plan for a successful week? What tips keep you motivated and on track to squash those goals?

These tips will make you successful, productive and keep you motivated all week. Do this every Sunday so you can reach your goals and cross off that do list like the girl boss you are.


  1. I like your point of view! I’ve read many articles about time management and planning the week beforehand! But I never even have thoughts about planning the weekly outfit!
    Thank you!

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