10 Black Friday Shopping Tips

Black Friday is just around the corner and if you’re planning on braving the crowds and shopping for some deals, follow these 10 tips to…



Black Friday is just around the corner and if you’re planning on braving the crowds and shopping for some deals, follow these 10 tips to make it an easier experience.

If you’re not saving at least $75, is it worth it?
Consider this, if you’re not saving at least $75 is it worth making the trip to the store, dealing with crowds, possibly missing out on time with your family, etc.? More than likely, if you are eyeing just one or a few items, you should be able to find them again online or in-store for a good discount at a time when it’s less hectic. You may not score as good of a deal, however, you might keep some of your sanity skipping the Black Friday shopping. ?

Create a List of Stores and Times
Make a full list of each store you plan to visit and the times you need to be at said store to receive the deals you’re looking for. Typically shopping doesn’t take that long, if you know what you’re looking for, but waiting in line to check out is what takes the longest amount of time. I would budget an hour for waiting in line. Now you can start taking a closer look at whether or not it’s feasible to reach all the stores you want in the amount of time you have.

Consider Bringing Cash Only
If you are on a set budget, it might be best to bring cash only for just the items you plan on purchasing. When you see so many good deals and are having fun shopping, it’s easy to grab items you weren’t planning to buy and don’t even need. To prevent overspending and later regret, consider bringing just enough cash for what’s on your list.

Skip the Cart
If you can, avoid using a cart, at least while you first start shopping. It’s easier and much quicker to maneuver the aisles without a large shopping cart. Large IKEA bags work great for shopping and once you’re done, you can grab a cart while you wait in line so you’re not holding everything then.

Leave the Kids At Home
Unless your kids are older and want to help with the shopping, there’s no reason to bring children along for Black Friday. With the crowds and people rushing around it’s not the safest environment and honestly might be overwhelming for a kid.

Use the Buddy System
While you don’t want to bring young children, it is helpful to have a shopping buddy. One it helps you cover more ground in case you need to split up for deals and gives you someone to hang out with while waiting in the check out aisle because that is always slow no matter what.

Use the Amazon App
Some deals are actually deceptive and aren’t the best price out there. Pull up your Amazon app to compare prices before purchasing.

Remember Your Pets
Even pet stores are getting in on Black Friday deals. Last year, Pet Smart had huge discounts on pet food and cat litter. Be sure to check out the ads because you might find something worth stocking up on for serious savings.

Kohl’s and JC Penney have the best overall deals for Black Friday
Believe it or not, Kohl’s is where I got the PlayStation 3 last year and what was great was in addition to having the same price as other stores, I also received Kohl’s cash for my purchase. I’m sure you know, but Kohl’s cash is essentially a gift card that can be used during a specific time frame. I later used it to finish up my Christmas shopping. According to reports, JC Penney is known to have the best deals on clothes while Kohl’s is great for kids toys. Now you know!

Consider Shopping Local
While the big box stores can easily lure you in with their deep discounts and doorbuster items, there’s something to be said for shopping local. When you shop local you’re likely to find much more unique gifts and you’re supporting your neighborhood’s economy. Plus, your local stores likely won’t have the huge crowds like the department stores. And there’s nothing wrong with shopping at both kinds of stores!

Do you like Black Friday shopping? What stores are you planning to shop this year?

These 10 Black Friday Shopping Tips will save you money, sanity and time.

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