6 Tips to Save for the Holidays Now

Christmas is right around the corner, but don’t worry, there’s still plenty of time to prepare for holiday shopping and save money in the process….


How to Save for the Holidays Now

Christmas is right around the corner, but don’t worry, there’s still plenty of time to prepare for holiday shopping and save money in the process. Here are my 6 tips to start saving for the holidays now and save some cash while shopping. I hope these tips help you!

Make a List
Before you start shopping, make a list of every single gift you plan to buy or person you’re planning to shop for. First, this list will help give you an idea of your budget. More than likely, you’ll realize you have a longer list than you originally thought. I always forget to budget gifts for coworkers and my godson so writing this out helps me realize just how much I need to budget for. Plus, once you create the list, you can hold yourself to it and not stray from the list!

Start Buying Now
I like to start buying Christmas gifts months in advance. Typically these will be the smaller gifts I need. I find it easier to work a $20 gift into my purchases for the week further in advance compared to waiting until last minute when I might be stressed finding the “right” thing and spending more than originally planned. Plus, it gives me less to shop for closer to the holidays when the malls are crazy anyway!

Use Qapital or a Separate Savings
Have you ever heard of Qapital? It’s a savings app that allows you to create as many separate savings goals as you’d like. I use it in addition to my long term savings to set up savings goals for trips I’m planning and holiday shopping. The app will tie in with your checking account and you can set up actions that will either round up purchases you make with your debit card and add the money to your savings, do auto-savings and more. There are tons of different actions and you can add money to your savings whenever you want. Personally I love it and find it super motivating.
If your bank allows it, you can also just set up a separate savings that way or set aside cash in an envelope. Whatever method works for you!

Consider Secret Santa
I come from a large family and buying gifts for all five of my siblings in addition to my parents, boyfriend, nephews and nieces, really starts to add up. Sometimes my siblings and I will do a “Secret Santa” where we each pick one name secretly and that’s the only person we shop for. It’s supposed to be a surprise until we exchange gifts although we all try to figure out who has who. It’s a win-win situation because it’s easier and less expensive just shopping for the one person.

Get Crafty
Get creative and try making some of your own gifts. Whether it’s baking cookies, making sugar scrubs or bath bombs, or knitting scarves, there are TONS of DIY gift options out there. It’s truly the thought that counts and not the cost of the gift. I personally love DIY gifts because it takes real effort to make them and they just feel so personal. As you write out your list, keep in mind that you can DIY some gifts too.

Side Hustle for Extra Cash
One way to save more is to make more. You can always pick up some seasonal work around the holidays for extra cash. Do you have any professional services to offer like design, writing or photography? You can pick up some serving shifts or do some yard work.

How are you saving for the holidays? What’s your favorite DIY gift?! Let me know below by leaving a comment!

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These 6 tips will help you start saving for the holidays now for a stress free Christmas

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