21 Spring Date Ideas

Happy Spring! I’m so excited to say goodbye to winter and start enjoying warmer weather. It’s impossible to stay stuffed up inside when the weather…


Happy Spring! I’m so excited to say goodbye to winter and start enjoying warmer weather. It’s impossible to stay stuffed up inside when the weather is lovely, so I’m sharing date ideas so you can get outside and enjoy the warm weather.  Below you’ll find all 21 (cheap!) date ideas perfect for celebrating Spring.

Some of them might not even be that unique, but it’s my experience that the real problem which deciding on the date isn’t the lack of options, it’s just picking one. So, just pick one! Or type up a list on the Notes app on your phone and make it a goal to check one off each week.

Donut Trail – This one is simple. Visit all the best bakeries in your town to find the best donut!
Train for a 5K Together – Spring marks the return of 5K’s and other running events. There are so many options now too like beer runs, color runs, bubble runs and more.
Play Photographer – Bring your nice camera or just use your iPhones and spend an afternoon testing out your photography skills. There’s a lot of beautiful photos to be found during the spring whether you’re visiting the zoo, enjoying all the new blooming flowers or just getting shots of each other.
Go to the Zoo – Here in Cincinnati, spring time means ZOO BABIES! Visit your local zoo and admire all the cute, furry animals.
Go to the Flea Market – You can always find something crazy that you just have to have at a flea market.
Rainy Day Movie Marathon – When spring showers arrive, have yourself a movie marathon. My personal favorite would be to marathon some of the Harry Potter movies.
Make an Herb Garden – I’d love to have a huge garden all to myself, but don’t have time or money to put towards it. If you’re in the same boat, you can still show your green thumb by planting a mini herb garden. Fresh mint would be great to have handy for mojitos.
Host a BBQ – Invite your friends over for a BBQ. What would make it even more fun is planning it to follow a specific theme with matching decor and inspired dishes.
Join a Neighborhood Sports Team (Volleyball, Dodgeball, Baseball) – Meet new friends and get active by joining a neighborhood sports team.
Do a Deep Spring Clean – Spend a weekend or morning doing a deep clean of your place and then donate or recycle items you don’t need anymore. If you clean out your closet too, you now have an excuse to treat yourself to a new outfit.
Visit the Farmers Market – What’s more quintessentially spring than visiting the farmers market? Support your local farmers and sample some different produce.
Plan a Camping Trip – Spend a night or weekend under the stars on a camping trip. You can go super basic and stay in a tent, though I know I’d probably prefer a cabin.
Host a Happy Hour – Instead of a crowded bar, invite friends over for a Happy Hour gathering with local beers or your own specialty cocktail.
Rent Bikes – See your neighborhood in a whole new way by touring it on bike.
Visit the Arcade – We have several “barcades” here in Cincinnati. They can get crowded on weekend nights, but a weekend afternoon is a great time to visit and unwind by playing some
Visit the Botanical Gardens – Another perfect way to spend a spring day is at your local botanical gardens. Truly nothing more relaxing.
Volunteer – There are volunteer opportunities year round, but during spring you can often found some that involve cleaning up neighborhood parks or playgrounds or even Habitat for Humanity which involves helping build homes for the needy.
Try a Free Workout Class – My local park starts offering free workout classes during the week and weekend once the weather warms up. Do a quick google search or check the event tabs on your neighborhood parks to see if they offer something similar.
Try a Meetup – Have you ever visited MeetUp.com? You’ll find a ton of local groups for people with similar interests who “meet up” for special events, gatherings and more. I used to be in a MeetUp for a coding class I took and I’ve seen them for professional interests but also sports or other outings.
Set and Smash a Fitness Goal – Encourage each other to go after a major fitness goal and carve out time to work on those together every week.
Brewery Tour – Check out your local brewery or distillery. Most offer a complimentary or very cheap behind-the-scenes tour and they usually include some sampling!

What’s your favorite spring date idea?

If you’re looking for things to do this Spring, try this list of 21 Spring Date Ideas including some fun, romantic and cheap date ideas for couples and friends.

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